Faith and Fitness

This follow-the-leader style workout is not only physically demanding, but challenges the athlete spiritually and mentally as well. Guiding your efforts towards a greater purpose than aesthetics or athletic performance, this humbling program will focus on building you into a better leader by testing your ability to follow.

    Class Structure

  1. Begins with bible verse and prayer
  2. Follow-the-Leader Style
  3. Please make sure you have met the pre-requisites to attending this class, which include attending one of these classes: Elite Fitness or Functional Fitness.

    This class is perfect for you if

  • You are wanting to grow in your faith as well as your strength.
  • Your idea of fun involves giving your utmost effort to learning new Fitness routines and reaching a new level of physiological understanding through Faith!
  • You want to work on all modalities of fitness.