Complete Recovery

The Complete Recovery Class is your one-stop shop on all things recovery. In this class you will spend time rebuilding your body and mind to help you tackle the workouts with increased vigor and to battle life’s trials with a cooler head. You will work on myofascial release to help workout those bound fascial/muscle areas, active stretches to create stability and strength in challenging positions, and flow exercises to get the whole body synchronized and working in unison. Finally meditation will get the mind in the right place while breath work ties it all together.

    Class Structure

  1. Breath work for 5 minutes
  2. Myofascial Release for 25 minutes
  3. Deep breath work for 5 minutes
  4. Meditation for 15 minutes

    This class is perfect for you if

  • You're tired of feeling stuck or sore
  • You do a lot of weight lifting, running, or training of any kind and want to get to the next level with increased mobility and concentration
  • You sit at a desk all day feeling “stiff” and in pain
  • You have trouble slowing down and listening to your body

What is flexibility & mobility training?

Flexibility and mobility are two different concepts, but the combination is crucial for a safe and healthy physical routine. To effectively engage in sports, fitness activities, or even regular daily life, a person’s body must be able to handle the movements it makes. Otherwise you risk injury during exercise and other physical activity. That’s where flexibility and mobility training comes in. Mobility and flexibility classes help you to work both your muscles and joints, allowing them a greater ability to move freely and comfortably. After a few sessions, you’ll be sure to notice the difference in both your athletic performance and your daily life. Regular attendance of flexibility classes should result in fewer instances of feeling “tight” and unable to move. You should especially consider taking these classes if you are regularly feeling sore, are a lifter or sports athlete who wants to take your game to the next level, or if you are concerned about maintaining your level of flexibility and mobility in the long term.

What are the differences between flexibility & mobility?

Though increased flexibility and mobility both benefit your range of motion, they are not the same. - Flexibility is based on a person’s muscles. So, if you can stretch your muscles to astonishing lengths (like our yoga instructor, McKenzie,) you have high levels of flexibility. If you pull a muscle trying to reach a high shelf, you are likely not very flexible — yet. (That’s where the flexibility classes come in!) - Mobility is about a body’s joints. If you can move body parts like your knees and shoulders without tightness and pain, you likely have decent mobility levels. Of course, all bodies are built different and some people’s joints will have limited mobility no matter how much they train. However, everyone can help their joints get into the best condition they can reach, no matter what level that may be. For those with lower mobility levels, this is a great opportunity to additionally work with a personal trainer, as they can craft a routine that fits your own unique needs.

I’m In Boise! Are There Mobility Classes Near Me?

There sure are! Boise is home to Jack City Fitness, Idaho’s leading center for all things exercise, nutrition, and wellness-related — and we offer the most effective classes around. For those hoping to increase their range of motion, we’re pleased to introduce our resident “pain-free movement” expert, Matt Nader. Every Monday and Wednesday evening, Matt leads a specialized Flexibility and Mobility course. Each of his mobility and flexibility classes follow the same structure: - Myofascial Release Myofascial release is a targeted massage that increases flexibility and range of motion, as well as eradicate bodily and tissue pain. Not only does it make you feel great, it helps your body move. - Core Activation Core strength is a key player in any healthy fitness routine or lifestyle, and it’s crucial to honing one’s mobility. - Stretching With Matt, you’ll learn how to stretch in a way that’s safe, effective, and right for your body. Keep your muscles strong, flexible, and healthy with our Flexibility & Mobility classes! Sign up for a FREE fitness consultation or call (208) 999-1111 today!Read More