Tim Perry

Fitness Coach

Tim has worked nearly a decade in fitness and has trained and written high performance, intelligently designed programs for a wide variety of people from beginners to advanced clients to athletes. He trains to prevent injury while developing strength and power. He considers everyone’s injury history, fitness level, and goals in developing their program.

Tim’s goal is to help you become stronger, move better without pain, perform better and train for health and longevity.

Beyond The Gym

    • Let’s get Real. What is your largest health and fitness thorn? How do you prune this thorn?

      My biggest health and fitness thorn would be if I lack a goal. They can be either big or small. I need to be looking and moving forward to improve and am driven and work hard to accomplish a skill and obtain what I started out to achieve. Without a goal I become bored and stagnant. These goals don’t relate to only the gym. I see health and fitness as more than just the gym and not as my identity but a tool that allows me to live a high-quality life that keeps my focus on the most important things in my life.

    • Results matter Most. Why are you a Personal Trainer? What motivates you to Coach people?

      The reasoning for what motivates me to coach people has evolved over the years especially the older I get and understanding and analyzing people’s major reason for why they are working out. Helping lead people to improve their life gives fulfillment from seeing drastic change physically and in their lives and seeing them accomplish things that weren’t even on their radar as a goal but has made a world of difference. Building a relationship with someone that helps them with so much more than just working out. Helping build people up so they’re not just physically strong but mentally and emotionally.

    • Education is Success. How are you better than all the other personal trainers? What makes your Coaching different?

      My experience and education have given me the ability to be able to observe possible issues that may cause pain or hinder someone’s movement and correct those issues. Being able to cue different movements so clients are getting the most out of any specific exercise and helping prevent injuries. Coaching to help you perform better and train for health and longevity. Being able to work with a wide variety of people with goals that range from improving mobility & stability, reducing pain and building a foundation of strength to advanced strength performance and sports performance. 

      I specialize in mobility and Coach Kinstretch & Functional Range Condition, which is focused on improving joint health, movement capacity, body awareness & control, and much more. I also am Titleist Performance Institute certified and work with assessing golfers to help deal with movement issues or pain to help improve their performance with their swing and lower their scores.

      Am able to connect on a personal level with clients. That connection and coaching allows for physical plateaus to be conquered and we make the most of our time working together to be efficient, learn and have fun while we workout.

    • Are you human? Who are you outside of the Gym? What are some of your hobbies you enjoy?

      Spending time with wife and daughter.

    • You’re my People. When is the best time to connect with you? How do you like to meet new clients/friends?

      Monday through Friday. 6am to 2pm at the gym. Email or Text after 2pm. If you want to talk more, we can meet for coffee, a beer or on the golf course.