Learn To Move More

Learn To Move More

Authored by Audrey on November 27, 2017

Losing weight and getting fit doesn’t start and end in the gym. People often workout and then return home to be a couch potato or have their faces glued to a computer screen, remaining sedentary the rest of the day. While the workout will help, it’s not the total answer. You need to learn to move more throughout the day, not just for weight loss but for a number of other reasons. Use the muscles you’ve built at the gym and you’ll find that every workout becomes easier and weight loss is a snap.

A sedentary job requires special consideration.

If you spend your time at front a desk, you face some special problems. It often doesn’t allow you to get very physical. You can solve that problem in a number of ways. The first is to take the stairs instead of the elevator to your office if you work on a higher floor. When your at work, take a break every half hour to move around for five to ten minutes. Of course, that’s not always part of the boss’s plan so you have to plan around that. Try a standing desk. It’s simple to make for under $30 and sits on your desk. You can lift the monitor up and stand for a while as you work. Do at the desk exercises, such as leglifts. A personal trainer can give you the help you need to create more movement while your at work.

Don’t take shortcuts or use labor saving devices.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some labor saving devices you can’t do without. Nobody wants to take their laundry down to the creek and pound it clean on a rock. Scrub a floor on your hands and knees. Paint a room by yourself rather than hiring it done or just wash the walls. Walk a few blocks for an errand rather than starting the car. These are just few ideas. If you’re parking in a mall or grocery lot, park further from the door rather than circling the lot for a closer spot. You’ll get more exercise and save gas.

Have fun with the kids.

When was the last time you were active with your kids having fun? If it was recently, congratulations. Not all parents can say that. Play a little round ball or even tag. Take the kids for a walk or go to the zoo or botanical gardens and walk around the area. Those with little ones probably already get plenty of lifting in their life, but those with older children may not. Do a yard project with the children such as plant a garden or a tree. Work can be play too.

  • Dance through the house while you’re cleaning up the mess. Extra movement burns calories and adds to your fitness program. The music makes the work more fun.
  • Wiggle and jiggle when nobody’s watching. Watch a very thin person that has problems gaining weight. They never seem to sit still. They’re constantly moving even when sitting. Move your legs and stretch your back while you sit. It’s a small amount of expended calories, but every little bit helps.
  • Get physical when life gets tough. Run up and down the stairs until you’re exhausted if you’re stressed, rather than reaching for a martini or beer. Making love burns of stress and calories, so don’t forget romance.
  • Enjoy every minute of activity. It’s precious and can be short lived. Getting fit is all about being able to use your body and more often for more than just work. It’s about enjoying playtime too. If you’ve been limited because of inactivity, as you get fitter, you’ll understand the joy of movement.



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