Elite Fitness

Come ready to sweat as you challenge yourself through this fun hour full of creative movements using various equipment! Did we mention how highly energetic and upbeat the coaches are?! This class combines a variety of training modalities: endurance, flexibility, strength, power, and conditioning using basic functional movements including the Hinge, Squat, Push, Pull, and Carries. Join this high-paced program filled with super-sets, tri-sets, and circuits!

    Class Structure

  1. Warm-up/Mobility
  2. Strength and/or Power
  3. Muscle Endurance and Conditioning
  4. Core

    This class is perfect for you if

  • You’re looking for a fun twist on your boring workout routine
  • You love a little friendly competition
  • You just want to spend an hour of your day burning calories by learning new and exciting lifts and exercises with a group of like-minded individuals!

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