How To Build Muscle Naturally

How To Build Muscle Naturally

Authored by Audrey on January 16, 2018

There’s a lot of information on the danger of using steroids, but there’s no need to use them when you can build muscle naturally. Avoiding dangerous steroids and using natural techniques keeps you healthier while giving you the body and muscles you want. You need a combination of a healthy diet and the right type of training to do this. Including some supplements in your diet can also boost the effect without the side effects of steroids.

Start with a good fitness program.

Training for hours every day won’t do the trick. In fact, it could even slow your progress. Instead, focus on the quality and intensity of the workout, which should be accomplished in less than an hour. Do high intensity training and move quickly from exercise to exercise with limited rest in between the two. Focus on building strength rather than building muscle tissue. It’s a goal that’s easier to measure and achievable.

Make every workout count.

Do exercises that work more than one muscle group. Strength training is imperative to building muscle tissue, but varying it can help build all muscle groups. Kettlebells, weights and body weight exercises should all be part of your workout program with a variety of workouts. That ensures that all muscle groups are worked. You also need to give your muscles a chance to rest, so training each muscle group three times a week is enough. You can alternate between groups to get in more gym time.

Watch what you eat and add to it.

What you eat is so important for building muscles. People who are naturally thin not only have a naturally faster metabolism, they also don’t find food that important. Eating is an afterthought rather than a driving goal. To change that, you need to eat more frequently and keep your meals on a schedule. A schedule of six meals a day every two to three hours and the proper foods can help you build faster. Our nutrition program provides a complete list of the foods to include. Making certain they’re healthy choices with extra protein is important. You also may want to supplement with protein powder, the only supplement I recommend.

  • Focus on the number of reps and amount of weight lifted at first. Don’t extend your hour at the gym to get more reps into your workout.
  • Adjust your reps and workout every three to four weeks to avoid plateauing and keep your body working hard to build muscle tissue.
  • Supplement your diet with a calorie rich shake that also contains all the nutrients you need.
  • Get more sleep. Go to bed earlier and help your muscles recover more quickly from the workout.