Faith and Fitness

This follow-the-leader style workout is not only physically demanding, but challenges the athlete spiritually and mentally as well. Guiding your efforts towards a greater purpose than aesthetics or athletic performance, this humbling program will focus on building you into a better leader by testing your ability to follow.

    Class Structure

  1. Begins with bible verse and prayer
  2. Follow-the-Leader Style
  3. Please make sure you have met the pre-requisites to attending this class, which include attending one of these classes: Elite Fitness or Functional Fitness.

    This class is perfect for you if

  • You are wanting to grow in your faith as well as your strength.
  • Your idea of fun involves giving your utmost effort to learning new Fitness routines and reaching a new level of physiological understanding through Faith!
  • You want to work on all modalities of fitness.

If you’re looking to overexert yourself and leave the gym dripping in sweat barely able to move your body similar to CrossFit, this is not the class for you. At Faith & Fitness, we put a higher importance on the quality and functionality of movement rather than personal perception of exertion. From a programming standpoint, this class hits every single possible type of movement to maximize overall results. In the below you will find how 15 years of experience has taught me that doing the minimal effective dose for exercise in numerous certified modalities (NSCA/NASM/StrongFirst/FRC/Functional Patterns/USAW/PPSC/RPR) creates the highest level of mental and physical return on investment.

To be brutally honest, this class is the way I prevent myself from skipping my own work out as my schedule can become overwhelming. Everyone has excuses as to why they don’t have time to work out and even I, as the founder of this facility, can slip into the excuse of putting off my workouts to help others before myself. After retiring from semi-professional athletics and continually seeking out over a dozen exercise-science distinctions, I can guarantee attending this class will help you achieve results. No matter what injury, ailment, or experience level you have, I am ready and willing to make sure you leave the facility feeling better than when you arrived.

Being the head coach and actively exercising during the class, you’ll find a follow-the-leader style work out. As for the overview, you will start with connective tissue preparation which lasts approximately ten minutes. During Tissue Prep, we apply numerous corrective exercises and myofascial release practices to combat postural imbalances or overactive and underactive muscles. After “Tissue Prep” you move directly into stimulating the central nervous system, which also covers about ten minutes of our time. During our “Nerve Prep”, we will strive to increase the overall intensity and neuromuscular recruitment of the body and brain (don’t worry no common core math required). Then the work out begins; with a greater importance on quality over quantity, this is where the magic happens for around 20-30 minutes!

Following an ”Undulated Block Intra-Phase” periodization, we cycle 4-week workouts twice which allows your body to progressively overload but not get comfortable in its stimulus. 

Finally, there is always an overarching purpose to this class and that is to acknowledge Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Acknowledging our faith is done through short pre/post workout discussions, or brainstorming privately on faithful topics to be expressed upon your discretion. Actively praying and or partaking in any of the snake and fire rituals are not required . Overall I hope Faith & Fitness sounds fun, as it truly is a fellowship for attaining a higher level of health and fitness through fun and purposeful exercise. 

– Marshall Weber