Online Partnership

Completely individualized workout & training programming. 1-on-1 coaching through our TrueCoach app at your fingertips, with text & video chat built in to provide the finest training experience tailored to your body’s needs and goals. Need we say more?

Online Partnership – White Belt

  • Fully Individualized Programming
  • Movement & Form Video Analysis 
  • Workout Video Movement Descriptions
  • Private Monthly 30-minute Virtual Checkup
  • Professional Weekly Communication via TruCoach

Online Partnership – Black Belt

  • Fully Individualized Programming
  • Movement & Form Video Analysis 
  • Workout Video Movement Descriptions
  • Private Monthly 60-minute Virtual Checkup
  • Professional Daily Communication via TrueCoach
  • Expert Food Analysis & Personalized Nutritional Coaching

Who is this best fit for?

  • No matter if you’re a dedicated professional athlete or a rookie home gym workout warrior and everything in between, this Online Partnership is guaranteed to make you a better human being inside and outside your workout arena. Anyone that has their eyes set on the freedom and flexibility of a personalized workout routine, no matter how extensive or limited your equipment, will fit perfectly inside our Jack City community. We help people of all facets and seasons of life who have an interest in improving all aspects of quality of life through Nutrition Counseling, Fitness Coaching, or scientific based Holistic Wellness.
  • If you find yourself buying more and more fitness equipment for the garage but lack the accountability and guidance to use the tools this is for you.  In the same facet if you find yourself attending a local gym multiple times per week yet back the results to show it, your search is over. Last but certainly not least, if you’ve never worked out before and would love something specifically written for you to do with no excuses on location or time of day, let us know and we’ll start keeping you accountable towards the new you! 

What makes it different?

  • You may have noticed it in our name. The Partnership model that we provide to our Jack City community is not only proprietary to the USA but fundamentally set up for success. We believe the Jack City difference is that we sincerely care about your goals and don’t sell worthless memberships that are built on your pocketbook instead of your personal achievements. When it comes to guaranteeing success, we hold 96% retention for all of our Partnerships, in comparison to the national average 12% retention for memberships. Even though it may seem like a change of terms, we dare any skepticism of our Partnership to give it a try and experience the Partnership difference!
  • The sky is the limit with no strings attached on your workout location with our multi-certified health professionals. It’s important to remember that just because you’re sweating and working hard doesn’t mean your efforts are going towards your goals. When you invest in a health and fitness professional you can guarantee results will come in the direction your effort is headed. Don’t waste time or another drop of sweat not knowing if every ounce of effort is going towards your long term goals!

Why should I trust your team?

  • In all honesty, I believe that the true question is can you trust yourself? And from our experience most people that are human struggle with holding themselves accountable towards making change or achieving results. That’s why our Partnership model is so impactful, we take every penny you invest in us and use it to keep you accountable towards what you want to do. No matter what science says or what your neighbor told you worked for them, we systematically measure and hold you accountable to find out what works for you specifically. Learn what works for your body and what gets you results, then you can trust that your efforts are going in the right direction as opposed to spinning your wheels without our professional guidance.
  • Another thing you can trust about our Team is that we will tell you the whole truth and nothing but the truth whether you like it or not, because we believe it’s our obligation and duty to help people overcome difficulties and improve themselves.  No matter if it’s an excuse as to why you don’t have enough time to take care of your body or enough energy to play with your kids, we will take responsibility as your partner in crime to defeat the lies you tell yourself that justify anything less than the best that you deserve for yourself.

Where can I do this?

  • Here, there, and literally anywhere!!!
  • But in all seriousness if location, equipment, and or accessible professionals has been a roadblock for you, this is the pivotal moment where you get to cross that bridge because our Online Partnership can be achieved from anywhere. You now have access to the highest quality Online Partnership in the USA! We successfully execute Online Partnerships with people all over the globe, and if you feel limited by your exercise equipment you can find rest in knowing that a good coach can use any tool to get results out of you. The Archer is whom determines the accuracy, not the arrow itself. If your results have been limited by access to any of the above, find rest in investing in yourself and start your online partnership today! No matter where you are, what season you’re in, or what tools you have, our team will come alongside and guide you to a healthy and happier version of yourself. Guaranteed.

How can I get started?!

  • (Click the link and schedule a time to chat 😉) and or It’s honestly a loaded answer because the process for getting results starts with admitting that you need help and are willing to be vulnerable enough to tell us that you aren’t satisfied with who you are today. Whether you’re a beginner to health whom is simply looking to trim some belly fat or an Olympic athlete looking repeat your Gold Medal, we have been there and we can help you. Denial is not just a river in Africa, it’s a real thing, and if you know that you are floating day by day on a boat of excuses then rest assured, we are the bridge to your success. Trust the process and think about how you’re going to enjoy being set free by Partnering with us to get the Results you deserve.


What is the difference between belts?

  • Don’t you know anything about karate? White Belt is for individuals that only need a few of our services to maximize their Results. Whereas Black Belt Partners are looking for the highest quality Online Partnership we have to offer.

If I live in Idaho, and I’m an Online Partner, can I access Jack City Fitness?

  • Yes, at super duper discounted rate! And if you live out of town, and swing by Boise, you qualify for a free 2 week pass! But I will give you a fair warning though, most people that come to Boise or experience the amazing wildness that surrounds Boise, end up moving here 😉.

How will I see my workout plan? Is it on my phone?

  • Yes, we use a highly sophisticated and user-friendly app called “TrueCoach”.  Once your Online Partnership is activated you will have a onboarding session to gain full access. (Insert screenshot of TrueCoach) Here is a link to check it out! 

What if… I don’t have a gym membership?

  • That means you need us more than you can possibly imagine.

If I need to miss an appointment, what’s your appointment cancelation policy?

  • When it comes to 1v1 coaching there are only so many hours in the day, and since our primary goal is to Inspire Others-Create Belief-Change Lives, we have no choice but to hold our Partners accountable with a 24-hour cancelation policy.  BUT we are also human, and very understanding to unforeseeable events, this is the standard that absolutely has to be held to get you RESULTS! 

What if… I don’t have any workout equipment?

  • Do you have a pulse? Then we can get you fit.  But as your body advances in the workout world and you want to truly maximize your time/energy, you will need to either invest in equipment or get creative with your surroundings.  You will be extremely surprised and relieved to learn how much can be done accomplished in the name of fitness with an experienced and creative online coach. Plus, we are always willing to invest in our Online Partners to help with some workout equipment when necessary, so feel free to ask!

What are your hidden fee’s, contracts details, or deposits required?

  • Just like excuses, we don’t have any and don’t believe in them. I’m extremely offended that you even read this sentence 😉…

What if… I’ve never worked out before? Is this a good starting place?

  • Honestly, it’s probably the best place to start because your workouts will be 100% tailored to you! Starting a random You-Tube workout, online/app workout program, or even a friends routine can be risky business for a beginner (even the advanced athlete will never achieve their greatest potential without a personalized program). But getting a professional certified coach to tailor make your sweat sesh, that’s the highest quality investment you can make in your health!

If I’m recovering from a surgery/injury, can I still do the workouts?

  • Blood flow is what delivers all your nutrients to injury to aid in recovery, so YES, workouts while your recovering from injury/surgery is extremely important.  The intensity and type of workout that you complete will need to be extremely specific, but don’t waste your time making a google search for that.  You’re in the right place! 

What if… my husband/wife/kids or friends want to join the workouts?

  • Workouts are kind of like toothbrushes, everybody has one but following somebody else’s workout is like using somebody else’s toothbrush, it’ll get the job done but it won’t feel right. we do offer a $50 cash reward for any referrals, so if you have friends or family that are interested in taking their performance to the next level or starting a new routine, let us know we love what we do and we would love to help people you care about too! 

What if… I want to cancel my Online Partnership?

  • We offer a hassle free termination, we simply ask for you to complete our identity verification form, and a 7 business days grace for processing after the completion of your termination form.

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