Come ready to sweat as you challenge yourself through this fun hour full of creative movements using various equipment! Did we mention how highly energetic and upbeat the coaches are?! This class combines a variety of training modalities: endurance, flexibility, strength, power, and conditioning using basic functional movements including the Hinge, Squat, Push, Pull, and Carries. Join this high-paced program filled with super-sets, tri-sets, and circuits!

Online workout programs allow athletes to let their fitness routine fit into their lives, not the other way around. Whatever reason you may have for missing the gym, your workout routine needn’t suffer. At Jack City, we offer a sweet home fitness app that allows our partners to sneak in a workout anytime, anywhere.

Online Fitness: Your Solution to Your Busiest Days

Let’s face it: Life is busy, and sometimes there are hiccups. Even those who religiously carve out a space for gym time sometimes hit snags! Whether your workday ran long, your family needs more support than usual, or you’re packing your bags for a trip out of town, the bottom line remains the same: you don’t have time to go to your gym. That’s okay! Maybe it’s time to give online workout classes a try!

How Do Online Fitness Training Programs Work?

In the old days, if your kid had to stay home sick, or you had to stay out of town on business, you often had to skip your training session or fitness class. Not anymore. These days, many athletes are able to stick to their workout routine and roll with the punches of their busy daily lives, all thanks to the recent development of online fitness classes and apps.

Yes, we have one too!

The Jack City Fitness app is easy to use and available to every single one of our partners. (Aren’t private gyms the best!?) All you need to do is sign up with us and you’ll have instant access to our downloadable fitness app, which will direct you to all sorts of training programs, classes, and tracks. Once you’re set up, you can access our online workouts anytime, anywhere, whether you’re in a hotel across the country or your own living room.

Download Your Motivation With Online Fitness Training Apps!

For many athletes, sticking to a regular routine is one of the trickier aspects of working out and getting fit. It can be far too easy to let external elements like weather or social obligations act as a demotivator for your fitness goals. Being able to slip a workout into your schedule on your terms can help with that. By giving you full flexibility and privacy, a dedicated fitness app can allow you to make your workout a habit instead of a chore. Once you’ve developed a routine that works for you, it’ll be an easier and more enjoyable journey to the results you desire.

I Want to Try Online Workout Classes!

Excellent! You’ve come to the right place. Here at Jack City Fitness, we’re known for passionate and talented coaches, engaging classes, and a modern facility featuring the best and latest workout equipment. Now, we’re proud to add online workout programs to our list of reasons why we’re Boise’s number one fitness center.

For access to our fitness app and exciting selection of remote training options, you’ll need to become a Jack City member. Signing up with us gives you full, 24/7 access to both our Boise facility as well as our digital services, and you’re always invited to try a class. Come and see us today, and we’ll invite you over for a FREE fitness consultation, a tour, and answers to any questions you might have.

We can’t wait to see what you’re made of!

Exactly what it sounds like

Team Training is exactly what it sounds like! Are you the coach of a team? Are you part of a team? Do you want to streamline strength and conditioning, creating camaraderie, and team-building? Bring your team in for a workout! We will develop a plan specifically based on your team’s goals and priorities. Need to know more? Schedule a consultation today!

Similar to our Personal Training Model

Our Group Training Model is similar to our Personal Training Model. The groups can range anywhere in size from 2-4 people. This is a great option for someone that wants to receive the benefits of a Personal Training Session but also enjoys working out with others in a small, personal setting. Still not convinced this is for you? Schedule a consultation today!

Ladies, are you ready for a heart-pumping, full-body HIIT workout? Jack City Fitness is your place to be. We offer an exclusive HIIT workout class just for us girls—no boys allowed!

All-Female HIIT Training at Jack City Fitness

At Jack City Fitness, we believe that all athletes deserve equal recognition and hands-on time. We have no time for outdated notions that certain workouts are for men or women only. However, we also recognize that female athletes aren’t always given the same airtime and space as their male counterparts, and we’re not down with that. That’s why we decided to create a women’s-only HIIT class. This unique HIIT group class is both designed for and led by women—and we’d love to see you, too!

What Is a HIIT Workout?

HIIT strength training, or high-intensity interval training, refers to a technique utilized by athletes around the world. It is incredibly popular due to its effectiveness, flexibility, and low-commitment nature.

HIIT training workouts generally vary from athlete to athlete, but the concept remains the same. With HIIT, there are no marathon runs or lengthy gym sessions. Instead, athletes are expected to perform a super-intense “mini-workout” a few days a week. This dynamic technique can deliver serious results—and it fits into even the busiest athlete’s routine.

A HIIT training program can involve anything from presses to crunches to push-ups. When working with a coach or solo, athletes can choose any high-intensity exercise they’d like—and there are tons out there. The HIIT training exercises taught in a group class will also be dynamic and ever-changing; that’s part of the fun!

What Are the Benefits of HIIT Training?

HIIT workout benefits are sky-high!

It’s the official workout of the busy
Calling all busy moms, hardworking businesswomen, and overloaded students—we know you’re busy. Still want to work out? You can; HIIT training is a massive time-saver, allowing athletes to burn an enormous amount of calories in a super-short span of time.

You’ll look great
Hoping to build muscles or shed extra fat? HIIT has you covered on both those accounts. In fact, in the hours following your HIIT workout, your metabolic rate is likely faster than usual.

It’s fantastic for your health
High-intensity interval training has been shown to improve oxygen consumption, heart rate, blood pressure, and sugar levels. Not bad for a 30-minute workout.

It can happen anywhere
High-intensity interval training doesn’t use any special equipment. It can be performed anywhere from a beach to the office, making it the perfect workout. It molds itself to your plans, not the other way around.

Practice HIIT Exercises for Women in a Friendly Environment

With our Ladies HIIT Squad class, female athletes of all ages and fitness levels can join our legendary coach Rachel Weber in a dynamic, follow-the-leader-style HIIT training session. This class is appropriate for women of all fitness levels. Rachel teaches fun and straightforward movements which are lightweight and highly intensive!

Although specific workouts will vary from day to day, you can expect every class to follow this general structure:

– Arrival and greetings

– Warm-up

– Bodyweight conditioning

– Lightweight conditioning

– Full-body circuits

Perfect Your HIIT Workout Routine Amongst Peers

Our athletes love that they have a women’s-only space to practice HIIT training and work toward their fitness goals. If you are ready to dive into a full-body workout with like-minded women, it’s time to try Ladies HIIT Squad. We promise you’ll feel at home right away. Rachel will make sure of it—and so will your fellow athletes!

Try Our Bodyweight HIIT Workout Today!

Are you ready to join Rachel and the gang for a heart-pumping HIIT sesh? Get in touch with the Jack City team today. We’ll invite you to our gorgeous Boise facility for a FREE fitness consultation and tour. During this time, we will answer any questions you might have about our fitness center, and help you decide the best ways to utilize your partnership with us.

Once you sign up to be a Jack City Fitness partner, you will have full access to our entire gym facility whenever you’d like—we offer 24/7 access! You’ll also be able to work with our fleet of fitness coaches and nutritional counselors—we even have custom training options. It is our mission to serve the needs of as many Boise athletes as possible.

Plus, if you love Ladies HIIT Squad, you might want to try some of our other classes: we are always offering exciting new group workout programs.

Get in touch with our team today to learn more! Call (208) 999-1111. We can’t wait to meet you and help you meet your goals!

This follow-the-leader style workout is not only physically demanding, but challenges the athlete spiritually and mentally as well. Guiding your efforts towards a greater purpose than aesthetics or athletic performance, this humbling program will focus on building you into a better leader by testing your ability to follow.

Every fitness journey has different stages! Are you ready to take back your life or just want to continue living as healthy and fit as possible? This class is for anyone 55+ and embodies everything aging seniors need. The older we get, the more important it is for us to workout with purposeful resistance so come give it a try!

Fitness at your Fingertips

Let this service be the solution to your busiest days. Traveling? Missing the gym? No problem. Simply pull up our online app straight from your mobile device and it says if you’re at the gym. With multiple workout tracks loaded daily, you’re sure to stay on track with your goals.

Calling all athletes! Your workout journey begins today with our bodyweight conditioning classes at Jack City Fitness. Join us for the best strength and conditioning bodyweight exercises in a supportive and friendly environment—you’ll be leveling up in no time. Read on to learn more about our bodyweight conditioning workout!

Bodyweight Bootcamp: Our Bodyweight Workout Plan

Looking to step up your game? Once you’ve tried the Jack City bodyweight workout routine, you’ll never look back! Join our nutrition and fitness specialist Trish Barry for the workout of a lifetime at her Bodyweight Bootcamp program.

Together with Trish and their classmates, Bootcamp athletes will push themselves to the limits by using their own weight to work against gravity’s natural pull. Though bodyweight exercises are challenging, they are worth the effort: athletes who graduate from our Bootcamp report increased strength, flexibility, and endurance.

Benefits of Bodyweight Exercises

Trish’s Bootcamp is formed on the principles of bodyweight conditioning. This fitness theory is categorized by the use of one’s body instead of exercise equipment like barbells to work as resistance. Though this might sound complex, many well-known workouts are actually bodyweight conditioning exercises as well. For example, sit-ups, push-ups, and pull-ups are all forms of bodyweight conditioning.

Bodyweight exercises have many benefits and reasons for their popularity. Some of the main benefits of bodyweight exercise are:

It’s Versatile
Once they understand the principles of this style of exercise, athletes have the freedom to create a custom bodyweight workout plan that suits their needs. There are countless bodyweight exercises out there—each athlete will have their favorites.

It Teaches Lifelong Skills
Bodyweight conditioning is many things, but niche is not one of them. Athletes can further apply the principles learned in Bootcamp to their future workouts.

It’s Low-Cost
Bodyweight conditioning exercises don’t require any fancy equipment or gear, so they can be practiced at home, at work, or even on vacation.

It Increases Endurance and Strength
Bodyweight conditioning is a stellar way to amp up endurance and become an even stronger athlete. By utilizing their weight as strength, athletes can train harder and meet more goals.

It Delivers Results!
Our athletes leave Bodyweight Bootcamp feeling pleased with their physical results and with what they’ve learned.

Practice Bodyweight Strength Exercises at Jack City Fitness

Each of our Bodyweight Bootcamp classes promises a workout that’ll get your heart pumping, your sweat flowing, and your strength soaring. Though exact workouts and routines will differ from class to class, Trish tends to follow the same structure for her Bootcamp:

Endurance Training
The first portion of each Bodyweight Bootcamp sesh focuses on developing cardiovascular endurance and strength. Depending on the day, these exercises might include planks, lunges, push-ups, sit-ups, squats, or whatever else Trish has up her sleeve!

Hit the ground running toward results! The second portion of Bootcamp tends to focus on the skills you need to sprint and run with better form and for longer stretches.

Total Body Workout
At last, the moment we’ve all been waiting for: the total body workout! After nailing their endurance and running exercises, Bootcamp athletes will embark on a full-body workout. The individual exercises used will vary from class to class, but partners can expect a dynamic workout that’ll get their blood flowing and see their goals moving closer within reach.

Hit the Showers!
That’s it! After an intensive and satisfying bodyweight conditioning workout, it’s time to cool down, clean up, and head home for R&R. Might we suggest a protein smoothie for those hard-working muscles? They’ve earned it!

Do YOU Have What it Takes to Complete Bodyweight Bootcamp?

There’s only one way to find out. Get in touch with our team today by calling (208) 999-1111 or sign up online today. Our team will then invite you over to our Boise fitness center for a FREE health consultation. During your consultation, you can tour our facility (partners get 24/7 access!) and meet some of our team members, including Trish. You can also take this time to peek into Bodyweight Bootcamp to see it in action.

Once you’ve signed up to be a Jack City partner, you are welcome to get started right away! Apart from gym and group class access, Jack City partners are also offered the opportunity to work one-on-one with a private fitness coach or even develop their own custom workout plan with our team.

We can’t wait to meet you and help you reach your goals!

Learn the techniques of a Snatch, Clean, and Jerk while progressively building strength and power at our Olympic weightlifting classes. Reserve your spot today!

Where’s the Best Weightlifting Training Near Me?

Looking for Boise’s best weightlifting classes? You’ve found them—at Jack City Fitness, where we have what you need to succeed! If you’re looking to learn how to do Olympic lifts properly, join our own Alicia Parker for an amazing hour. At her beginner Olympic weightlifting program, you can master all the top techniques utilized by the world’s top athletes.

What You’ll Learn at Our Weightlifting Classes 

If you join one of Alicia’s Olympic weight training workouts, you’ll learn all the necessary tools to smash your lifting game. She’s an expert on weightlifting tips and form, and she’s thrilled to share her knowledge with the Jack City family. Attendees will leave class with an understanding of the movements necessary to lift on an Olympic level.

Our weightlifting classes are purposely small so that Alicia can give individual attention to every athlete. This intimate environment allows for more detailed instruction and allows for you to focus on nailing every technique and move. 

Although each individual session will be different, all of Alicia’s weightlifting classes follow the same overall structure. Following a dynamic warmup, you’ll be focusing on a specific lift, followed by accessory exercises. This ever-changing structure allows for you to gain new lifting insight during every session.

The Benefits of Olympic Weight Training Exercises 

There are many benefits to engaging in Olympic weight training workouts. Athletes who regularly attend our Olympic weightlifting classes may enjoy the following:

– Increased strength and muscle

– Improved endurance levels

– Decreased muscle mass loss due to aging

– Less risk of injury

– Increased cognitive function

– Healthy weight loss

– Better mental health

– Improved overall confidence

FAQs About Our Olympic Weightlifting Classes

Our partners have plenty of questions about our beginner Olympic weightlifting program—and we’re happy to answer every one. 

Where’s the Best  Weight Training Near Me?

The answer is clear: the best Olympic weightlifting classes are right here at Jack City Fitness! Our partners love Alicia’s attentive and knowledgeable teaching style, as well as our intimate class size and spotless equipment! We even offer 24/7 gym access to partners so you can practice what you’ve learned on your own schedule. Get ready to see RESULTS!

Do You Offer Female Weightlifting Classes?

We don’t currently offer specific women’s or men’s Olympic weightlifting weight classes; our Olympic weightlifting classes are open to everyone! However, if a women’s-only environment is what you need to succeed, we have several ideas for you.

Here at Jack City Fitness, we know that every athlete requires a different gym or learning environment—and we try to deliver. That’s why we offer customized training options, from virtual sessions to private group bookings. For athletes hoping for only women in their lifting class, a private group training session might be the key—you can bring your own group of athletes. We also offer team training!

We are also pleased to offer Ladies HIIT Squad, a full-body workout class exclusively for female-identifying athletes. This heart-pumping class is run by our own Rachel Weber and focuses on high-intensity interval training.

I Don’t Know Much About Olympic Weightlifting—Can I Still Join?

Absolutely! Both seasoned lifters and complete newbies are welcome to join Alicia’s class. No matter what your athletic experience might be, this weightlifting class will kick your levels up a notch. Newcomers will appreciate learning the necessary techniques of weightlifting, while veterans will be able to improve their overall form and fitness levels.

Can Anyone Take This Class?

Currently, this class is only open to Jack City Fitness partners—but becoming one is easy! Once you’ve signed up with us, you’ll have a world of athletic resources at your fingertips, including dynamic group workout classes like this one.

Don’t see your question here? We’d be happy to answer it—just drop us a line.

Get Started Today!

At Jack City Fitness, we have everything a Boise athlete needs to smash their workout goals. Whether you want to attend our famous group classes, lift solo, work with a fitness coach, or try another workout altogether, we’re here to support you and help you grow as an athlete. 

If you’re ready to join the Jack City family, we’d love to meet you. Call (208) 999-1111 to speak with our team and arrange a FREE fitness consultation at our Boise gym. After you’ve signed up, you’ll be entitled to 24/7 gym use, access to our classes and coaches, and much more. We’d be happy to answer any of your questions, so get in touch today!