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You might be surprised to find out the gym was never a part of my plan, but it was 100% His plan. It all started with a phone call from a local hockey coach and that inevitable question, “Do you mind doing me a favor?” Fast forward to a full-time college student and storage facility manager waking up at 4am to drive across town, pick up a 13-year-old youth hockey player, and squeeze in training sessions to help him recover from a double knee surgery. I took a risk, dedicated it all, and never questioned the process, fully trusting the reason for a greater purpose.

Before I knew it, this favor had grown to training entire hockey teams, creating an LLC out of my nickname “Jack City”, adding more coaches and trainers to the team, and ultimately gaining so many clients we were busting at the seams of our original 1200 square foot private training studio. This great problem resulted in the beautiful transformation of what was once an old warehouse turned cutting-edge 12,000 square foot training facility. And just as hard work, determination, and teamwork built this home for our expanding Jack City Family, our experienced and caring coaches can transform your life just the same.

We’re striving to attain the highest level of results for not only the athletic professional, but also the average joe. Our team takes all the proper steps to help people, not focusing on their pocket book, but rather what will really help increase the quality of their lives. This ultimate vision of helping people was only accomplished by also founding the Partnership, which includes every service needed to reach desired results.

Marshall Weber

Jack City Fitness

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  • Fitness Consultation


    • Know real personalized data with on our InBody machine to see a visual representation of your current body composition & fitness level.

    • Receive a Personalized Fitness Routine from a multi-certified Fitness Counselor based on your specific goals & needs.

    • Tour the facility to learn more about some of our exclusive amenities, newest fitness technology, & even try out one of our unusual cardio machines or recovery devices.

  • Movement Assessment


    • Get the personalized attention you deserve with a 1-on-1 training session and experienced coach.

    • Know which movement pattern is hindering your ability with a professional 5 movement analysis and correction assessment.

    • Let our expert coach build a personalized plan to maximize results for your fitness goals.