Morozko Forge Cold Plunge Tub

Stop! Collaborate and listen! Jack is back with a brand-new invention!

Yes, the rumors are true. Some brand new equipment has hit the Jack City Fitness floor, and we’re thrilled to announce that these additions include a Morozko Forge cold plunge tub. Get ready to maximize your muscle recovery, feel better physically, and even enjoy better brain health. 

Want to learn a bit more about the Morozko ice bath before taking the plunge? Here at Jack City, we are avid cold tub enthusiasts! We have written a primer on what to expect during your first Morozko cold plunge experience. If you have any questions, get in touch with our team. Or just come try it out! 

How Does the Morozko Forge Ice Bath Work?

The Morozko Forge ice bath is the first of its kind, but the ideology behind it is nothing new. Cold water therapy is a long-revered practice that is utilized all over the world. Cold water enthusiasts have used several methods of practicing this form of therapy, like naturally cold bodies of water, freezing showers, and “plunge tubs” filled with ice water. The Morozko tub uses modern tech to take this concept to the next level.

Morozko (which refers to the Russian name for Jack Frost) is a unique invention. Traditional cold-therapy tubs require manual filling. The Morozko Forge does not. Instead, it utilizes advanced technology to make ice itself. This allows athletes to have more control over the details of their cold plunge. For instance, the temperature of a traditional cold bath or shower will depend on how much ice is used or how cold your plumbing can make the tap run. With the Forge, there is no guesswork involved, and nothing is random. Instead, athletes can simply choose and set their preferred temperature. This impressive machine even has sophisticated ozonation and filtration systems, so in addition to being cold, the water is as clear and fresh as a mountain stream. 

How to Use the Morozko Cold Tub for Muscle Recovery

Cold water therapy is used in several different capacities, including athletic, post-injury, and muscle recovery. We decided to install a Morozko at Jack City Fitness so that our Partners can enjoy all the benefits it has to offer.

Want to try a  Morozko Forge for muscle recovery? 

Cold water therapy is amazing, but it can be risky for folks with certain health conditions. We first recommend chatting with your doctor or healthcare provider to ensure that this type of therapy is right for your unique health and physical needs. Once you have the “go-ahead,” it would still be helpful to chat with your fitness coach about which water temperature and time frame will be best for you. 

The Morozko team recommends staying in the tub for at least two minutes, and unless you are very experienced with cold-water therapy, no longer than ten. However, many athletes find that their body lets them know when it is time to get out of the tub. 

Once you are out of the ice bath, be sure to allow your body to warm back up. Otherwise, you could risk hypothermia, especially on a cold day! Some folks even take a warm shower or have a hot cup of tea afterward. 

The Morozko Ice Bath: Benefits

Why do so many people swear by ice baths? It is thought to have loads of impressive benefits. Cold water therapy has been linked to better muscle recovery and reduced post-workout inflammation, and many athletes believe that it helps with DOMs and other fitness-related pain. Plus, research has indicated that cold water therapy could have a positive influence on reproductive health, thyroid regulation, and immune strength. And that just covers the physical end of things. Many ice bath enthusiasts also swear by the technique for its effect on their emotional well-being, stress levels, and general brain health. Not bad for a few minutes of bracing cold! 

Come Take the Plunge!

There has never been a better time for your first experience with a cold plunge tub. Morozko baths are the latest pieces of fitness equipment to land at Jack City! Come try the Morozko Ford cold plunge today! All you need to do is call (208) 999-1111. Once you’ve become a Partner, you will have 24/7 access to all of our amenities, plus the chance to work with our expert fitness coaches and teachers. We even offer a FREE fitness consultation on our InBody machine before you decide to sign up with us. 

Ready to take the plunge? Join Jack City today!