What Is Cardiovascular Endurance, and Why Is It Important?

What Is Cardiovascular Endurance, and Why Is It Important?

Authored by Audrey on November 18, 2015

The term “cardiovascular endurance” gets thrown around a lot in athletic circles, but not everybody knows why it’s such a hot topic. The benefits of cardiovascular fitness are quite expansive. It provides a series of benefits to help promote overall strength gains and health improvement, making it an extremely important part of any training regimen.

What Are the Benefits of Cardiovascular Fitness?

There are many reasons why athletes incorporate cardiovascular endurance training into their routine:

  • As the Name Implies, It’s Good for Your Heart

Your heart is a muscle, and there’s no better way to strengthen it than to spend long continuous bouts with an elevated heart rate. The more you use and place resistance and intensity on it, the more efficiently your heart will perform. This will result in a lower heart rate, better stroke volume, even strokes, and higher capacity for work.

  • It Can Benefit Your Hormonal Profile

Keeping the body under the stress of continuous cardio stress helps improve your hormonal profile as it forces adaptations to take place through releasing endorphins and other necessary hormones to regulate your body’s ability to sustain the effort. As your body uses its hormones to accomplish the task, it adapts and figures out ways to be more efficient at using its resources.

  • It Will Increase Your Daily Performance

The benefits of cardiovascular fitness make their way into many of your daily activities. After all, you don’t only actively move while you’re at the gym — you use your body all the time, whether you’re lifting things, commuting, or playing with your kids.

Having a healthy state of cardiovascular endurance simply makes living easier; it opens up the possibilities to perform a variety of activities to support your well-being, whether that’s kicking extra butt at the gym or having more time to play catch with your dog. Increasing your capacity to work can translate to many other areas of your life.

  • It Will Give You Energy

When you have an increased sense of cardiovascular endurance, your body can handle more activity. So, let’s say you work as a cook in a busy restaurant. You spend all day on your feet, running around and handling heavy equipment. When the end of the day rolls around, your body tends to feel exhausted, and you head home rather than stop by that dinner party your friend is throwing. Once you start reaping the benefits of cardiovascular fitness, your increased endurance will likely leave you less tired when you finish your shift and allow you to try that ridiculous cake that your friend’s been working on all week.

What Are the Best Ways to Train for Cardiovascular Endurance?

Need a few pointers on the best way to train for cardiovascular endurance? We’ve got you.

  • Don’t Forget to Warm-up

Most forms of cardio training put a lot of pressure and constant stress on the joints and muscles, so avoid getting injured by doing a good warm-up routine.

  • Aim for 30-45 Minutes

Cardio training doesn’t need to last hours and hours to receive all the benefits. 30-45min of good constant training can do a world of good towards increasing your cardiovascular endurance.

  • Eat Right

Always eat something within 30min of completing a cardio session lasting more than 20 minutes, preferably something with some carbs and protein.

  • Work with a Pro

Performing cardio endurance training is a huge benefit to any strength routine. The amount you should do highly depends on your goals and level of fitness. However, under the direction of a qualified coach or personal trainer, you can reap some serious benefits to improving your body.

What Would be a Good Routine for Cardiovascular Endurance?

Why not try…

  • 10mile fartlek run
  • Box hops 5×10
  • Squats 5×5
  • Bench Press 5×5
  • Superset with pull-up 5×5,6,7,8,10
  • Row machine 2x3min
  • Ab routine
  • Arms circuit

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