Elite Fitness

Come ready to sweat as you challenge yourself through this fun hour full of creative movements using various equipment! Did we mention how highly energetic and upbeat the coaches are?! This class combines a variety of training modalities: endurance, flexibility, strength, power, and conditioning using basic functional movements including the Hinge, Squat, Push, Pull, and Carries. Join this high-paced program filled with super-sets, tri-sets, and circuits!

    Class Structure

  1. Warm-up/Mobility
  2. Strength and/or Power
  3. Muscle Endurance and Conditioning
  4. Core

    This class is perfect for you if

  • You’re looking for a fun twist on your boring workout routine
  • You love a little friendly competition
  • You just want to spend an hour of your day burning calories by learning new and exciting lifts and exercises with a group of like-minded individuals!

Why Elite Fitness?! Because you will become Elite and proficient in every move you perform. The basis of our programming is a highbred of the WestSide Barbell Conjugate Method, using both NASM and NSCA methodologies which has given our partners amazing results. Elite Fitness is a balance of Max-Effort Days (Intensity) and Dynamic Days (Volume/Speed) that will help you improve your overall performance, continuous progression, and health longevity.  The class is built around a warm-up, one or two weightlifting sets, a conditioning piece, and a cool down. As far a day-to-day programing goes, the classes vary from two upper body days, two lower body days, and a long aerobic conditioning day to give you the full body experience by the end of the week.

Elite fitness always starts with full body mobility and activation phase. From there, movements you will perform in class include Hinges, Squats, Unilateral, Push, Pull, Carries, and Rotation. Filled throughout these fitness classes are mobility and Functional Range Conditioning Movements. You will never get bored as the programing uses a variety of equipment and programming. The class revolves around the use of practically every part of our innovative facility from barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, to cardio machinery for an all-body work out experience by the end of the week. Join this high-paced program filled with super-sets, tri-sets, and circuits! 

All types of fitness levels are recommended for Elite Fitness, from beginners to advanced clients. If you are new to fitness training, you will learn the fundamentals and proper technique to improve strength and prevent injury. If you have worked out for years, you will benefit from knowledgeable and experienced coaches who can help you improve technique and movement to ultimately achieve results. This class fits people who want to improve aerobic capacity, strength, mobility, and endurance.  This class is capped 12 participants and is a great chance to meet new partners. Because classes are small, you get that Personal Training vibe while still having the camaraderie of having other individuals there to help push you and make you better.     

Our sessions are built for you to see great results including fat loss, muscle gain, better aerobic endurance, and increased mobility and stability while keeping your joints healthy and pain free. What do we mean? You will feel great walking out of the gym! You’ll join a great community and make friends! You’ll get personalized coaching from a group of coaches that strive to help you reach success.

– Tim Perry, Morgan Burger, Alicia Parker

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