Fitness & Gym Equipment at Jack City: Our Amenities

The Jack City facility includes all the latest gym workout equipment and is designed to meet the needs of every athlete we meet. Curious about the gym amenities at Jack City Fitness? Learn more about what we offer today!

It’s time to get moving! Jack City Fitness has everything an athlete needs to meet their goals and optimize their exercise game. As one of Idaho’s favorite gyms with Woodway treadmills, Jack City Fitness is known for its modern and exciting range of exercise equipment. Air bike enthusiasts aren’t the only ones flocking to Jack City, however! We’re proud to say our gym amenities list has something for everybody.

What Types of Gym Equipment Are Available at Jack City Fitness?

Curious about what sort of fitness technology is on offer at Jack City Fitness? Have a look at our comprehensive gym amenities list—everything we offer promotes functional fitness training!

  • Power Racks

Also called power cages, these heavy-duty pieces of equipment are must-haves at any fitness center. They’re great for practicing lunges, as well as weightlifting.

  • Olympic Lifting Platforms

Next stop, Athens! You won’t make it to the Olympics without some solid foundation, and lifting platforms accomplish just that. These platforms are popular for deadlifts and squats—they absorb impact and keep your footing secure.

  • Woodway Treadmills

The Woodway treadmill is ultra-popular amongst HIIT fans for its ability to promote great form, work with athletes at their own pace, and burn more calories than its predecessor.

Athletes at all fitness levels love this piece of climbing machinery, which has offered a low-impact, full-body workout for almost 40 years.

  • Rowing Machines

As the name implies, this tried-and-true equipment mimics the same actions one performs while rowing a boat. The benefits of rowing machines are unmatched!

Bicycling is a wonderful workout, and ours let you get in your cycling even if the weather is working against you.

  • Sports Cages

Hoping to train at a specific sport, or planning to bring your whole team in for a sesh? We have entire training areas for that purpose.

  • Synthetic Ice

Hockey players need a year-round skating option, and synthetic ice allows you to hit the rink even in the middle of summer.

  • Plyometrics Room

Jump into a powerful workout routine at our plyometrics training center.

  • Boxes

If box jumps are your thing, we’ve got you covered: we have a number of boxes for that very purpose.

  • Dumbbell Racks

Weightlifters, get ready: our collection of dumbbells is massive.

  • Sports Turf

It’s game time on our field of artificial grass—bring the whole team!

  • Kettlebells

Swing into strength with this popular piece of handheld equipment.

  • Medicine Balls

Our collection of medicine balls lend themselves to all sorts of self-guided or coach-led training routines.

  • Sandbags

This gym standby is a hero for building strength.

  • Bands

If resistance training is what you’re after, be sure to grab some of our bands.

  • Yoga Mats

Feel free to use our complimentary yoga mats rather than remembering to bring yours every time.

  • Climbing Pegboard

Whether you love to climb rocks or just want wicked biceps, you simply must try our climbing pegboard!

Fitness Technology for YOUR Personal Goals

Ready to see all of this amazing equipment in person? Get in touch with our team by calling (208) 999-1111. We’ll invite you to our Boise facility for a FREE fitness consultation, as well as a tour of our facility. If you sign up, you can start working out straight away! All Jack City Fitness partners get full, 24/7 access to gym services and equipment. Let’s get started today…we can’t wait to help you reach your goals!