Inside the Benefits of Lifting Weights: A Jack City Guide

Inside the Benefits of Lifting Weights: A Jack City Guide

Authored by Audrey on April 30, 2021

So, what does lifting weights do? Sure, you’ll bulk up, but there are many other benefits of weight training—muscle mass is just the beginning. There are many benefits of lifting heavy weights and lighter ones. To learn all about the health benefits of weight lifting, read our comprehensive guide.

Weight lifting is the golden standard of a workout. Most of us have at least tried it, but how many of us actually know the benefits of lifting weights? Sure, everyone knows that lift sessions are the key to strong muscles—but there are even more health benefits of weight training than you might imagine.

Weight training is an expansive form of fitness that is suitable for a range of athletes. There are several benefits of lifting light weights and heavy ones; whether it’s rippling muscles or better bone health that you’re after, you’re in for a healthy workout. To learn just some of the many benefits of weight lifting exercises, check out our handy guide!

Say Hello to Increased Strength…

Increased muscular strength is one of the main benefits of lifting weights. As you get older, it becomes increasingly vital to maintain healthy muscle strength. Over time, physical activity is harder work for the human body—but strong muscles can help with this. Although greater strength won’t reverse time (sorry!), it will prepare your body for more wear and tear by keeping your muscles powerful and healthy.

…And Say Goodbye to Unwanted Body Fat

If you’ve begun working out as part of a weight loss journey, you’re in luck. One of the main benefits of weight training is that it can help athletes shed unwanted body fat.

Research shows that an increased whole-body metabolic rate can result in fat reduction and weight loss without any changes to the diet. However, many athletes start eating more nourishing meals when they begin lifting to burn fat. At Jack City, many athletes practice lifting with both a fitness coach and work with a nutritional counselor to enhance their weight loss transformation.

Enjoy Your Everyday

It’s important to remember that weight lifting, which requires dedication, structure, and patience, will translate into your daily life. Much of this is due to the organization needed to lift properly.

Think about your previous lift sessions—every single one was a result of your plan-making and perseverance. You can apply this mentality to your everyday life, whether it’s related to your job, your personal life, or even what you’re cooking for dinner.

Improve Your Mental Health

One of the biggest benefits of weight lifting exercises has nothing to do with physical fitness. Physical health is only one facet of overall well-being. It’s crucial to look after your mental health—and weight lifting is a great way to do so.

Weight lifting routines—and all forms of exercise—produce endorphins, a type of hormone that promotes feelings of pleasure and reduces pain. Strength training is proven to help manage mental health disorders like anxiety and depression, and many athletes report that weight training allows them to effectively reduce feelings of stress.

Stick to Your Diet!

We know how tricky it can be to stick to a diet. After all, old habits die hard, and many of us have spent decades thinking very little about nutrition. However, it’s very possible! One of the lesser-known benefits of weight training is that it can help with “diet willpower.” In a University of Pittsburgh study, researchers found that those who stuck to a regular exercise schedule also maintained a daily calorie count of 1,500.

Please note that everyone is different, and your required daily calorie intake depends on your body. If you are interested in making changes to your diet, it’s best to work with a nutritional counselor.

Woman Working Out by Lifting Weights

Love Your Heartbeat

One of the major health benefits of weight training is that it’s super heart-healthy. The improved blood pressure that your body will enjoy from regular weight training will keep your ticker in top shape, helping you avoid developing heart disease and hypertension.

Set Your Own Pace

Everybody has a different workout preference. Many of us live for exercising in a group setting, while some prefer one-on-one sessions with a coach. Others may prefer to work out entirely on their own. All of these styles are possible with lifting. For people who prefer to exercise solo, weight lifting can be especially appealing.

One of the benefits of lifting weights is that you can work when you want, at the pace of your choice, for as long as you want. This is especially true when you join a gym with 24/7 access, like Jack City! Want to hit the barbells in the wee hours of the morning? It’s possible with a 24-hour gym (and if you’ve never had a late-night lift sesh, you are seriously missing out).

Reach Your Goals—All of Them.

We all have goals. Some of them are fitness-related, sure, but plenty of them are related to other parts of our lives. While muscle gain might be high on your list, it won’t be the only goal that weight lifting will help you achieve. Chances are, increasing your workout game will help your mind work more effectively.

Studies have even found that professionals are more likely to be 15% more productive at work on gym days than on skipped days. This is likely because gym days are super productive—and that makes setting goals and reaching them much easier.

Remember: every one of your successful workouts is a goal met. Every time you gain muscle mass, you’re hitting a longer-term goal. This mindset can easily translate to your everyday life and goals! Setting long-term goals for your future, like buying a house, nailing your dream job, or learning a new skill, can all be treated with the same attitude as your workout.

Sleep Well

Bad sleep = bad vibes. We all know this, but getting a good night’s sleep can be harder than it seems. This is one of our favorite health benefits of weight lifting: it can help you get better rest. Recent studies have proven that weight training can provide a more peaceful and less disruptive night’s sleep.

Maintain Bone Health

Athletes who practice weight training enjoy improved bone density and structural strength. This is a particularly important benefit to pay mind to as you get older; after you turn 30, your bone density production begins to taper off, which can eventually result in pain, breaks, or osteoporosis.

Step Up Your Game

Even elite athletes have room for improvement—and many turn to weight lifting to hone their skills. Weight training improves your athletic performance by:

  • Improving Your Balance: Every time you weight train, you’re also working your stabilizer muscles, which improve balance. The more stable your body feels, the easier it will be for you to practice activities like martial arts, yoga, dance, or gymnastics.
  • Streamlining Your Movement Patterns: By practicing deliberate movements every workout session, you train your body to move more smoothly in general. You may find that your daily movements feel smoother and more graceful.
  • Increasing Your Dexterity: Your hand-eye coordination and physical dexterity will improve by leaps and bounds after some bonding time with your weights.
  • Boosting Your Endurance: There’s something about successfully bench-pressing your own weight that reminds you that you can make it through anything. Your body learns that, too. It makes running long distances, holding tough poses, and other physically strenuous activities feel much easier.

Ease Pain

The less physical pain you feel daily, the more motivated you’ll feel to exercise. Regular weight training can help prevent pain in particular areas of your body. For example, weight training is a great way to strengthen your core, which in turn supports your back during long periods of sitting. Many athletes who work must sit for their jobs find that weight training helps keep their back from hurting.

Get Lifting at Jack City Fitness!

What are you waiting for? It’s time to get lifting! Call Jack City Fitness at (208) 999-1111 today to learn more about Boise’s top spot to lift with a trainer, in a class, or on your own. We can’t wait to help you meet your goals!





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