Is Hula Hooping a Good Form of Fitness & Exercise?

Curious about the hula hoop workout? You’re in the right place. If you want to learn about hula hoop exercise, benefits, and tips for a supreme workout, read on. Your friends at Jack City Fitness have you covered!

Is Hula Hooping a Good Workout?

We’d be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t heard of the hula hoop. This classic toy dates back to ancient times! However, it wasn’t until the early 1960s that the plastic hula hoop we know today was developed and named. Since then, it’s been a solid part of our popular culture, featured in songs, on social media, and even in extreme varieties—fire hooping, anyone?

In some ways, it feels like the retro toy is having a renaissance for adults. Have a look at TikTok; on the popular social media platform, #hulahooping has 48.8 million views, while #hulahoopchallenge has 123.8 million! These videos show how much physical strength, control, and finesse is required to actually master the hula hoop. Many of the athletes on the app perform a litany of impressive tricks and moves with their hoops, while others tout specific pieces of hula hoop exercise equipment, like weighted or collapsable varieties.

The rising visibility of hula hooping has led many athletes to wonder, “is hula hooping good exercise?” Our answer to this question is yes! Hula hoop fitness is fun to learn, requires affordable equipment, and can be practiced practically anywhere. In fact, lots of athletes turned to hula hoop exercise to stay fit while they were on lockdown last year.

If you’re interested in starting your hula hoop workout, read on. We have plenty of hula hoop tips and facts to help get you started.

Our Favorite Hula Hoop Benefits

There are several exciting benefits to engaging in hula hoop fitness, including:

  • It’s an Excellent Form of Cardio
    Cardiovascular exercise is a key way to keep your heart healthy, your brain active, and your body fit. Hula hooping is a great form of cardio!
  • It’ll Keep Your Core Strong
    Want a strong core? Start hooping—your abs will thank you!
  • It Can Strengthen Your Balance
    With a strong core comes strong balance—both are required to be a hooping master.
  • It’s Great for Weight Loss
    Does hula hooping burn fat? You bet. Hula hooping can help athletes burn calories and shed unwanted fat, particularly around the hips and waistline.
  • It’s Great for All Ages
    For parents who find it hard to exercise, hula hooping can be an excellent solution; hula hooping is a kid-friendly workout, so get your little ones involved!
  • It Can Happen Anywhere
    You can get a great hula hoop workout at the gym, at home, on the beach, in a park…anywhere you’d like!
  • It’s So Much FUN!
    The biggest reason that so many athletes choose to hula hoop is that they enjoy it! Hula hooping allows for you to have fun with your workout—and that’s something everyone can benefit from.

Hula Hoop FAQS

We find that our partners ask the same few questions about the hula hoop workout.

  • What Muscles Does Hula Hooping Work?
    Hula hooping works the abs, hips, and obliques. This contributes to a strengthened core, which promotes better balance and athletic performance.
  • How Many Calories Does Hula Hooping Burn?
    This will depend on what type of workout and hoop style you use. However, according to recent reports, a 30-minute hooping sesh can burn up to 200 calories.
  • Should I Try a Weighted Hula Hoop?
    Definitely! Although a regular plastic hula hoop is awesome, we are also big fans of the weighted variety. This variety of equipment is especially helpful for athletes who are hooping in hopes of slimming down.
  • Is Hula Hooping Good for Abs?
    Hula hooping isn’t just good for abs; it’s amazing for them. Hula hoop fitness promotes several elements which contribute to killer abs, namely a strong core and a trim waist.

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