5 VersaClimber Workouts for Cardio and Total Body Strength

5 VersaClimber Workouts for Cardio and Total Body Strength

Authored by Audrey on October 21, 2021

Learn five effective routines for the VersaClimber, a mountain climber machine workout that offers a low-impact, high-intensity activity that burns serious calories. Create a VersaClimber beginner workout today at Jack City Fitness!

Are you ready to conquer your fitness goals? With a VersaClimber machine, you can quickly and effectively ascend your way to total body strength. 

For over 30 years, “Versa cardio” has been the workout of choice for athletes of every level and background—it’s even used in military training! If you want to create your own VersaClimber workout plan, come and visit our Boise fitness center. We would love to help you get a “handle” on it. In the meantime, you can prepare by reading through some of our VersaClimber workout facts and examples.

What Is the VersaClimber Workout?

The VersaClimber is an exciting and effective type of workout equipment that can be used in several capacities. Like a stair climber, the VersaClimber machine stimulates physical ascension, a great form of aerobic exercise.

Despite being technically classified as a form of cardio fitness, the VersaClimber workout is special in its ability to offer a full-body workout to athletes while remaining low-impact. It is also highly effective; athletes who master the Versa workout may find that they burn calories much quicker than they do when using other cardio machines, like the treadmill. 

(Absolutely no hate against the treadmill, though—certain varieties, like the Woodway, are amazing.)

One of the more unique features of the VersaClimber machine is that it produces a contralateral movement or a “cross-crawl” for the athlete. Basically, when you use a VersaClimber, different parts of your body work together to create safe and effective motion. By moving contralaterally, you will work muscle areas that most workouts tend to miss and even help power your brain. Win-win!

Is VersaClimber Better Than a Stair Climber?

Short answer? Yes, we think so. 

Although stair climbing equipment can be a great and effective lower body workout, it does not provide much benefit for your upper half. In comparison, a vertical climber workout engages your full body, including often-overlooked muscle groups, due to its cross-crawl design.

We also recommend the VersaClimber over stair climbing workouts to athletes who suffer from back problems. Many athletes find themselves slouching while using a stair-climbing machine. The VersaClimber’s unique design and layout can help prevent this habit.

Overall, the choice between a stair climber workout and a vertical climber workout is a personal decision, but at Jack City Fitness, we know our pick: the VersaClimber!

VersaClimber Benefits

There are many benefits to using a VersaClimber—muscles worked and calories burned are some of the best-known, but they are only the beginning.

Some of the biggest VersaClimber benefits are:

  • It is low-impact

A low-impact workout is a great way to get fit without putting extra strain on your body. 

  • It is excellent cardio

Cardio workouts are known for their calorie-busting and heart-healthy qualities.

  • It works every muscle

Despite being low-impact and a form of cardio, a Versa workout engages your whole body.

  • It is good for your mind

By engaging in cross-crawling, athletes aren’t just training their bodies; their minds get a workout, too. The contralateral movements required from using a VersaClimber also facilitate communication between the different parts of your brain!

  • It fits into other workouts

Are you a HIIT training buff? The VersaClimber is a great addition to your rotation—it is both intense and perfect for shorter workouts.

  • It can help your posture

The unique design of the Versaclimber encourages a naturally better posture than other popular workout machines. Working out without slumping can be highly beneficial to an athlete. 

Ready to Try a Vertical Climber Workout?

You don’t need to take a VersaClimber class to learn how to use this equipment—the folks at VersaClimber have made all of their workout styles accessible online. This includes a comprehensive handbook to using the machine to train for specific sports. We highly recommend that you take a look at this guide. Our fitness coaches will be happy to assist you with these targeted workouts at our 24/7 fitness center.

Before you start using the VersaClimber, we thought we would run you through some of the different types of vertical climber workout variations.

Classic/Palms Facing Outwards

This is the “classic” way of using the VersaClimber. Hop on, adjust everything to your height and preferred settings, and then grip the handlebars with your palms facing outwards, or overhand. You can then “climb” at your pace for your preferred time—many athletes go for about 15-20 minutes.

Palms Facing Inwards

Some athletes prefer to grip the handlebars of a VersaClimber with their palms facing in or “underhand” style. This will further target your lats and biceps. You can try climbing underhand at your own pace for 15-20 minutes. 

Step Machine

Although this machine provides a full-body workout, it is also a leg-day essential. Athletes can work their lower body on the VersaClimber by gripping the fixed rail at the screen of their machine before climbing away at their preferred pace. This workout is similar to using a stair-climbing machine. Be sure to mind your posture and keep a straight back! 

Duck Walks

To perform this routine, jump onto your machine and grip the fixed rail by the screen. Drop into your lowest squat, raise your head, and keep your chest open as you begin to step away. This is a very intense workout, so we recommend four minutes of 30-second reps, with 30 seconds of rest in between.

Interval Training 

Interval training is a popular method for many athletes and involves the performance of several short, intensive drills to create a dynamic and highly effective workout. It is often referred to as HIIT, or high-intensity interval training. The VersaClimber machine has made its way into many athletes’ HIIT routines.

To incorporate the VersaClimber into your interval training routine, we recommend sprints. To perform a sprint on the VersaClimber machine, get into position, grip the handlebars, and engage your core. Step/climb as fast as you can, in a “sprint,” for 5-10 seconds, depending on your fitness levels. Be sure to recover between sprints—we recommend resting until your heart rate has stabilized. Repeat the sprint-rest pattern for 10 minutes.

Strong Cardio Finish

Finishing up a big workout? Before you hit the showers, boost your workout with a cardio bomb. Jump onto the VersaClimber for a 15-second sprint—it can provide an effective burst of cardio to complete your hard work.

Create Your Vertical Climber Workout Plan at Jack City Fitness

If you are ready to incorporate the VersaClimber into your workout, get in touch with your friends at Jack City Fitness! We are proud to offer VersaClimber exercise equipment at our 24-hour fitness center—and that’s not all! 

At Jack City, we have everything the athlete needs to succeed. Our partners have full use of a wide range of fitness equipment and amenities, from Woodway treadmills to Olympic lifting platforms. We also offer unflagging support and assistance to all of our partners, whatever their needs may be. Our custom training options, unbeatable coaches, and dynamic fitness classes have made us the most popular health center in Boise—and we would love to see you join in on the fun. 

To become a Jack City Fitness partner, get in touch with our team by calling (208) 999-1111. We will invite you to our gym for a FREE fitness consultation, a tour of the facility, and more! After you become a partner with us, you will have immediate access to all of our services.

We can’t wait to meet you and help you reach great heights!



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