Jack City Fitness Class Schedule

At Jack City Fitness, we offer the best group workout classes in town. Check out our fitness class schedule to find the right one for you!

Types of Fitness Classes We Offer

Want to find a fitness class that’s fun, challenging, and aimed at ambitious athletes? Whether you’re seeking morning fitness classes, elite-level training, or a primer on kickboxing, Boise is the place to be. We offer an exciting list of exercise classes taught by professional, accredited athletes. 

Ready to jump into a group fitness course? Have a look at the Jack City Fitness schedule to find the right class(es) for YOU,

Elite Fitness

In a rut? It’s time to take your athletic game to the next level. 

Join our coaches for a heart-pumping session of elite group fitness training. This challenging but fun class lasts for an hour—and it’s bound to make you sweat! Though each class will be unique, every Elite Fitness session focuses on building power, muscle endurance, and core strength through several athletic methods. 

Elite Fitness is offered several times a day, so athletes can find a sesh that works around their schedules.

Ladies’ HIIT Squad

Dudes, scram! This one’s for the ladies.

Come and join Rachel Weber at our exclusive Ladies HIIT Squad class, which was designed to offer our female athletes a safe and exhilarating workout space. This group fitness course focuses on High-Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT. 

HIIT is categorized by short, intensive bursts of exercises, generally performed several times a week. Once you’ve mastered the basics of HIIT with Rachel and your classmates,  it can be practiced anytime, anywhere, making it the ideal workout for busy athletes. Be prepared to work hard; each Ladies HIIT Squad sesh includes bodyweight and lightweight conditioning as well as full-body circuits. 

Boxing and Kickboxing

With our boxing and kickboxing classes, partners aren’t just hitting their goals…they’re punching them!

If you’re keen to throw your bones at our bags and pads, our own Matt Nader has the classes for you. His knowledge of Functional Fitness and mixed martial arts has given Matt a unique perspective to lead boxing and kickboxing classes that challenge athletes and breed new skills. 

Matt’s boxing and kickboxing classes can help you move at your highest level and present a fun challenge for athletes of all levels.

Bodyweight Bootcamp

Looking to learn a new athletic skill? Come and join us at Bodyweight Bootcamp, where you’ll get a masterclass on the principles of bodyweight conditioning! Together with your classmates, you can learn how to use your own body weight, rather than barbells and weights, for an optimal workout. This is a priceless skill that can be utilized anytime, anywhere—and our coach Morgan Burger is an expert!

Although every Bodyweight Bootcamp sesh is unique, most classes include endurance training, running, and a dynamic full-body workout. 

Benefits of Our Group Fitness Schedule

Can’t decide if you want to try a group fitness course? No worries—everyone has different needs at the gym. However, most of our partners do find that group fitness classes have a lot of benefits.

Here are some of the best perks of group fitness training:

  • It Provides a Great Support Network

When you take a class at Jack City Fitness, you’re bound to meet peers and athletes who understand you. These gym friends aren’t only fun to hang out with—they can also be invaluable pillars of support during your fitness journey. 

  • It Has Built-In Accountability

Accountability is key to athletic success—and having a group of classmates expecting you can offer exactly that. Although it’s totally okay to miss the gym sometimes, accountability helps prevent it from becoming a habit. 

  • It Offers Plenty of Examples

Group classes allow for you to see athletes of all shapes and sizes performing the same workouts. This allows for our partners to see just how inclusive the world of athletics actually can be.

  • It’s an Engaging Environment

Group classes are enjoyable, plain and simple. The energy is electric, and the environment is supportive, friendly, and fun. But don’t just take our word for it—come and try out a class. You’ll be shocked by how quickly time flies!

Everything You Need at Jack City Fitness

Whether you want to try the best group workout classes in town, prefer our personal fitness training program, or want to create a custom workout plan, the Jack City team is here to support you. If you’re ready to become our partner, give us a call at (208) 999-1111 for a FREE fitness consultation and a chance to see our classes up close. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll have instant 24-7 gym access, and more. 

We’re excited to help you meet your goals!