Nitric Oxide Dump

Nitric Oxide Dump: What Is It & Benefits

Undergoing a nitric oxide workout helps to promote the healthy release of nitric oxide. Learn all the benefits of the nitric oxide dump exercise from your friends at Jack City Fitness!

Nitric Oxide Exercise: What Is It?

If you’re unfamiliar with the term “nitric oxide dump,” that’s okay — it’s still a fairly new phenomenon. However, our team tends to have their fingers on the pulse of what’s happening in the fitness world — and we think the nitric oxide dump is pretty amazing.

As the name suggests, this unique form of exercise is a workout that actually causes your body to release nitric oxide, which promotes good health in a number of ways. It’s also quite easy to get the hang of — unlike most fitness routines, the nitric oxide workout is not a lengthy one whatsoever. In fact, it only takes four minutes to perform — but experts recommend repeating the process several times throughout the day.

Try it yourself! As per, the process is as follows:

  • Squats
  • Alternating Arm Raises
  • Non-Jumping Jacks
  • Shoulder Presses

The number of reps you perform will depend on your existing skill level — you may want to start with ten and work your way up to twenty. Also, don’t forget to properly warm up before you try a nitric oxide dump — despite being a swift workout, it’s fairly intense.

Benefits of Nitric Oxide Dump

Before we jump into the benefits of nitric oxide dump, we’d like to clarify what NO actually is. Though you may only know the term from dentist visits, nitric oxide is actually a naturally-occurring molecule produced by the human body.

It’s thought that those who don’t produce much nitric oxide can run into health problems, like diabetes or heart disease, so it’s crucial to look for ways to release this precious molecule.

Though exercise is a major form of NO release, there are additional ways to produce more nitric oxide. One key tip? Try eating veggies with a high nitrate count, like celery, spinach, and lettuce — when you eat them, they convert to nitric oxide. It’s also said that you should avoid using mouthwash, as it kills off the not-so-nasty bacteria necessary to make those nitrate-NO conversions possible.

So, what are some of the benefits of increased nitric oxide flowing through your body?

  • It keeps your muscles strong, even as you get older.
  • It’s great for your cardiovascular system and health — nitric oxide allows your blood vessels to expand.
  • It relaxes your muscles in lifechanging ways — high-intensity interval training is thought to give diabetics better control over their blood sugar levels. Furthermore, some diabetics find that HIIT helps to improve their insulin resistance.
  • It can contribute to weight loss and reaching a higher physical form.
  • It can improve your stamina for heavy-duty exercise.

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