The Benefits of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Looking to add some HIIT training workouts to your gym-time? You can learn about all of the HIIT workout benefits from your friends at Jack City Fitness today!

What Is HIIT Training?

Whether you spend every day at the gym or are just curious about the athletic world, you’ve likely heard of HIIT, or high-intensity interval training.

High-intensity interval training is a well-regarded form of cardiovascular fitness. A HIIT athlete performs short, high-intensity exercises and recovery periods, usually for about half an hour. Bear in mind there’s no set rule on time—most athletes allow their body to dictate this.

Benefits of the HIIT Training Program

This well-respected workout form has garnered respect amongst athletic communities over the years. Some of its benefits include:

HIIT Is Perfect for Busy People
High-intensity interval training is not a lengthy workout—it relies on performing intensive activities for a brief period. Even busy athletes can squeeze a workout into their daily routine!

You Can Do HIIT Anywhere
Though plenty of HIIT activities do use specific equipment, there are also plenty of exercises that don’t, making it a great choice when you want to work out on the go.

HIIT: Fat Burning Champion
HIIT can be a great way to lose weight: it burns calories quickly and is known to boost your metabolism in the hours following your workout.

HIIT Can Build Muscular Strength
If you’re lacking slightly in the muscles department, HIT might be a way for you to tone and build your strength.

HIIT Is Heart-Healthy
These blood-pumping exercises can reduce your heart rate as well as hypertension.

HIIT Can Help Blood Sugar Levels
Some diabetics include HIIT training as part of their management routine—it can significantly improve blood sugar levels.

Are There Specific HIIT Workouts for Women?

Though anyone can enjoy high-intensity interval training, some athletes find it more comfortable to work out with a group of their peers. That’s why some gyms have begun to offer special high-intensity interval training workouts for women, so female athletes can have their own space.

Here at Jack City Fitness, we loved the idea of offering class-based HIIT for women, so we decided to develop one of our own. Enter: Ladies HIIT Squad, Jack City’s female-led and focused workout class. It has all the passion, punch, and power of a typical HIIT training session, but you’ll be taught by and work alongside other women.

Where Can I Try High-Intensity Interval Training?

Whether you choose to try our Ladies HIIT Squad class or would like to work with one of our coaches, there’s one thing for sure: When you come to Jack City Fitness to try high-intensity interval training, benefits and results are headed your way.

Ready to get started? Drop us a line and we’ll invite you over to our Boise gym to have a peek around. You can meet our team, poke your head into one of our classes, and even undergo a FREE fitness consultation with our InBody machine. If you like what you see, we can make you one of our partners, which will give you immediate access to our fitness center! Partners enjoy 24/7 gym access, a wide range of classes, and the options to work with both fitness and nutrition coaches. We also offer a number of custom training options for those with differing needs.

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