Matt Nader

– Fitness Coach

The human body is very complex and if your fitness training doesn’t respect your biology, then you could be heading down a road to pain and injury. This is exactly what happened to Matt; and because of that, he’s extremely passionate about helping others optimize their health and functionality. His training style brings with it major gains in athletic performance, body composition, movement efficiency in all planes of motion, mobility, endurance, strength, power, as well as a lifestyle allowing pain-free movement! He has been a lifelong athlete who has been exposed to just about every training modality there is. He had the opportunity to wrestle at the highest collegiate level possible for Boise State University, but fell short of what he wanted to accomplish as a collegiate athlete. He didn’t have his goals written down or the steps to get there. This led him down the wrong path of vanity and ego-driven goals to look big and lift extremely heavy weight. These goals were not conducive to what his overall goal should have been: to be the best athlete he could become. Long story short, he ended up with severe compression of his spine, extremely inefficient movement patterns, and a cascading list of compression and compensation-related
overuse injuries.

Being forced to stop fighting and competing in mixed martial arts because of injuries, he became obsessed with finding and implementing the best ways to train the human body for peak performance, efficiency, and sustainability. Matt has read many books on functional fitness and anatomy, and has tried just about every corrective exercise protocol out there. In his professional opinion, the blueprint of human biomechanics mapped out by Functional Patterns and Anatomy Trains is the answer to your problems. It has now helped him feel stronger and more athletic than ever before and has increased his knowledge of the human body while giving him the tools to optimize your fitness, movement, and ability to go out and play in the world without pain and injury. Come experience the difference and start down the path of REAL functional fitness!



Boise State University Exercise Science BS
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Working towards Functional Patterns Human Biomechanics Specialist


  • Pain-free, efficient movement
  • Athletic Performance
  • Functional Strength and Conditioning
  • Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation