The Nitric Oxide Dump: Research, Benefits, and More

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The Nitric Oxide Dump: Research, Benefits, and More

There’s much more to nitric oxide than dental offices and chemistry classes. This nifty little molecule is naturally occurring—it’s produced in the human body. Nitric oxide helps your blood flow and keeps blood pressure low. 

You can increase nitric oxide in several ways, from dietary choices to exercise. Having a larger amount of nitric oxide in the body is thought to have many benefits.

The nitric oxide dump is a specific exercise routine developed by Dr. Zach Bush. It’s somewhat similar in concept to HIIT, or high-intensity interval training. The workout was developed specifically to encourage the body to release (or “dump”) nitric oxide through the body. 

Is Nitric Oxide Bad for You?

No! Nitric oxide, or NO, is not bad for you—quite the contrary. In fact, folks with naturally lower nitric oxide levels (like those with diabetes) often take supplements to keep their levels steady and their kidneys, blood pressure, and hearts healthy. 

These supplements don’t actually contain nitric oxide but rather encourage the body to produce more on its own. 

Now, while supplements can be great, we recommend speaking with a professional before going down that route. Many find they aren’t necessary, as there are plenty of ways to increase levels through lifestyle choices. 

Inside the Benefits of Nitric Oxide Dump Workouts

So, what does nitric oxide do to your body? The answer lies within your blood vessels. When your cells produce and release NO, it helps widen and relax your blood vessels’ inner muscles. This leads to several important nitric oxide health benefits. 

People who work to increase their nitric oxide levels can enjoy:

  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Enhanced athletic performance
  • Decreased muscle pain
  • Management of diseases like Type 2 diabetes or erectile dysfunction disorder
  • Better cardiovascular health
  • Improved stamina while exercising
  • Weight loss and reaching new body transformation goals

Does the Nitric Oxide Workout Take a Lot of Time?

Not at all! For some reason, there’s a misconception that a nitric oxide dump requires a complicated and long workout. Maybe it’s the scientific-sounding name, or maybe it’s the laundry list of benefits, but whatever it is, it’s false. The nitric oxide dump is actually the perfect workout for busy days. You can perform it almost anywhere! 

How To Do the Nitric Oxide Workout Yourself

Great news—the nitric oxide workout is so straightforward, you can probably try it out right here, right now. It takes less than five minutes, although we recommend that you perform this workout several times a day to enjoy the full benefits. 

This is the official workout, according to the nitric oxide dump website:

  • Squats
  • Alternating arm raises
  • Non-jumping jacks
  • Shoulder presses

In terms of rep count, we recommend working with a coach to find the right number to start. Many athletes begin with reps of 10 and work their way up to 20. But remember, everyone is different!

If you want to enhance your nitric oxide release levels even further, try adding some specific veggies to your diet. Produce like arugula, spinach, lettuce, beets, and celery all have high nitrate levels, which your body then converts into nitric oxide. It’s also important to chow down on plenty of antioxidants, as they can help your nitric oxide stick around in your body for longer.

Chat with our in-house nutritional counselor if you have any questions—she’ll be happy to help you develop an antioxidant and nitrate-rich meal plan that’s delicious and easy to follow. 

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