The Benefits of Gyms Open 24/7

Are you tired of searching for “24/7 gym near me?” Your search is over. If you’re in the market for Boise gyms open 24 hours, there’s no better choice than Jack City Fitness. 

It’s the top question of night owls, shift workers, and busy streets across the world: Is there a good 24-hour gym near me?

We get it. Between work, family engagements, personal matters, studies, and whatever else life has thrown our way, our schedules are nothing but regular. But that doesn’t mean our relationship with exercise needs to fall to the wayside.

Why are Some Gyms Open 24 Hours?

Some fitness centers choose to operate throughout the night, every day of the year. Why? Well, we can’t speak for other gyms, but at Jack City Fitness, we wanted our partners to experience flexible workouts in an inclusive setting.

In a 24-hour gym, more athletes can get the workouts that they deserve and need — on their own terms. Not all of us have set schedules with regular break times! Our partners live all kinds of lives, and their workout schedules match those lifestyles. We want those who work nights, weekends, or other irregular hours to reach their fitness goals — without skipping out on any sleep or disrupting their schedule just so they can align with our opening hours.

Of course, those who work irregular hours aren’t the only ones who prefer a 24-hour gym. Some people prefer to come to our fitness center during slower hours so they can enjoy the peaceful quiet of a late-night workout.

Are There Gyms Open 24 Hours Near Me?

If you live in Boise, the answer is a resounding yes. At Jack City Fitness, our lovely gym facility is indeed open 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week to our partners.

Unlimited gym access isn’t the only benefit of becoming a Jack City partner. As the name suggests, our partnerships bring athletes into our family — we’re here to support you, and think of you as a part of our team. Once you become a Jack City partner, your workout world is full of options. You can train with our crew of coaches, work with a nutritional counselor, take a variety of classes, and even create your own custom workout online or on the premises. We’re here to give you the best fitness experience possible, no matter what time you choose to come through our doors.

Curious? Get in touch! You can drop us a line here on our website or call (208) 999-1111 to learn more about our partnerships and what Jack City is all about. We’ll invite you over to our Boise center for a tour of our lovely facility, a free fitness consultation, and the chance to meet some of our coaches. Once you’re all signed up, your 24-hour gym access will be activated, and you can start going whenever and however much you please. We’ll be here to offer you any help you need along the way.