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Elite Fitness

This class combines a variety of training modalities: Endurance, Flexibility, Strength, Power, and Conditioning.

Class Structure:

  1. Warm-up/Mobility
  2. Strength and/or Power
  3. Muscle Endurance and Conditioning
  4. Core

Flexibility & Mobility

Get results with this specific Flexibility and Mobility work!
Based on NASM’s continuum of corrective exercises, each session will focus on myofascial release, stretching of overactive and tight muscles, and activating functionally weak muscle groups. You will leave class ready to conquer your next Fitness challenge!

Olympic Weightlifting

Take your lifts to the next level!

This class follows the layout of our Elite Fitness Class but is perfect for those wanting to delve deeper into the discipline of weightlifting. Olympic-Style Weightlifting tests the technical aspects of human movement. Further than the basic squat or deadlift, Olympic Weightlifting requires mobility and a greater range of motion. Don’t worry, these skills are not required to begin but will be developed throughout the program. In fact, we encourage those with a lack of mobility to give it a try. Participate in this class, and you will not only move better, but stronger in every aspect of your life!



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