Get Fit In 30 Minutes A Day

Get Fit In 30 Minutes A Day

Authored by Audrey on March 3, 2018

If you’re on a busy schedule, you still can treat your body to the pleasure of achieving fitness and getting strong. You can get fit in 30 minutes a day. The amount of intensity you put into the exercise will make the difference. If you’re walking 30 minutes a day, it’s good enough to keep you fit, as long as you don’t need to lose weight or want to significantly change your body. You need flexibility and strength training, too. It also depends on how many days a week you exercise. If you walk 30 minutes a day, every day, you’ll do your body a favor, but it doesn’t change the need to include all types of exercises.

A personal trainer uses scientific methods to create a workout program designed especially for your needs.

When you workout with a personal trainer, he or she will create a program that’s designed to get the most out of the exercise time you have. You’ll be working at a higher intensity level, so you can’t do this type of workout every day. Your body needs time to heal and rebuild. You can supplement it with walks in between sessions. Your trainer will guide you on the right type and length of exercising.

High intensity, full body exercises get the most bang for the time spent.

There are so many ways to get full body exercises that hit all areas of fitness; strength, flexibility, endurance and balance. Kettlebells, weights, crossfit and other programs are perfect for producing results fast and working all areas of the body. Kettlebells are especially good if you want to burn calories fast. A good kettlebell workout burns more calories than other workouts, gives a full body workout and hits all areas of fitness.

You get back what you give to the workout.

If you put little effort into your workout, you’ll get minimal results. To get the best results, you need full focus and full effort. Thirty minutes is definitely enough time to get the strength building, calorie burning effects you hope for, but not if you’re only going a low speed and intensity. That’s why trainers assess your level of fitness first and create a program designed to work you toward your maximum potential.

  • health benefits from logging in 150 minutes of exercise a week. That means just five short 30 minute workouts can do the trick.



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