• ACSM Certification
  • ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • USAW Level 1
  • Pain-free Performance Specialist Certification
  • Certified Nutrition Coach


  • Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Athletic performance

Morgan Burger

Fitness Coach

Morgan grew up in Nampa, Idaho and has been an athlete since a young age, competing in track, football, and motocross until his decision to pursue professional motocross/supercross in high school.

Because these are a year-round sport, this required Morgan to move to California during the winter months to train with trainers on and off the bike. He became a better athlete, met his goals, and raced professionally for a little over four years with accomplishments such as the Canadian National Motocross Series, getting multiple Top Five Finishes and finishing the series with National Number 6.

During reaching these goals, he became increasingly interested in fitness and keeping the body in shape to do one of the hardest sports in the world. Because he’s sustained and come back from several injuries, prehab and rehab are a huge part of what interests him in Kinesiology. Morgan believes that knowledge is endless, and he strives to learn something new every day as he helps people feel better about themselves and accomplish their goals.

Beyond The Gym

    • Let’s get Real. What is your largest health and fitness thorn? How do you prune this thorn?

      Fitness thorn in my side would have to be diet. I’ve always been good about getting gym work done but the diet side has always been the hardest one to nail down. Not saying I sit at home eating twinkies and Ding Dongs every chance I get, just saying when it comes down to eating, I eat what is put in front of me or what is easy to make. When it comes to pruning this problem or keeping it under control, I like to keep it in check as far as what I am consuming and how much of it. One or two bad meals doesn’t mean it’s the end of results it just means you have to make the other meals or snacks count as far as nutrient density, calories, and how much of it you’re consuming.

    • Results matter Most. Why are you a Personal Trainer? What motivates you to Coach people?

      I am a person trainer because I love the idea or picturing how different muscles are activation to make certain movements happen. Getting to see that every day is something that I love along with helping people activate those muscles to move properly. So I guess in the grand scheme of it all I have a huge passion for human anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, and getting to see it work on a daily bases.

    • Education is Success. How are you better than all the other personal trainers? What makes your Coaching different?

      I don’t like to look at my self as better than any other trainer, I like to see what other trainers are doing different than me. Be able to look at it that way allows me to put sort of a filter on it of what I like, what I don’t like, and how I could do it differently to make it better. I think that is what makes Jack City one of the best gyms in the valley, is that all of us as trainers come from such diverse back rounds it really gives me something to thrive off and we can all as trainers push each other to be better.

    • Are you human? Who are you outside of the Gym? What are some of your hobbies you enjoy?

      I might sound robotic at times but yes, I am human, I like long walks on the beach with my wife and my kid yelling at us while throwing sand in our face, hah. In all reality I think that is what makes me a great trainer is the fact that I am a very personable guy, and I don’t put myself on a pedestal higher than my clients. I do this for the mere fact that, yes, we are all humans, and we are all going to make mistakes and yes, we are all going to mess up our diet/ work out/ miss a day. Its who we are beyond that that makes it count, and I figure If I can level with people, show them I am a person that struggles from all the same issues. That is where a connection can be made, and we can grow together as a community.

    • You’re my People. When is the best time to connect with you? How do you like to meet new clients/friends?

        I’m not totally sure how to answer this one because I love meeting new people inside of the gym, getting to know them and what they do. Outside of the gym however, I’m not entirely the most outgoing person, I like to keep my circle small, and I highly value the time I spend with family and friends. Its not that I don’t like to meet new people outside of the gym, I just don’t go out of my way to meet new people I guess. More of a work life balance thing I guess, I do love communicating with people though, and a good way to do that outside of the gym is through my social handles like  IG: Morgan.Burger or Facebook: Morgan Burger or even email