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Boise, Idaho is one of the most active communities in the nation. For that reason, we pride ourselves on the ability to help people achieve their optimal health. Jack City Fitness results allow our partners to fully enjoy life, whether that be playing with their kids, taking advantage of our great Northwest outdoors, excelling in a lifetime sport, or just simply reaching their body’s fullest potential. Our partners benefit from our Partnership model because accountability remains at the forefront of everything we do. Here, you’re more than a number. Here you’ll see more than scale victories when you commit to our way of fitness and trust us with the journey. Come find the results you’ve been looking for…

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Why “No Memberships”?

All local gyms offer stone age memberships, but Jack City Fitness isn’t just any old health club. We’ve heard way too many tales of people signing up for a gym membership, getting off track, and abandoning their fitness routine altogether — while still paying a monthly gym bill. That makes us extremely sad — especially because some gyms actually bank on this happening. Beyond Gross. At our Fitness Facility, we strive to create positive and nourishing relationships with everybody who walks through our doors, not swindle people with cheap gym memberships. That’s why we scrapped the idea of memberships altogether and created a proprietary high quality custom service called a Partnership™. When you join our Jack City Family, we become Partners in health & fitness because after all, we’re in this together. We plan to be there when the going gets tough (no contracts or hidden fees), when you feel like quitting (custom build Partnerships™), or when you’ve lost motivation (full time Accountability Coach at your aid). Our Partners constantly get check in’s to make sure goals are being met, nutrition is on point, and measurements are being taken. We’ve got your back.

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  • Whether you prefer the privacy of an online program, love hitting the treadmills with your gym buddy, or thrive when you’re lifting solo, it’s all possible at the best of Boise gyms — Jack City Fitness. We offer 24/7 gym access, so it’s there whenever you need to get your heart pumping. We understand our lives are all different, which means our schedules and commitments are too. We want to be a place that's convenient to you no matter what time your "gym time" happens. This is why we allow private partners to access our facility before and after regular office hours by simply using their fingerprint to enter the facility.
  • Some athletes perform best in a group setting — does that include you? Group training is perfect for those who feed off others’ energy and support. There will always be an experienced coach to guide and encourage you along the way. So hop on over and try a fitness class, Boise athlete style.  
  • Plenty of athletes find that they flourish under the one-on-one attention of a knowledgeable coach — and you may be one of them! Improve your fitness and establish a solid foundation in a private and supportive environment with one of our passionate trainers.  

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Find the Best Gym in Boise | Jack City Fitness

Looking for gyms in Boise? You have plenty of options, but you deserve the very best. When it comes to health clubs, Boise, Idaho, has one option that athletes choose again and again: Jack City Fitness. Here, athletes of all levels can learn from elite-level coaches and classes, use top-notch equipment, meet peers who truly respect fitness, and experience a flexible and customized experience. 

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Choosing Gyms and Fitness Classes

Boise athletes, we know that it’s a big choice to partner up with a gym, especially in a big city. After all, you’ve likely seen dozens of gyms in Boise, and they all claim to be the best. How can you sort out the best of the bunch? It’s helpful to consider a few questions.

  • What Are Your Fitness Goals? Your ideal fitness center will have amenities, services, and equipment that match your goals. If you want to become an elite speed skater, you’re gonna want to make sure your gym has a rink. If you want to create more powerful muscles, your ideal gym will have plenty of weights and trained coaches. 
  • What Does Your Ideal Gym Offer? What do you imagine when you think about a great workout? Do you envision group training sessions? Heart-pumping classes? A dedicated nutritional counseling program? There are enough gyms in Boise for you to find exactly what you need…and we think we might know where you’ll land. 
  • What Have Been Your Most Successful Fitness Experiences? 

Did you thrive doing home workouts during lockdown? Find a gym that offers the option of remote training sessions. Had an amazing experience doing midnight lift sessions back in college? Join a 24-hour gym! 

How Do YOU Work Out?

No matter what your ideal workout may be, we can offer it at Jack City Fitness! Love the thrill of group classes? Come join us any day of the week—we’re always offering something new and exciting. In fact, we’re known across town for our specialty classes, like the spiritually-focused Faith & Fitness, the senior-only Legacy Strong, and our famous Ladies HIIT Squad.  All about those one-on-one training sessions? We’ve got you. Our coaches will support and guide you through personalized workouts, providing both accountability and the chance to gain both confidence and muscle in a way that works for your needs and goals.  More of a lone wolf? If your AirPods and a chilled-out fitness space is all you need, you’ll find your happy place right here at our Boise gym. Our members can come and train whenever they want, even at three o’clock in the morning!

Exciting Equipment at Your Fingertips

At Jack City, we see countless athletes every day. That’s why we ensure our equipment is regularly maintained. We’re also always adding new equipment to our facility—we like to keep up with the latest fitness trends. Wondering if we’re getting any new machines in, or how we handle our maintenance process? Ask away! 

What Makes Us Different From Other Gyms in Boise?

At Jack City Fitness, our priority is YOU.  We work hard to make sure all our athletes have the support they need to meet all their goals, whether that means designing a custom workout plan, working around unique schedules, or offering unending support and accountability to every person who walks through our doors. These athletes who grow and work with us are never considered “members”—what are we, some exclusive club? No way. At our Boise gym, athletes who sign up to train with us are thought of as equals. That’s why we call them Partners.  As a Partner, your needs take top priority. No two athletes have the same path, but everyone will receive the same outstanding support from our team. We keep our doors open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, because it’s important to us that our space is convenient for you, no matter when your ideal “gym time” may be. Our Partners have full facility access before and after typical office hours, and with our fingerprint scanner “keys,” you can rest assured that the space is kept secure all night.


  • Do I have to be fit to fit in at Jack City Fitness?

    Of course not — movement is for everybody! At Jack City, we have no time for snobbery. We work with everyone, from a workout newbie to athletic champs. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to build muscle, train your hardest, shed extra weight, improve your nutrition, or if you just want to try working with a personal trainer — if it’s about physical fitness, it’s possible at Jack City. We’ll work with you, at your pace, allowing you to blossom into the best athletic version of yourself.

  • What training philosophy does Jack City Fitness use?

    If you were to take two identical twins and have them both train at Jack City with different coaches, they would be on completely different roads but they’d still end up with the same results. There are some principles of safety and specificity that always apply, but with our veteran coaches, there is no wrong way to train as long there is an openness and commitment to learning.

  • Do you have any referral benefits or package deals for families, etc.?

    Hey, like we said: we think of our clients as partners — and we love helping our people. That extends to our people’s people as well, so bring your friends and family over to see us. You’ll all be rewarded as a thank you for making our Jack City Family bigger and better!

  • Do you have a pool or sauna?

    Not yet — but if you’re looking for a similar workout to swimming laps you can find it with our total body, zero impact, rowers and versa climbers. Based on research, the caloric and metabolic effects from these two machines is greater than that of swimming. So if you’re wondering how to lose fat, increase mobility, and gain muscle, you can jump into our facility and get it all!

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    • Is a particular movement pattern hindering your ability to reach your fitness goals?

      Journey through 5 basic movement patterns with professional guidance and correction.

    • You know what you want, but are you sure you know what you need when it comes to your fitness?

      Let an expert coach recommend a custom plan for you and your fitness experience.

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    • Tour the facility to learn more about some of our exclusive amenities, newest fitness technology, & even try out one of our unusual cardio machines or recovery devices.

    • Hop on our InBody machine to see a visual representation of your current body composition measurements & fitness level.

    • Receive a custom Fitness Prescription from our trained Fitness Counselor based on your specific goals & needs.