The Many Benefits of Working Out at Night

The Many Benefits of Working Out at Night

Authored by Audrey on January 27, 2022

Is it good to work out at night? Folks who don’t always have time to work out in the morning or afternoon will find that exercising at night has a ton of benefits. Watch out—it could become the best thing for your fitness routine. Learn more from your friends at Jack City Fitness!

Is It Bad to Work Out at Night?

If you prefer a late-night workout, you might be used to other people questioning your choice. Despite the benefits of night exercise, many people worry that hitting the gym in the later hours can lead to poor sleep—especially if it happens right before you brush your teeth and hit the hay. 

Of course, most athletes are well-aware of the importance of sleep, so this turned many away from the idea of a nighttime workout. Luckily, in recent years, some studies have turned that theory on its head, opening up a new world of exercising and weight training at night. Now, we are aware that is it okay to work out at night—as long as it is done responsibly. 

Today, we will discuss the benefits of working out before bed, as well as give you a few tips on how to do so practically and responsibly. If you have any questions, be sure to ask your friends at Jack City Fitness—Boise’s number one spot for all-night exercise! 

What Is the Best Time of Day to Exercise?

In 2018, Sports Medicine published an exciting study that showed that late-night workouts are unlikely to cause sleep disruption. According to this study, working out a night can actually help athletes get better sleep, and nod off faster. Since this study was published, many of our partners have felt more comfortable exercising at night. Some even prefer it!

That brings us to our answer: there is no best time of day to exercise because there is never a bad time to hit the gym. It really comes down to a combination of personal preference and individual lifestyle factors. Many athletes prefer morning workouts, some are all about the late-night workout, while others land somewhere in the middle or enjoy a combination. 

No matter what time they decide to hit the gym, they are all enjoying a beneficial workout. This theory applies to you and your journey: no matter what time of day you hit the gym, you are going to benefit from it.

This advice does come with a small disclaimer. There is one hour in the day that you should never work out: the hour before you hit the sack. According to the 2018 study, participants who worked out in the hour before bedtime then had trouble falling asleep and slept poorly. This was especially true for those who performed super intense workouts, like high-intensity interval training. If you choose to work out at night, be sure to give your body a proper cool down and recovery session before climbing into bed. It can—and will—make all the difference in the world!

What Are the Health Benefits of Working Out at Night?

So, is it healthy to work out at night? You bet! When done correctly, working out at night has all sorts of benefits, from health to lifestyle. That’s why we’ve decided to allow Jack City partners to work out any time of the night—you might even spot one of your favorite coaches crushing their favorite workouts. 

Here are some of the biggest reasons that our team loves a late-night workout.

  • It Can Help Improve Sleep

Since that 2018 study, several others have challenged the old theory of disrupted sleep. In fact, as the 2018 study proves, late-night gym sessions can be a ticket to better sleep and an easier time nodding off, as long as intense workouts are avoided in the hour before bedtime. 

  • It Works With Your Schedule

When you only consider sunlight hours to be your “day,” it can feel impossible to fit everything in. By working out at night, you are practicing self-care in a way that takes matters into your own hands and on your own time. 

  • It Is the BEST Way to Release Stressful Energy!

Whether you have had a killer day at work, spent hours trying to soothe a screaming baby, or have not looked up from your thesis paper in an eon, we have the solution for you. A late-night workout session is a great way to work through some of the stresses and frustrations of your day and treat yourself to a few extra endorphins.

  • You Will Have More Space and Privacy

Craving some quiet time? We hear that. Yes, we love the pumping energy of a full gym during the day, but there is something special about a nearly-empty fitness center on a dark night. You will never have to wait for someone to finish your favorite piece of equipment, you can enjoy some serenity…you can even sing in the locker room shower. Plus, stepping out of the gym into quiet moonlight is a vibe. 

  • You Might Be Able to Go Harder

Want to make the most of your workout? Who doesn’t? The key could be to shift your gym sessions to later in the day. According to a 2013 review of 20 participants, working out in the evening allowed for 20% more intense exercise than they were able to perform in the morning. 

Working out at night

What Are the Best Workouts for Nightime?

You can try any workout at night, but it is important to pay attention to timing and intensity. Higher intensity workouts, like running, lifting, or HIIT, can be done in the evening, but we recommend giving yourself plenty of time to cool down and chill before attempting to sleep.

In general, you should give yourself at least an hour between working out and going to bed. Although this rule is harder and faster for intense movement, it is also the case for  less intense workouts, like certain types of yoga, walking, or stretching. 

Hit the Gym Whenever You Want!

Whether you are an early bird or a night owl, Jack City Fitness has what you need to succeed. We are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so our partners can come and train whenever their hearts desire (and schedules allow!) This allows athletes to make their own workout schedules—so if you want to take a Bodyweight Bootcamp class during the day, but come use our Woodway treadmills at midnight, you are more than welcome to. In fact, we encourage it! We’re all about personalized workouts here. 

If you’re ready to customize your workout and hit the gym whenever you please, get in touch with the Jack City Fitness team today by calling or texting (208) 999-1111. We’ll invite you to our Boise facility for a FREE fitness consultation and tour of the facilities. Once you’ve signed up to become a partner, you’ll have instant access to our 24/7 equipment, as well as the chance to work with our elite team of coaches! We can’t wait to meet you and help you meet your goals. 



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