Can Hula Hooping Slim Your Waist?

Can Hula Hooping Slim Your Waist?

Authored by Audrey on August 26, 2021

It’s great physical exercise, but can hula hoop help you lose weight? There are loads of benefits to the hula hoop, a slim waist being one of them! If you’re wondering exactly what, your friends at Jack City Fitness are here to help you find out which areas of the body hula hooping targets and if it’s right for your goals!

Can You Lose Weight Hula Hooping? How About Fat Loss?

Does hula hooping reduce waist size? Does it shed fat? Weight? Both?

Hula hooping is a popular and fun way for athletes of all ages to stay in shape. It’s engaging, nostalgic, and allows for all sorts of creativity—and that’s just the mental health side of things. In terms of physical health and fitness, hula hooping is a true superstar. This fun aerobic exercise is no joke; it offers a full-body workout, is a core-strengthening superhero, and can help folks on a weight loss journey. 

Yes, it’s true. Although everyone is different, many athletes report that they’ve shed extra pounds by including a hula hoop in their workout kit. However, folks who want body transformation journeys aren’t always seeking the same results. Some of our athletes begin hooping in search of overall weight loss, while others hope to shrink their waistline without affecting their overall weight. 

Some of the most questions surrounding hula hoop weight loss that we hear are:

“Does Hula Hooping Help  Me Lose Weight?”

Yes! Hula hooping is a fantastic form of cardio exercise, making it a top way to burn calories. Although your number will depend on your physical stats, the average person burns around six calories for each minute of hula hooping.

Pro Tip: Although including aerobic exercise like hula hooping in your fitness routine will contribute to weight loss, many athletes also choose to create a nutritional meal plan while on their journey. This will help promote better and faster results!

“Does Hula Hooping Slim Your Waist?”

Athletes are always asking us, “Will hula hooping trim my waist?” This is a valid question. After all, hula hooping, which works the abs, hips, and obliques, requires controlled movement of the waistline.

The truth is, you can target certain areas to strengthen, but it’s not possible to guarantee losing inches in only one spot. Working out will eventually help you to shed fat from your entire body—but genetics might play a role here, too. Not everybody loses weight or fat at the same pace; be patient with yourself and don’t forget to ask for help or support from your coach or nutritionist! 

“Can a Hula Hoop Flatten Your Stomach?”

A slim waist and a flat tummy generally go hand in hand. Because of this, the answer to this question is similar to the ones regarding hula hoop waist training. Hula hooping can certainly help athletes shed belly fat and sculpt washboard abs, but it will also depend on their anatomy. 

The Benefits of Hula Hooping

Does hula hooping help get a smaller waist? Yes. Can hula hooping tone your stomach? Also yes. But that’s not all. There are several exciting benefits to becoming a hula hoop master that can help improve your athletic capabilities and gym experience, as well as your overall health.

Some of the most impressive benefits of the hula hoop are:

It Improves Mobility

Good mobility will improve both your daily life and your athletic abilities. Being able to move with finesse will make everything easier, from twisting in your seat to grab something to nailing your gym goals. 

It Burns Calories

What does hula hooping do for your waist? That depends on your physicality. In terms of calories, however, the answer is a lot more straightforward. Hooping burns tons of calories—six per minute, to be exact. That adds up quickly when you’re having fun—which hula hooping certainly is! 

It Strengthens the Core

So, does hula hooping slim your waist? As we’ve said, that partially depends on your anatomy. However, we can say that hooping strengthens the core, and a tight core can develop abs of steel. You do the math. Besides, a strong core will enable you to succeed at other athletic endeavors that promote fat loss, like yoga and pilates. 

It Helps Improve Balance

With the strong core that comes from hula hooping, athletes can enjoy improved overall stability. Better balance will make you a gym superstar as well as take some stress out of your daily routine—and hula hooping helps with that!

How Long Should You Hula Hoop?

This depends on what you are hoping to get out of your hula hooping experience. Some folks prefer a shorter, more intensive workout, while others enjoy a longer, more relaxed version. For athletes who prefer the latter, a weighted hula hoop is a fantastic investment—and it is often cited as a great weight loss tool! The unique dimensions of a weighted hula hoop make it ideal for a longer workout—hello, endurance! 

On the flip side, a traditional lightweight hula hoop (like the one you used as a kid) will burn more calories in a shorter workout time—but it might feel more intense on your body.

Why Is Hula Hooping Better than Other Exercises?

We don’t mean to play favorites, but hula hooping really is one of the best exercises out there. It has incredible health benefits, and its unique style makes it accessible and exciting for athletes of every level and background.

Some of our favorite things about hula hooping are:

It Makes a Great Home Workout

Most athletes love having the option to work out at home. However, unless you have tons of space, many pieces of equipment are simply not an option. A hula hoop is certainly not one of those items! Hula hoops are small and lightweight enough to be stored anywhere, even in the tiniest studio apartment. 

It’s So Portable

Sunny day? Take your hula hoop to the park or beach. Going on vacation? Plenty of weighted hula hoops are collapsable, so they’ll fit in your suitcase. Wherever you go, your hula hoop can come with you, allowing you to have a fun and engaging workout wherever you need it.

It’s Incredibly Cost-Effective

Hula hoops don’t cost much money at all—even the weighted ones are available for under $10—and you can use them anywhere. This flexibility allows for a most cost-effective fitness plan than many other trending workouts.

It’s Fun and Nostalgic

Need a break from adulting? Hula hooping won’t make filing taxes or booking dentist appointments any easier, but it will be a welcome and nostalgic break from the daily grind. Hula hooping is fun—that’s why we loved it as kids! Some of our partners also find that a lengthy hula hooping session is cathartic, as the repetitive movements allow for the mind to relax and go into a more meditative state. 

Where Can I Practice Hula Hoop Waist Training in Boise, Idaho?

So, does hula hooping help you lose weight? It certainly can. However, if overall weight loss is your goal, we recommend you work with a professional fitness coach and/or nutritional counselor to ensure that you are doing so in a way that’s healthy for your body and lifestyle.  You’ll be able to practice a hula hoop workout with someone who can optimize the workout to match your goals, as well as introduce to you other workouts and ideas to give even better results.  

At Jack City Fitness, we offer elite-level coaching and classes, 24/7 gym access, and custom workout options to all of our partners. If you’re ready to join the fun, get in touch with our team for a free consultation today!



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