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Are you looking for your next favorite job? Our company might be right for you if you enjoy working in a team environment, always going the extra mile, and celebrating small or large accomplishments in the form of specialized bonuses, adventurous team vacations, or a simple team BBQ.

We value our employees and show them this appreciation by offering not only the fitness industry’s highest pay and bonuses, but also benefits such as insurance and 401k matching. We’ve been known to throw in other fun perks and incentives along the way.

Please note: this job is not for you if you’re lazy, bossy, or unsure of which qualities make up a successful working team. But if you’re still reading and thinking you’re right for the job, let’s talk!

Major Duties

  • Help partners achieve their fitness and health goals through motivating and educating them.
  • Fitness Coaches do much more than give out exercise orders; Fitness Coaches save lives.
  • You will have the opportunity to work with a wide variety of people and identifying their goals is very important (e.g. increase strength, improve fitness, weight loss).
  • Writing personalized programs for clients is a daily important part of the job.
  • A sound understanding of anatomy, physiology, and exercise is required.
  • Sessions need to be challenging to the clients, and they should be fun and geared towards clients meeting their goals.
  • Coaches need to assess, discuss, motivate, and teach clients how to improve their fitness, strength, or physique.
  • Strong listening and communication skills are paramount.
  • Exercise plans need to be explained clearly so the client understands what they're doing and why.
  • Coaches also must provide feedback on correct technique at all times and on all movements.
  • Coaches must be prepared for client sessions by writing new programs and tracking progress.
  • Coaches should record and monitor health, weight, fitness and strength so they can constantly adjust programs to challenge their clients.
  • Coaches should gain new education by attending workshops and fitness events, reading latest research to keep up-to-date with fitness and nutrition information to educate clients.
  • Networking with other professionals is also great for learning, referrals, and comparing philosophies to constantly better themselves.
  • The Coaches’ business card is their body, therefore, practice what you preach and live a healthy and fit lifestyle.
  • It is important that Coaches are physically strong enough to spot clients and correctly perform any exercise they ask of their clients.
  • Continuing Education is required, rewarded, and sponsored upon requests.

Minor Duties

  • Demonstrate how to carry out various exercises and routines.
  • Watch clients do an exercise and show or tell them correct techniques to minimize injury and improve fitness.
  • Give alternative exercises during workouts or classes for different levels of fitness and skill.
  • Monitor clients' progress and adapt programs as needed.
  • Explain and enforce safety rules and regulations on sports, recreational activities, and the use of exercise equipment.
  • Give clients information or resources about nutrition, weight control, and lifestyle issues.
  • Give emergency first aid if needed.

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