7 Effective Tips on Improving Your Muscular Strength

7 Effective Tips on Improving Your Muscular Strength

Authored by Audrey on September 9, 2020

Our Effective Tips on Improving Your Muscular Strength: Exercises, Tips, and More!

What is muscular strength, and why do athletes want to build it? At Jack City Fitness, we’ll walk you through all the benefits of muscular strength and show you some great exercises to work your body. You’re in good hands!


What Is Muscular Strength?

The word “strength” is one that most of us hear every day. It can refer to everything from a person’s ability to get through a difficult time to how much water a paper towel can absorb. However, for most athletes, the word “strength” conjures one idea: physical power. 


Physical power tends to be measured by three main elements: muscular strength, endurance, and stamina. Muscular strength refers to your body’s ability to lift and hold weight — including your own. Endurance focuses on how long your muscles and body can withstand physical challenges and resistance. Stamina refers more to the physical and mental mindset of an athlete while they are working out. 


Generally, athletes with high levels of endurance and stamina have excellent muscular strength. It’s an indicator of how much physical force your body can handle. This does not only refer to athletic movement, by the way. Muscular strength is necessary for all sorts of chores and activities, from mowing the lawn to pushing a shopping cart to carrying a screaming toddler home from the park (some emotional strength may be required for that last one). Many people wish to improve their muscular strength, even if they have no desire to actually play a sport or even dive into an athletic hobby. Having a powerful body and honed muscles makes daily life easier — and who doesn’t need a bit of that?


Are you curious about how strong your muscles are right now? Generally, athletes assess their muscular strength by testing how much they can lift or how much energy they can exert in a controlled period of time. Some gyms even offer fitness assessments to new signups — we certainly do (and it’s free)!


Why Is Muscular Strength Important?

Lots of athletes say that when it comes to working out, building their muscular strength is a big priority. For fitness newcomers, this might be confusing: Why is muscular strength important to athletes? To answer this, it helps to examine the benefits of muscular strength — of which there are many!


Benefits of Muscular Strength



  • More Energy


When your body and muscles are stronger, your physical activity — both athletic and everyday — will be easier to perform without wiping you out. This translates to extra energy (and maybe even productivity).



  • Less Chance of Injury


Having strong muscles can improve your overall sense of balance, which will help prevent your body against a clumsy fall or accident. 



  • Improved  Mood and Mental Health


When your muscles are strong, you feel energetic and healthy (and you look great). It’s no wonder that it helps many athletes feel more confident and self-assured. 



  • Strong Bones


The key to a happy and healthy life as you age? Good bones — and luckily, there are many ways that a person can take their bone health into their own hands. Maintaining strong muscles is a great way to build bone density and protect your skeleton against injury or deterioration.



  • Faster Metabolism


Are you hoping to drop a few pounds or tone your body a bit? Honing your muscular strength is a great — and healthy — way to do so. Your increased metabolism will keep extra weight off, while your softer spots might firm up.



  • Better Athletic Performance


As we’ve discussed, strong muscles will make every movement you attempt easier. This will help you in your daily life, but it will be most evident in your athletic performance, where you will likely show increased stamina and endurance. You will likely be able to run faster, lift more, and play harder. 


How to Improve Muscular Strength

There are countless exercises to improve muscular strength. As a basic principle, muscular strength (and, if you want, muscular endurance) is achieved by persistence. The old adage comes to play here: practice, practice, practice! The most straightforward way to build muscular strength is through repetitive movements — when done in the correct form, of course. 


There are more exercises to improve muscular strength than we could possibly write here. We recommend chatting with your fitness coach about which options might suit your workout style best. In the meantime, the following exercises are a great way to start:



  • Squats


Squats offer a full-body workout without any need for fancy equipment or tools. Your core and lower body will especially feel the benefits of a few squats! 



  • Lifting


For many athletes, the term “muscular strength exercise” automatically conjures an image of a powerlifter. Fair play. Weightlifting is a classic — and effective— way to work those muscles.



  • Yoga


The ancient practice of yoga is a great way to strengthen your body. After all, you haven’t truly seen muscular power until you’ve seen someone balance on their head. Yoga is also great for athletes of all levels — there are so many poses and varieties to choose from! 



  • Push-Ups


By using your own body as a “weight,” push-ups will enhance your upper body strength…and there are enough variations to ensure that you’ll never get bored.




Resistance training is a muscle-building champion, and it’s so easy to start! Athletes can use bands, gym machinery, or their own body weight. 



  • Jumping Jacks


The old PE class warmup actually holds a lot of merit, especially as an adult. Jumping is a serious workout when you aren’t a child —- and this one uses your entire body.



  • Crunches


Want to strengthen your abdominal muscles? Crunches are the tried and true choice here — and like push-ups or squats, they can be done practically anytime or anywhere. 


Where Can I Practice Muscular Strength Exercises in Boise?

If you’re in Boise, you’re in luck! Here at Jack City Fitness, we’re passionate about your workout. We want to help you optimize and build your muscular strength. That’s why we allow our partners to access our gym facilities whenever they’d like, whether it’s in the middle of the night or first thing Saturday morning — you have 24/7 access.


Want to learn from the pros? We’ve got you covered. Our enthusiastic and experienced coaches are excited to work with you and support you as you build your muscular strength. We also offer engaging classes for athletes of all fitness levels, as well as options for custom training and health counseling.


Give us a call today and we’ll invite you over to our facility for a FREE fitness consultation. We can’t wait to see what you’re made of! 




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