The Art of Finding Motivation to Work Out: A Jack City Guide

The Art of Finding Motivation to Work Out: A Jack City Guide

Authored by Audrey on November 10, 2020

If you’re struggling to find the motivation to get fit, you’re not alone. Overcoming workout burnout can be tricky business—but we’re here to help. With your Jack City Fitness friends at your side, you can learn how to stay motivated to work out as well as learn to spot the telltale workout burnout symptoms. We’re here to help you become the best athlete you can be!

Why Am I Struggling with Fitness Motivation?

Working out is fun, it’s good for you, and it’s something that enhances the lives of millions of people…but motivation is a tricky thing. There are plenty of things that we enjoy and know are beneficial for us, but have trouble pushing ourselves to do sometimes. Some activities, like working out, cooking, seeing friends, or even reading—all acts of pleasure—can feel overwhelming when you’re experiencing a sensation called “burnout.” Once an activity becomes overwhelming and causes burnout, it can be difficult to scrounge up the motivation to actually perform that task, even if it’s something you usually enjoy.

When it comes to fitness, burnout is entirely possible. After all, working out and exercising is healthy, but an excessive amount can lead to both physical and mental exhaustion. Though it might seem like a good idea to push oneself beyond the physical limit, working out in this manner can certainly cause exhaustion and burnout. When that happens, your hard work almost becomes counterintuitive; you end up tapping out. But how does one find the balance between working hard and overworking?

What Are Some Workout Burnout Symptoms?

If you’ve been struggling with a workout routine you previously adored, you might be suffering from workout burnout. Do any of these symptoms sound familiar to you?

  • You’re Snappy
    Your colleague asks how your gym sessions are going. You mutter, “Mind your own business!” Now you feel embarrassed and guilty and don’t understand where this unexplainable irritability is coming from. We’ve got news for you: it’s probably burnout. It’s normal to start feeling resentful and cynical when you’re overloaded. If you’re hitting the gym too hard, you might find yourself snapping when normally you wouldn’t even be bothered.
  • You Have No Energy
    Can’t get out of bed? Snoring through the 8:00 news? Exhaustion is a clear sign of burnout in any form, whether you’ve been studying harder than you should or spending too many hours at the gym. If you’re spending your days in a sleepy haze, burnout certainly is a potential culprit.
  • You’re Making Excuses
    “I’d work out this morning, but I just washed my hair!” There are thousands of reasons and excuses that you can make to delay or skip your workouts. Excuses are convenient, and sometimes legitimate, but they are often a sign you’re trying to justify a deeper exhaustion.
  • You Feel Terrible After the Gym
    Red flag! Red flag!! Coming to the gym should be an overall positive experience, not a painful one. Sure, when you’re on your A-game you might feel a bit tired after a big sesh, but if you’re flat-out knackered following your workout, chances are you’re training too hard and need a break.
  • You’ve Started Skipping Workouts
    Perhaps, little by little, you’ve ditched your workout routine altogether. It happens to the best of us—and it usually means that we need some serious R&R. Workout burnout is definitely real and should be taken seriously—if you’re skipping workouts, stop beating yourself up. Instead, focus on healing from your burnout so you can return to the gym soon and actually get something out of it!

How Do I Regain My Workout Motivation?

If you think you are suffering from workout burnout, fear not! This is not a lifelong problem. You just need some time to focus on self-care so you can heal from your burnout and regain your workout motivation. Wondering how to do that? We’ve got you covered with some of our top tips on banishing burnout and finding fitness motivation:

  • Chill
    We’re all about accountability when it comes to working out (we’ll get to that), but it’s also crucial to be realistic and fair with yourself. You cannot draw water from an empty well. If you are so burned out that you’re feeling physically and mentally exhausted, the best thing we can tell you to do is to relax. Don’t think about workouts and fitness for a few days. Instead, chill out at home or with a loved one. You might feel “lazy,” but be kind to yourself. The more you relax now, the sooner you’ll feel ready to hit the gym again.
  • Switch It Up
    If your main form of exercise is generally lifting and running, it might help to try another form of exercise entirely, like swimming or yoga. The change in environment will likely spark some excitement in you, and you’ll be able to get some space from your usual preferred activity. It’s the same concept of taking a breather from your best friend after spending a week on vacation together. Everybody needs space and change sometimes.
  • Grab a Partner
    Once you’ve recuperated, rested, and taken some space from your regular routine, it’s time to get back on track. We highly recommend making this a more social affair. By bringing a like-minded friend into your workout routine, you’ll accomplish a few things. Firstly, you’ll have a companion throughout your fitness journey, whether you’re experiencing burnout or having a great time. Emotional support is important! Second, your gym partner will be able to spot you, practice with you, and help ensure you’re working out properly. Finally, and most importantly for motivation, having a gym buddy is a great way to stay accountable in terms of your fitness routine.
  • Find a Pro
    Working with a coach is a great way to be held accountable while also gaining insider knowledge, perfecting your form, and receiving loads of emotional support. Athletic coaches are like your own personal cheerleader, keeping you motivated when you’re stuck or burnt out by supporting you and offering you new ideas and techniques.

Does the Jack City Team Have Any Workout Motivation Tips?

We sure do. Every coach on our team has their own unique viewpoint and set of skills that have helped hundreds of Jack City partners get motivated! After all, our coaches are here because they love fitness and have a deep passion for sharing their skills and knowledge with our partners.

Partners? Don’t You Mean “Members!?”

Nope! We’ve always thought the term “members” felt a bit dismissive toward gymgoers. After all, this isn’t a club. We aren’t exclusive here. In the true spirit of sportsmanship, we believe that a gym is a haven for everybody. That’s why, when a new athlete decides to come work out with us, we make them an official Jack City Partner. That way, there’s no “us” or “them.” Instead, we’re all in this together to support one another, help each other find motivation, and learn more about what unites us: fitness!

If you’re ready to meet our amazing coaches and see why Boise athletes LOVE Jack City Fitness, give us a call today. We’ll invite you over to our fitness center for a FREE fitness consultation and tour, as well as the chance to pop into our classes and meet our staff. Whether you want to try working with a nutritional counselor, a fitness coach, or just enjoy our 24-7 facility, we’re here to make that happen. Let’s get motivated together!




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