Benefits of Resistance Bands for Workout and Strength Training

Benefits of Resistance Bands for Workout and Strength Training

Authored by Audrey on January 28, 2021

Looking to add something new to your daily workout routine? Resistance band workouts are some of the most popular out there—and for good reason. Read on to learn why the Jack City team swears by resistance band training—and how they can help you step up your athletic game.

What Do Resistance Bands Do?

Resistance training is highly regarded in the athletic community, thanks to its ability to hone athletic skill and increase athletic power. It’s also popular for its sheer flexibility: this is not a workout that requires loads of fancy equipment. Resistance workouts focus on working your body against a physical force, and though this force can range from machinery to body weight, many athletes choose to use resistance bands.

Though size, strength, and length will differ, resistance bands are generally made from a thick rubber material. They are used in both athletic and therapeutic exercises.

The way that resistance bands work is relatively straightforward: when a resisting force comes up against your workout, your body uses more muscles to complete your actions. This helps strengthen your bones and muscles. Many athletes choose resistance bands over other weighted forces for several reasons:

  • They are portable, making them easy to use anywhere.
  • They lend themselves to a more flexible workout than fixed weights do: when a workout band lengthens, it becomes more resistant to athletic force, thus allowing your workout to match your needs.
  • Resistance bands are accessible. They don’t cost a lot of money or require years of experience to use, and they are equally helpful to newbies and pro athletes.

Do Resistance Bands Build Muscle?

They sure do! Regardless of what type of resistance band training you engage in, you’re going to be giving your muscles a great workout. Plenty of athletes rely on resistance band workouts to target and build their muscle strength. Many specialized workouts target specific muscle groups and areas, and all of them rely on a resistance band.

Unsure of how to use resistance bands? There are countless exercises and varieties for you to choose from. It helps to think about which muscle groups you wish to strengthen or target and then work with a coach on performing resistance exercises that utilize these areas. To get you started, we’ve listed a few of our favorites:

Which Muscles Do You Want to Target?

I Want to Work My: Back
Why Not Try: Resistance Band Deadlifts
How-To: To perform a basic resistance band deadlift, begin by looping the handles of your resistance band around each foot, and then planting yourself into a nice wide stance. Arch your back, stick out your bottom, and use the band to pull yourself up to a standing position. Keep your back in that arched position, rather than bent forward, as you rise up—this is important!

I Want to Work My: Arms
Why Not Try: Bow and Arrow
How-To: To perform a bow and arrow, begin with one side of your band in each hand, an engaged core and your feet planted hip-width apart. Bring your hands up to the height of your chest. Extend your left arm out to the side. Bring your right elbow back toward your right side, as if you were actually pulling a bowstring. Repeat on the other side.

I Want to Work My: Legs
Why Not Try: Hip Bridges
How-To: This exercise works both your hamstrings and your glutes. To perform, begin by laying on your back with your resistance band looped just above your knees or below your thighs. Keep your feet planted on the ground. Engage your core and use your heels to lift your body off the floor, starting with the pelvis. You should end up with your knees bent at a 90-degree angle. While you do this, push your knees into the resistance band—this will keep them in the right position. Then bring yourself back to the floor.

I Want to Work My: Core
Why Not Try: Knee Pulls
How-To: A strong core will make all your other workouts just that much easier! Begin by climbing into the same position you would use to do a push-up. One end of your resistance band should be in each hand, and the middle bit should be looped around your right foot. Engage your core, and then bring your right knee up towards your chest with the heel pressed back. When you do this, round your back upwards. Bring your foot down to your starting position. Repeat with the other leg.

How Effective Are Resistance Band Workouts?

Most athletes find that resistance band workouts are highly effective and produce excellent results. Combined with a dedicated workout routine, realistic goals for results, and the drive to succeed, a simple resistance band can take an athlete far.

To make the most out of your resistance band workout, we recommend that you take a strength training class or work with a fitness coach. This will allow you to develop a routine that works with your unique set of strengths and skills while ensuring that you always use proper form and technique!

Do Resistance Bands Work for Everyone?

Some fitness beginners shy away from resistance band training, assuming that it requires years of experience to use.

Resistance band training is actually an excellent form of exercise for beginners, though seasoned athletes also benefit from these routines. Resistance bands lend themselves to many activities and exercises. Whether you want to include resistance bands in your daily HIIT routine as your preferred method of training on the go, or you want to target specific muscle groups, this straightforward piece of equipment will help you meet your goals.

Resistance Band Strength Training at Jack City Fitness

Resistance bands are only some of the many pieces of athletic equipment offered to our partners at Jack City Fitness. Our athletes can work with a selection of the latest fitness machinery, from Woodway treadmills to special resistance bands. Better still, they also have the chance to work with elite athletes from all across Boise—all of whom are pros when it comes to resistance band training and techniques. Our fitness coaches are well-versed in many fitness theories, techniques, and styles, from strength training to nutrition coaching and everything in between.

We also offer an always-growing selection of dynamic athletic classes, where fitness lovers of all levels can learn new skills, hone old ones, and meet like-minded peers. Some of our most popular classes include a women’s-only Ladies HIIT Squad, Kinstretch classes for increased range of motion, and an exclusive Faith and Fitness class, which combines spiritual and physical well-being! We also offer custom classes and training sessions for those who can’t make it to our gym in-person or who want to organize private training sessions for a group.

If you’re ready to hone your athletic game, Jack City Fitness is the place to be. Get in touch with our team today by calling (208) 999-1111 or sending us a message online. We’ll invite you to our Boise fitness center for a full tour of our facility and a FREE fitness consultation! While you’re here, you’re welcome to come and check out a class, meet our team, and see what we’re all about! Once you decide to become a partner, we’ll get you signed up right away—that way, you’ll be able to immediately access all of our amenities. Jack City partners are allowed 24/7 access to our gym facility and can choose from many training and class options.

Come and join us today! We can’t wait to support you and see you grow as an athlete.





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