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Looking for a personal trainer, Boise-side? At Jack City Fitness, our personal training sessions are fully customizable—and we have the best coaches in town. Come and see for yourself!

Looking for Personal Training Programs in Boise?

At Jack City Fitness, we’re passionate about sportsmanship, fitness, and success—and that means offering our Partners modern facilities, a supportive environment, and an outstanding crew of coaches. 

There Are Lots of Personal Training Gyms Near Me…Why Choose Jack City?

Curious about the benefits of personal training at Jack City Fitness? There are many reasons why our Personal Training Partnership is #1 in Boise. 

When you work with a Jack City coach, you can expect:

  • Unmatched Support

Your fitness journey deserves a strong support network—and at Jack City, we deliver! Whether you’re starting a personal training or nutritional counseling program, your coach is ready to be your rock. They will be your cheerleader as you work for your goals and can offer thoughtful advice along the way. 

  • Total Accountability

Working with a coach is a great way to stay accountable with your fitness goals. By scheduling sessions and discussing goals with your coach, you’ll be less likely to skip the gym! 

  • Customized Education

Scrolling through fitspo is fun, sure—but nothing beats the real thing. When you work with our fitness coaches IRL, you get a personalized experience. Your personal fitness coach will be able to adjust your form in person and can offer feedback and tips on how to nail your workout. They’ll also be able to answer any of your questions on specific workouts and how they relate to your particular goals. 

  • Elite Facilities

Our one-on-one personal training sessions are held onsite in our personal training section. You will  have full use of the following equipment:

  • Dumbbells
  • Weightlifting Racks
  • Medicine Balls
  • Plyometrics 

…and more! 

If your athletic goals require different equipment than what’s listed here, we may be able to help. Please get in touch with our team. 

  • Real Results!

The Jack City coaches are elite athletes and health professionals with extensive education and training behind their skills. They know the best and healthiest ways to meet goals and see results—and they want the same for you. 

Smash Your Goals With Private Personal Training in Boise

Whatever your goals may be, your personal fitness coach is here to help you meet them.

Are you looking to…

  • Increase Strength?

If strength training is your goal, you’ll have several coaching options at Jack City Fitness. Many of our trainers specialize in resistance workouts and increasing strength through exercise. 

(P.S.: Some of our Partners also incorporate an occasional group class into their strength-building routine; we offer everything from Olympic Weightlifting to Bodyweight Bootcamp.)

  • Lose Weight?

For athletes hoping to shed a few pounds, we have two coaching options to try. Not only do many of our coaches have specific expertise in cardiovascular fitness and fat-burning exercise, but our crew also includes a dedicated Nutritional Counseling program. This program is a great way to make safe, healthy, and manageable changes to your diet and lifestyle. 

  • Enhance Mobility?

If increased mobility is your goal, we can help you meet it at Jack City Fitness. We offer dedicated mobility training programs and myofascial release sessions to Partners. This is great for athletes seeking pain recovery.

  • Train for an Event?

Whether you’re preparing to run a marathon, scale Scotchman Peak, or try out for the Broncos, some specific training is necessary. Our coaches will make sure you’re ready to go.

One-on-One Personal Training at ANY Age

Gatekeeping health and wellbeing? Not on our watch! Whether you’re 18 or 81, we have a great coach for you at Jack City Fitness. Our trainers are excited to work with adult athletes of all ages. Similarly, athletes with preexisting conditions should rest assured that our coaches are specifically trained in sports rehabilitation and injury prevention.  

Training on YOUR Time

With Jack City Fitness, it’s up to you how often you see your personal fitness coach. Some of our Partners have one-on-one sessions multiple times a week. Others alternate between solo workouts and seeing their coach. Our coaches will work with you to find a schedule and time frame that suits your unique needs.

Let’s Do This!

The best way to learn about our personal training program is to see it in action! Get in touch with our crew today by calling (208) 999-1111; we’ll invite you to our Boise gym for a FREE fitness consultation and a chance to meet our coaches in person. Once you sign up with us, you can start your private personal training as soon as you’d like!

We can’t wait to help you meet your goals!

Experience the

benefits of a personal trainer

  • One on one
    You get the trainer all to yourself! That’s right. Personal care throughout your entire workout. Your trainer will coach you through each step of the way, perfecting your movements and ensuring your form will prevent injury and benefit you the most.
  • Program specific
    This program is for you and only you! Your trainer will meet with you to find out exactly what your goals and needs are. Are you recovering from an injury? You trainer will plan specific movements in order to gain your strength back. Did you take time away from the gym? Your trainer will modify your workouts to help you succeed. Whatever the reason you’re wanting to start personal training, we’re ready for you!
  • Relationship accountability
    Everyone knows that sticking to a workout regime is one of the hardest parts of any fitness plan. That’s why we don’t only work with you but get to know you so we now how best to hold you accountable. Unlike other gyms that only give you access to their workout equipment, we are with you every step of the way developing a solid fitness-training program tailored to your individual needs and goals.

Are you ready to

change the way you do fitness?

  • Movement Assessment

    Now just $25

    ($70 value)

    • Has your fitness been given the attention and care it deserves?

      Take advantage of a 1-on-1 training session with an experienced coach.

    • Is a particular movement pattern hindering your ability to reach your fitness goals?

      Journey through 5 basic movement patterns with professional guidance and correction.

    • You know what you want, but are you sure you know what you need when it comes to your fitness?

      Let an expert coach recommend a custom plan for you and your fitness experience.

  • Fitness consultation


    ($50 value)

    • Tour the facility to learn more about some of our exclusive amenities, newest fitness technology, & even try out one of our unusual cardio machines or recovery devices.

    • Hop on our InBody machine to see a visual representation of your current body composition measurements & fitness level.

    • Receive a custom Fitness Prescription from our trained Fitness Counselor based on your specific goals & needs.

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