Ladies HIIT Squad: HIIT Workouts for Women

Ladies, are you ready for a heart-pumping, full-body HIIT workout? Jack City Fitness is your place to be. We offer an exclusive HIIT workout class just for us girls—no boys allowed!

All-Female HIIT Training at Jack City Fitness

At Jack City Fitness, we believe that all athletes deserve equal recognition and hands-on time. We have no time for outdated notions that certain workouts are for men or women only. However, we also recognize that female athletes aren’t always given the same airtime and space as their male counterparts, and we’re not down with that. That’s why we decided to create a women’s-only HIIT class. This unique HIIT group class is both designed for and led by women—and we’d love to see you, too!

What Is a HIIT Workout?

HIIT strength training, or high-intensity interval training, refers to a technique utilized by athletes around the world. It is incredibly popular due to its effectiveness, flexibility, and low-commitment nature.

HIIT training workouts generally vary from athlete to athlete, but the concept remains the same. With HIIT, there are no marathon runs or lengthy gym sessions. Instead, athletes are expected to perform a super-intense “mini-workout” a few days a week. This dynamic technique can deliver serious results—and it fits into even the busiest athlete’s routine.

A HIIT training program can involve anything from presses to crunches to push-ups. When working with a coach or solo, athletes can choose any high-intensity exercise they’d like—and there are tons out there. The HIIT training exercises taught in a group class will also be dynamic and ever-changing; that’s part of the fun!

What Are the Benefits of HIIT Training?

HIIT workout benefits are sky-high!

It’s the official workout of the busy
Calling all busy moms, hardworking businesswomen, and overloaded students—we know you’re busy. Still want to work out? You can; HIIT training is a massive time-saver, allowing athletes to burn an enormous amount of calories in a super-short span of time.

You’ll look great
Hoping to build muscles or shed extra fat? HIIT has you covered on both those accounts. In fact, in the hours following your HIIT workout, your metabolic rate is likely faster than usual.

It’s fantastic for your health
High-intensity interval training has been shown to improve oxygen consumption, heart rate, blood pressure, and sugar levels. Not bad for a 30-minute workout.

It can happen anywhere
High-intensity interval training doesn’t use any special equipment. It can be performed anywhere from a beach to the office, making it the perfect workout. It molds itself to your plans, not the other way around.

Practice HIIT Exercises for Women in a Friendly Environment

With our Ladies HIIT Squad class, female athletes of all ages and fitness levels can join our legendary coach Rachel Weber in a dynamic, follow-the-leader-style HIIT training session. This class is appropriate for women of all fitness levels. Rachel teaches fun and straightforward movements which are lightweight and highly intensive!

Although specific workouts will vary from day to day, you can expect every class to follow this general structure:

– Arrival and greetings

– Warm-up

– Bodyweight conditioning

– Lightweight conditioning

– Full-body circuits

Perfect Your HIIT Workout Routine Amongst Peers

Our athletes love that they have a women’s-only space to practice HIIT training and work toward their fitness goals. If you are ready to dive into a full-body workout with like-minded women, it’s time to try Ladies HIIT Squad. We promise you’ll feel at home right away. Rachel will make sure of it—and so will your fellow athletes!

Try Our Bodyweight HIIT Workout Today!

Are you ready to join Rachel and the gang for a heart-pumping HIIT sesh? Get in touch with the Jack City team today. We’ll invite you to our gorgeous Boise facility for a FREE fitness consultation and tour. During this time, we will answer any questions you might have about our fitness center, and help you decide the best ways to utilize your partnership with us.

Once you sign up to be a Jack City Fitness partner, you will have full access to our entire gym facility whenever you’d like—we offer 24/7 access! You’ll also be able to work with our fleet of fitness coaches and nutritional counselors—we even have custom training options. It is our mission to serve the needs of as many Boise athletes as possible.

Plus, if you love Ladies HIIT Squad, you might want to try some of our other classes: we are always offering exciting new group workout programs.

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    Class Structure

  1. Follow-the-Leader Style
  2. Body weight and light weight conditioning
  3. Full-Body Circuits

    This class is perfect for you if:

  • You prefer to workout with just the gals.
  • You are a seasoned individual or new to the whole fitness thing!
  • You're looking for fun, simple, and lightweight movements.

My class is called Ladies HIIT, and it is designed to have a combination of HIIT (high intensity interval training), while also throwing in hypertrophy/endurance training for pulling muscles 1xday a week, pushing muscles 1x week, and a combination of the two 1x week. It includes compound movements with smaller isolation movements so the gals don’t realize how much their muscles are working. We also have a whole portion of Tabata for their cardio/fat burning. Anyone could take this class as there are regressions to every movement that we do. Whether you’ve just had a baby, or you’re in your seventies just wanting to stay mobile for your grandchildren, there’s a place for every woman. This class will help any woman of any walk of life. It will give you more energy while also burning fat, building muscles, making new friends, and keeping your mind sharp!

The results will vary based on your commitment to doing the work outside of my class in tandem. The class/workout is the fun part, but the additional discipline of eating whole foods and drinking lots of water will increase your results exponentially. Sticking to the little things will create a more balanced mind and body and your change will come at a faster rate; it pays to be committed in both realms.

You should take my class because you can, and not everyone has the gift of getting up and driving to the gym to take a class! Don’t take it for granted. Move your body. My goal in this women’s fitness class is to create an environment for women of all life stages. One where women who have been in the gym for years would enjoy getting their sweat on, while also welcoming women who are mothers, or women who have never been to the gym at all! This is a place where they can come and sweat, and have community with other women who support and encourage them!

I find a lot of my inspiration from my husband’s program-writing, and also other HIIT classes like Train Insane with Cass, and Aubree Edgington that are similar class styles. Unfortunately, men should not take my class – it’s created for women only! Sorry, hehe. 

You can get a six pack eating right – in my opinion 90% of the time abs are made in the kitchen first, so just think: adding a fun creative sweaty class in to the mix will expedite those results!

Moving our bodies is a gift, and I want to teach this and live this in the words I speak and the way I teach! My gift is not in program writing, I love the people not the technicalities, so it’s a place I am growing and gleaning a lot of wisdom.

– Rachel Weber