Ways to Get More Fitness and Activity into Your Day

Ways to Get More Fitness and Activity into Your Day

Authored by Audrey on May 22, 2018

You’re sitting at your work desk, feeling sluggish, wishing you wouldn’t have skipped your gym workout yesterday. You’re planning to hit the weights after work today, but you’re in the slumps. You took too much time off so how can you return? What if there’s more to do throughout the day to get you prepared for the gym? What if working out at the gym will help you remember to fit more activity into your day? What if the two work together, improving your fitness efforts?!

Ways to Get more Fitness and Activity into your Day

An info-graphic detailing ways to get more physical fitness and activity into your day.

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Ways to Get More Fitness & Activity Into Your Day

Everyone struggles to find the time to be active, and fit fun, healthy exercises into their schedule.  While it may seem like a burden to exercise, we assure you that there are small routine changes you can make to be more active throughout the day. Take the first step by following some these tips, and you are well on your way to a better tomorrow!


Minor Adjustments

Olympic weightlifting may not be in your immediate future, and that’s perfectly fine, but breaking out of a sedentary lifestyle should be. Here are some tips to escape your desk or couch and get a better grip on your nutrition during a typical day:


  • Wake up at a designated time. Commit to waking up at a certain hour so you can get on a concrete routine.
  • Avoid massive meals. Also known as cheat meals, these can get out of hand quickly.  Make a conscious effort to understand the impact of the food and beverages you consume.
  • Take a walk during lunch or while on a phone call. Rather than sit at your desk, opt for eating a meal or taking a call outdoors. Walk around the area you work. Walking between thirty to sixty minutes a day can help keep you fit.
  • Cook your own meals. What better way to know exactly what is going into your body than when you prepare your own food?


Finding the Time to Workout

It’s important to fit in weightlifting time at the gym. The benefits of lifting weights are two-fold: you get to be more active and you’re less likely to get injured. Weights help you maximize your time at the gym. When you’re efficient with your gym time, you have more time to enjoy life. Outside of the gym you can improve your health in the followings ways:


  • Have fun with your kids. When was the last time you played tag or tossed a ball back and forth? It can be quite the workout, especially when playing with kids who have never-ending amounts of energy.
  • Do some yardwork. With the right mentality, this typically mundane task can be viewed as a solid workout.
  • Take your pooch on a long walk. Walking works wonders and taking your dog out gives you a chance to spend time with them in an active way.



Make the Most Efficient Use of Your Workout

By recognizing and making an effort to utilize your time wisely during workouts, positive results will follow.  Dedicating enough focus to crush a short 30 minutes of exercise per work day, a total of 150 minutes per week, could revolutionize your health.


  • Lunch breaks. This is your dedicated hour to eat, read, talk, run errands, or in some cases, exercise.  A quick 20-minute jog coupled with a subsequent smoothie will do wonders for your body.  Plus, it won’t extend past your normally allotted time for lunch!
  • Commit to the hustle. When you decide to exercise, don’t get distracted.  Turn notifications on your phone off, pop the headphones in, and avoid those chatty peers by the dumbbells or cardio machines.  It’s time to work (out).
  • Fuel back up with proper nutrition. All of that hard work will go to waste if your body isn’t replenished post-workout.  There is no perfect meal, but a good source of protein, complex carbs, and some dense veggies is a good start!






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