The Benefits of Proper Form When Exercising: Do You Have Correct Gym Form?

The Benefits of Proper Form When Exercising: Do You Have Correct Gym Form?

Authored by Audrey on January 21, 2021

When it comes to working out, what is proper form? Fitness pros and coaches at Jack City have the answers for you. Join us to learn how to work out properly—our team is ready to share fitness training techniques to ensure that you are always on your A-game.

Proper Technique Is the Key to Athletic Success

Are you hoping to master an athletic skill? Whether you’re an Olympian or a first-time gym-goer, one major element remains consistent: to succeed within any physical activity, you will need to understand and practice the correct workout form.

Why Are Learning Correct Exercise Techniques So Important?

Athletic technique is like any other skill; to reach goals and perform at a high level, practice and hard work are required. However, before one can even begin to delve into the hard work that comes with mastering a skill or technique, a crucial step is needed—and it’s one that many, eager to get going, tend to skip. We understand that urge. Having a new goal is exciting, and it can be tempting to attempt a “leap forward.”

Don’t jump just yet. To properly master a skill, whether it’s in the gym, in a classroom, or in personal interactions, it is crucial to lay down a foundation. This foundation will support all of the further work you put into mastering your skill. In terms of athletics and fitness, this means learning workout techniques. We believe that learning these techniques is the key to athletic success. Here are a few reasons why:

1. It Creates a Safer Workout

Proper form can prevent injuries and accidents in the gym and when performing everyday activities. Standing properly on a crowded bus, lifting a heavy box without back pain, or pushing your toddler’s stroller up a big hill will all come easier if you engage in the right technique. Of course, this is doubly important when engaging in a workout.

A properly executed workout is a safe workout—anything else can lead to risks or injuries. This is especially true when it comes to lifting. Workouts like bench presses and deadlifts require the correct form at all times, as these types of workout put a fair amount of strain on your body. Your muscles and joints go through a lot when you lift, and if they aren’t properly aligned, it can set off a series of bodily events that lead to injury or discomfort.

Every type of workout has its own version of correct form and technique. Whenever you begin a new type of workout, we recommend you spend your first session mastering that form and technique before working toward your results-based goals. A good coach will be able to make sure you’re on the right track.

2. It Makes Your Workout Easier

Maintaining proper form won’t only help athletes to avoid injury—it will actually make the workout itself feel easier. Bad technique isn’t only frowned upon because it can cause accidents; it also forces the athlete to do more work than they need to. Forcing oneself to work harder will cause a more uncomfortable experience where the athlete quickly becomes tired. But when one engages in the proper athletic form for a chosen activity, they are actively priming their body to perform.

3. It Allows You to Target the Right Muscles

If you’re hoping to build muscle mass in a certain area, you will likely find increased success from engaging in proper workout techniques. This is because when you use the correct form, you are actually targeting the correct muscles.

A great example of this is bicep curls. The highly popular nature of the bicep curl means that many athletes have taught themselves how to perform it rather than work with a coach first. That often leads to the wrong form: when practicing curls, many athletes incorrectly engage their core and girdles rather than their biceps. This defeats the purpose of the exercise—and can lead to injury. Proper workout form can help avoid that; it allows athletes to correctly engage the muscle they intend to work.

4. It Promotes Better Breathing

When it comes to fitness, breath control is everything. Engaging in the right breathing techniques can help athletes build strength by promoting better stamina and endurance, improved blood pressure, and a more stable heartbeat. Breath control in exercise can also improve one’s oxygen flow and allow for a swifter post-gym recovery. However, athletes who don’t take the time to learn proper gym form might find that their breath control suffers during workouts.

Though most workouts require different forms and techniques, the “correct” way to breathe tends to remain the same regardless of what exercise one performs. Most coaches recommended that, while working out, athletes inhale while exerting energy (like lifting a weight) and exhale when releasing.

Are There “Wrong” Workout Techniques?

Some things are always viewed as a “no-no,” whether in the swimming pool or the weight room.

  • Not Warming Up or Cooling Down

These are integral parts of working out! Skipping your warm-up can cause injuries and discomfort during your routine, and abandoning your cooldown can mess with your recovery—which can lead to a less enjoyable workout down the line.

  • Certain Eating Habits

When you hit the gym, you need to be fueled and hydrated. When you finish, help your muscles recover with a hit of protein.

  • Staying Stuck

Sure, you can watch your favorite show while walking on a treadmill every day, but you won’t see loads of progress. Push yourself—it’s worth it.

  • Unrealistic Expectations

You aren’t going to walk into the gym a shrimp and exit a bodybuilder. Progress takes time and realistic, incremental goal-setting. Otherwise, it’s too easy to get discouraged and give up.

Can a Coach or Teacher Help Me Learn Proper Workout Techniques?

Absolutely. In fact, when it comes to learning proper workout techniques and form, we would venture to say that working with a professional athlete is crucial. A trained fitness coach or teacher will explain the correct form and technique required to master whichever workout you are working on together. They will also be able to spot any potential problems in your understanding of this technique and can correct your form, so you perform the exercise as intended.

Where Can I Learn Fitness Training Techniques in Boise?

For athletes in the Boise area, your search is over. Jack City Fitness is the best place to become the best athlete you can be! Here at Jack City, we have a fantastic crew of athletic coaches trained in many fitness theories and techniques. Our coaches are here to work with our partners to ensure they are utilizing the proper technique and forms necessary to succeed in their goals and chosen workouts. We also offer classes like Kinstretch, which focuses on functional range conditioning and overall body awareness to help athletes improve their form.

Find your form with Jack City Fitness! If you aren’t already a partner, it’s easy to join our team. Give us a call at (208) 999-1111 or drop us a line here on our website. We’ll invite you over to our Boise facility for a FREE fitness consultation with one of our athletic experts. You can also take a tour of the gym—we offer all the latest in fitness technology, from Olympic lifting platforms to Woodway treadmills! Take a peek into one of our famous classes, meet some of our coaches, and get to know some of your future peers—we can’t wait to meet you! Once you decide to become a partner, you’ll have instant 24/7 access to our gym, coaches, classes, and more.



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