Travel Workouts: Getting in Shape While Traveling

Travel Workouts: Getting in Shape While Traveling

Authored by Marshall on January 27, 2023

So, you have a good thing going on with your fitness routine, and you want to ensure your upcoming trip runs smoothly. This is a common fear for many athletes. While we believe there’s no shame in missing a few workouts while on a much-needed vacation, we understand the desire to avoid that scenario. That’s why we wanted to provide these travel exercise tips to help keep your momentum.

The Benefits of Doing Traveling Exercises 

Why should you workout while traveling? 

A fitness routine is a haven for many athletes. This often relates to physical fitness and strength, but it’s not where it ends. Working out not only offers consistency and routine, but it’s a natural way to create endorphins and help alleviate stress. 

While traveling can be exciting and relaxing, it can disrupt your regular routines and lifestyle. However, by incorporating exercise into vacation or travel plans, you can maintain a semblance of routine, even while coming out of your comfort zone and exploring new surroundings

Preparing and Planning for Travel Fitness

To avoid any hiccups, we recommend planning the details of your travel fitness plan. Consider the following:

  • Will You Need Special Equipment?

Let’s say your typical routine involves weights and equipment. Unfortunately, you won’t be packing that into your suitcase, so it’s time to think of a backup plan. This might mean working with your existing fitness coach to develop an equipment-free routine for your trip. 

  • Can You Work Out at Your Destination?

Can’t imagine going your entire trip without gym equipment? Then don’t. There are lots of hotels and even BnBs with gyms for guests. Do your research while booking your accommodation, and call to confirm.

  • What Will You Wear?

If you’re planning to exercise while on vacation, pack appropriately. You will want to bring the right gear, like your favorite workout clothes and a good pair of sneakers. Remember to consider the weather at your destination as well. Let’s say you’re a runner heading to Florida. You’ll want shorts and a tank top or T-shirt for your workout. If your destination is London, a waterproof jacket will prevent your morning jog from being a washout. 

How to Work Out When Traveling in a Creative, Fun Way

There are many ways to incorporate your travel workout routine into a fun itinerary. Here are some fun workouts you can try while on vacation:

  • A Local Sport

Explore the local culture through sports and fitness. We recommend researching the popular teams and sports of your destination. Then, when you arrive, you can try your hand at some of the basics. You could even take a local class to learn more about the sport

  • Exploring the Terrain

Explore the beauty of your destination by hiking, cycling, or even rowing a boat through one of its natural sites. It will be a great form of exercise and a way to create unforgettable vacation memories. 

  • A Walking Tour

Are you heading to a city for your vacation? Then you can probably sign up to join a walking tour. These tours are often free and a great way to sightsee while getting your steps in. Plus, walking tours are a great way to make friends if you’re traveling solo. 

Routine Ideas for Your Workout While Traveling

Sometimes, consistency is the only way to go. If you prefer to stick to one of your classic workouts while on vacation, we recommend the following:

  • High-Intensity Interval Training

HIIT is effective and typically doesn’t require any equipment. It’s perfect for travel— you can sneak a quick workout between the beach and happy hour. 

  • Running

Running requires no equipment and is a great way to explore the local scenery. However, consider the local climate—wear sunscreen, stay hydrated, and prepare for any weather conditions you might encounter

  • Swimming

If your destination has a pool or other type of still water, consider swimming as your primary travel workout routine. It’s a great way to remain regimented while enjoying that special vacation vibe. 

Your Travel Workout Routine: Stay Motivated

Are you struggling to stay motivated to work out while traveling? That’s where a dedicated fitness coach comes in. Your coach will work with you to develop a personalized workout plan that aligns with your destination and itinerary. With Jack City Fitness, you can even have remote virtual sessions so you don’t disrupt your flow. Call (208) 999-1111 today to learn more about Jack City Fitness and everything we have to offer. 



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