Functional Movement Patterns: What Are They, and How Can They Help Me?

Functional pattern workouts can help athletes boost their muscular strength and further their endurance, leading to better performance in both the gym and daily life. Learn more about functional patterns and how they can help YOU. Get in touch with our team at Jack City Fitness today!

Think gyms are only for sports players and bodybuilders? Think again! Here at Jack City Fitness, everybody who walks through our door is an athlete, and we keep that door open to all. While many of our classes and training programs focus on elite athletics, that is far from the only type of service offered at Jack City. We are also known as one of the only gyms in the area to offer a range of functional training options for folks who want to improve the way they move in their daily life.

Functional training is a form of coaching that allows the trainee to move through their life with less chance of injury, discomfort, or difficulty. The workouts practiced through functional training will, of course, lead to an improvement in a person’s athletic performance, but it goes way beyond that.

Functional training allows the athlete to move their bodies in such a way that their physical efforts in their daily lives will also improve. Let’s say that a soccer player begins learning about and practicing functional patterns. Likely, they will find themselves scoring more goals and running faster—but that’s not all. Because these functional pattern workouts focus on bodily movements common in everyday life, they will see benefits that go beyond the soccer field. They might find it easier to perform non-athletic activities, like pushing their kid on the swing, dealing with a full shopping cart, or carrying a heavy box at work. Furthermore, with functional training, these types of activities are also less likely to cause injury. Some athletes might also find that functional training helps them manage back pain and other physical difficulties.

The Many Different Types of Functional Patterns

Gyms and fitness centers are great places to learn more about functional patterns, personal training-wise. At these focused workout centers, dedicated professionals work with athletes to hone their own functional patterns. Generally, most coaches will recommend different types of functional pattern workouts depending on the individual athlete they are working with.

Most often, functional movement workout programs include a fair amount of compound exercises or routines that utilize multiple muscles at once. This is due to the “functional” nature of the title: compound exercises tend to slightly mimic daily activities anyway, like climbing steep stairs or lifting a toddler up off the ground.

At Jack City Fitness, some of the most successful functional movement workout programs have often included:

  • Push-Ups
  • Suitcase Squat
  • One-Arm Row
  • Transverse Twists
  • Deadlifts
  • Lateral Lunges

None of the above calling out your name? Not to worry—there are countless types of workouts to try that fall under the “functional training” category. If you have any questions or want to learn about more types of workouts, speak to your coach. They’ll be sure to have some tips that work for your unique needs and skillset.

Where Can I Try a Functional Movement Workout Program in Boise?

At Jack City Fitness, we offer a sparkling and modern gym facility filled with the best-quality athletic equipment available. Our partners enjoy 24/7 gym access and the ability to work with our incredible crew of fitness coaches, whose specialties range from elite recovery to functional movement patterns. For those interested in the latter, we are thrilled to share that our longtime NASM-certified personal fitness coach, Matt Nader, offers specialized functional pattern-based training for both movement and physical rehabilitation purposes. With specializations including Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation and Functional Strength and Conditioning, Matt is the perfect coach for anybody hoping to move safely or recover from previous problems.

If you’d like to work with Matt (or another trainer) on your functional movement skills, get in touch with our team today by calling (208) 999-1111. We’ll bring you in for a FREE fitness consultation and tour of our facility, where we can answer all your questions and introduce you to our amazing team. Once you become a Jack City partner, you’ll have immediate full access to our facility.

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