Olympic Weightlifting Classes in Boise

Learn the techniques of a Snatch, Clean, and Jerk while progressively building strength and power at our Olympic weightlifting classes. Reserve your spot today!

Where’s the Best Weightlifting Training Near Me?

Looking for Boise’s best weightlifting classes? You’ve found them—at Jack City Fitness, where we have what you need to succeed! If you’re looking to learn how to do Olympic lifts properly, join our own Alicia Parker for an amazing hour. At her beginner Olympic weightlifting program, you can master all the top techniques utilized by the world’s top athletes.

What You’ll Learn at Our Weightlifting Classes 

If you join one of Alicia’s Olympic weight training workouts, you’ll learn all the necessary tools to smash your lifting game. She’s an expert on weightlifting tips and form, and she’s thrilled to share her knowledge with the Jack City family. Attendees will leave class with an understanding of the movements necessary to lift on an Olympic level.

Our weightlifting classes are purposely small so that Alicia can give individual attention to every athlete. This intimate environment allows for more detailed instruction and allows for you to focus on nailing every technique and move. 

Although each individual session will be different, all of Alicia’s weightlifting classes follow the same overall structure. Following a dynamic warmup, you’ll be focusing on a specific lift, followed by accessory exercises. This ever-changing structure allows for you to gain new lifting insight during every session.

The Benefits of Olympic Weight Training Exercises 

There are many benefits to engaging in Olympic weight training workouts. Athletes who regularly attend our Olympic weightlifting classes may enjoy the following:

– Increased strength and muscle

– Improved endurance levels

– Decreased muscle mass loss due to aging

– Less risk of injury

– Increased cognitive function

– Healthy weight loss

– Better mental health

– Improved overall confidence

FAQs About Our Olympic Weightlifting Classes

Our partners have plenty of questions about our beginner Olympic weightlifting program—and we’re happy to answer every one. 

Where’s the Best  Weight Training Near Me?

The answer is clear: the best Olympic weightlifting classes are right here at Jack City Fitness! Our partners love Alicia’s attentive and knowledgeable teaching style, as well as our intimate class size and spotless equipment! We even offer 24/7 gym access to partners so you can practice what you’ve learned on your own schedule. Get ready to see RESULTS!

Do You Offer Female Weightlifting Classes?

We don’t currently offer specific women’s or men’s Olympic weightlifting weight classes; our Olympic weightlifting classes are open to everyone! However, if a women’s-only environment is what you need to succeed, we have several ideas for you.

Here at Jack City Fitness, we know that every athlete requires a different gym or learning environment—and we try to deliver. That’s why we offer customized training options, from virtual sessions to private group bookings. For athletes hoping for only women in their lifting class, a private group training session might be the key—you can bring your own group of athletes. We also offer team training!

We are also pleased to offer Ladies HIIT Squad, a full-body workout class exclusively for female-identifying athletes. This heart-pumping class is run by our own Rachel Weber and focuses on high-intensity interval training.

I Don’t Know Much About Olympic Weightlifting—Can I Still Join?

Absolutely! Both seasoned lifters and complete newbies are welcome to join Alicia’s class. No matter what your athletic experience might be, this weightlifting class will kick your levels up a notch. Newcomers will appreciate learning the necessary techniques of weightlifting, while veterans will be able to improve their overall form and fitness levels.

Can Anyone Take This Class?

Currently, this class is only open to Jack City Fitness partners—but becoming one is easy! Once you’ve signed up with us, you’ll have a world of athletic resources at your fingertips, including dynamic group workout classes like this one.

Don’t see your question here? We’d be happy to answer it—just drop us a line.

Get Started Today!

At Jack City Fitness, we have everything a Boise athlete needs to smash their workout goals. Whether you want to attend our famous group classes, lift solo, work with a fitness coach, or try another workout altogether, we’re here to support you and help you grow as an athlete. 

If you’re ready to join the Jack City family, we’d love to meet you. Call (208) 999-1111 to speak with our team and arrange a FREE fitness consultation at our Boise gym. After you’ve signed up, you’ll be entitled to 24/7 gym use, access to our classes and coaches, and much more. We’d be happy to answer any of your questions, so get in touch today!

    Class Structure

  1. Dynamic Warm-Up
  2. Focus on a particular Olympic Lift
  3. Finish with accessory exercises

    This class is perfect for you if

  • You are bored with your workouts and ready for a new challenge!
  • You are curious about the technical side of lifting and want to perfect your form in the gym.
  • You enjoy very small, private classes with plenty of focused one-on-one time.
  • You would like to improve your coordination and mobility.

The Jack City Fitness Olympic Weight Lifting class is programed after USA Weightlifting Level One Certification. Every class follows the same template which includes full body mobility/ movement prep, bar warmup/ technical talk, Olympic “lift of the day”, and supplemental strength. Programs are created and followed for one month so partners can build and see improvement on each part of class. Month-to-month programs will be progressive to allow development and mastery of each lift.

The class is capped at 6 participants for a safe environment and to assure partners receive personal attention. Each partner receives video feedback of their Olympic lifts; this a great chance to breakdown technique and improve! Partners will learn the techniques of a Snatch, Clean, and Jerk, while progressively building both strength and power. Regardless of one’s background, anyone can increase confidence in the dynamic lifts, build strength, improve mobility, coordination, and conditioning. I encourage everyone to try the class as it is technique-driven and emphasizes focus, hard work, and patience.

Whether you are new to lifting or a seasoned lifter, we invite anyone to attend the class. Regardless which stage of life, every individual should be practicing some power training. You do not have to be an “athlete” to complete Olympic Lifting. It may look intimidating at first look, but our fitness class programming is all about technique and not weights. With that said, I do not encourage those who are currently battling chronic pain to attend this class. In that case, I would advise them to attend one of our mobility-themed classes for the time being.

– Alicia Parker