Boxing & MMA Gym in Boise

Looking for Boxing Gyms in Boise?

Allow us to offer you a more dynamic alternative.

At Jack City Fitness, we aren’t trying to be the best boxing gym Boise, Idaho has to offer. We want to give our partners the facilities to hone their boxing and fighting skills, sure. But we also wanted to offer a diverse selection of classes and training services. For us, this meant a few things: we installed punching bags and a “Flex Room” for boxers and martial artists to practice their craft; we found a team of coaches who were passionate about fitness, nutrition, health, and the people they would be training; and, it also meant offering a variety of classes to our partners! Don’t forget our trainers and coaches have many niches including boxing and MMA. Boise locals have responded enthusiastically, and we’ve grown every year!

What is Boxing?

Gyms in Boise offer plenty of opportunities to get fit, but for many, nothing beats a good boxing session.

Boxing is a competitive sport that consists of two people fighting, mostly by throwing punches. It has a long history here in the US and worldwide, and remains a popular sport for both athletes and spectators alike.

Many athletes also enjoy boxing as a solo or one-on-one training session, where they punch a heavy bag filled with sand or grains. It’s a fantastic way to keep in shape — boxing is a type of cardio, which benefits everything from your respiratory system to the way you process calories. It also feels amazing, both physically and mentally.

What are Mixed Martial Arts?

Mixed martial arts, or MMA is a dynamic form of competitive sport that involves multiple forms of trained fighting. The sport has iterations around the world, and versions of it have been practiced since ancient times.

Typically, a mixed martial arts practice consists of a combination of both strike and grapple-based fighting, like judo, wrestling, and kickboxing. It’s harder work, but athletes love it for the physical and mental power it provides!

Are There Major Differences Between Boxing and MMA?

Gyms in Boise Idaho may offer facilities to practice both, but mixed martial arts and boxing are very different forms of sport fighting. Some of the biggest contrasts?
– Boxing is entirely strike/punch based, and only the hands and arms are used. MMA involves other forms of fighting, like kicking, wrestling-inspired takedowns, and also the punches seen in boxing.
– The glove size is different between the two sports: boxing gloves, which can weigh anything between 8-20 ounces, are much heavier than MMA gloves, which don’t tend to go over 6 ounces.

What Should I Try, Boxing or MMA?

Boise residents don’t need to choose — at Jack City Fitness, we’ll support you as you try both! When you become a partner with us, all of our facility’s amenities are available to you. Whether you want to try your hand (and fist) at mixed martial arts, boxing, or another type of activity with one of our trainers, or join one of our classes to explore which movements you prefer, we have it all!

I’m Ready to Try a Boxing-Focused Training Session! How Should I Prepare?

Great question! First of all, breathe a sigh of relief. If you’re at Jack City Fitness, you’re in good hands. Our resident MMA and boxing expert, Matt Nader will be with you every step of the way, and will make sure that you are always moving in a way that’s safe and effective. With a degree in exercise science, and a passion for injury prevention, Matt certainly knows his stuff! He recommends that you arrive to your first training session:
– Well-rested
– Hydrated
– Physically healthy
– With an open mind
– Willing to ask questions and seek help when needed
– Prepared mentally for an intense workout
– Ready to learn

Where Can I Find a Good Boxing Gym?

Boise may have a few boxing gyms, but there’s only one Jack City Fitness. At Jack City, we’re more than just a gym. We are a health and fitness facility dedicated to helping the athletes of our city get the workout, training, and nutrition guidance that they deserve. That’s why we scrapped the idea of “gym memberships” and instead invite our regular visitors to become Jack City Partners. As one of our partners, you are welcomed into our family and enjoy a host of benefits.

Jack City Fitness Partners are Entitled To:

24-hour gym access
– Results tracking
– Dynamic one-on-one boxing or MMA specific training sessions with a passionate coach
– Large selection of workout classes
– Nutritional counseling
Customizable fitness plans

Punch your way into shape! We offer a FREE consultation to all prospective partners! Sign up today or call (208) 999-1111 to learn more.