Is Jump Rope Good for Weight Loss?

Is Jump Rope Good for Weight Loss?

Authored by Audrey on July 30, 2021

Is jump rope good cardio? You bet. In that case, can jump rope help you lose weight? Also yes! Learn more about the jump rope workout for weight loss from your friends at Jack City Fitness—we’re here to help you smash those goals. 

How to Jump Rope to Lose Weight: It’s Simpler Than You Think!

Though you might associate jump rope with rhyming songs, and groups of singing children, this is an activity that goes well beyond the schoolyard. Many athletes have tried a jump rope workout for weight loss—and see great results. This is because while jumping rope is fun and nostalgic, it’s also a fantastic form of cardiovascular fitness—and that helps you burn fat and lose weight. 

If you are hoping to learn how to jump rope to lose weight, shed fat, and feel amazing, read on!

Is Jumping Rope Good Exercise?

Don’t underestimate the jump rope; it is deceptively complex. The jump rope is a workout superstar, offering a full-body cardio workout to athletes of all fitness levels. And— not only does jump rope burn fat, but it also provides a host of other benefits for athletes to enjoy. 

Apart from being great exercise, jumping rope is also one of the most flexible forms of fitness out there; the equipment is cheap and portable, meaning it can be performed anywhere and inserted into plenty of pre-existing routines. Although this workout remains a popular activity at our gym, we’ve also seen athletes bring their jump ropes on vacation, to the office, or even just to the park or beach for a sunny sesh.

The Many Benefits of Jumping Rope

There are tons of reasons to start jumping rope! This fun and engaging form of cardio comes complete with plenty of benefits, including:

Weight and Fat Loss

Like most forms of cardiovascular exercise, jumping rope can burn fat and contribute to weight loss. However, in most cases, lifestyle changes like nutrition are also important factors in losing weight. If you are beginning your jump rope journey as a means to lose weight, we recommend that you work with a nutritional counselor as well. 

Increased Core Strength

Yoga and pilates get all the glory, but truth be told, there are many unsung heroes of the core strength world. Jumping rope is one of them—especially when athletes make the active effort to tighten their core as they jump. 

A tight core has a plethora of benefits in its own right—it will make all sorts of physical activity easier, whether you’re at the gym or trying to balance on a busy train. Those hoping to slim down will also appreciate that it can help shed unwanted belly fat. Instead, they’ll begin to develop some nice, defined abs.

Higher Stamina Levels

Once you’ve tried jump roping, you’ll see that it is a much more intensive workout than you might remember from childhood. Many athletes jump rope as a means to enhance their stamina and endurance levels. Many runners specifically choose to train with a jump rope, as it is lower impact, and allows them to work the same muscles as they would on the track.

Increased stamina levels will make all sorts of physical activity feel easier to maintain. Athletes hoping to lose weight will also benefit from this, as it will likely be easier to stick to a more comfortable workout!

Improved Cardiovascular Health

We speak of cardio in terms of exercise so often, we sometimes forget where the name comes from! Your heart and its surrounding vessels are known as your cardiovascular system. This organ system is crucial to your well-being and overall health. Cardio fitness, of course, refers to exercise which benefits the cardiovascular system—and jumping rope is a major one of these workouts. 

Impressive Coordination and Balance

As fun as jumping rope is, it takes some physical finesse. In general, a good sense of stability will be an asset to any potential jumper. But if you’re on the less coordinated side, jumping rope is still a great option! In fact, the more you practice this balance-dependent workout, the better your stability can become. 

Does Jump Rope Help You Lose Weight?

Jump rope weight loss is indeed a real thing—but there’s more to it than just that. To utilize a jumping rope as a weight-loss tool, it’s essential to consider several other elements. Your current physical condition, the food you eat, and how you intend to use the jump rope will all have an effect on your weight loss goals. 

Furthermore, everybody (and every body) is different—factors like metabolism, age, and genetics will all play a role in how quickly or easily you lose weight. It’s important to remember this as you begin your weight loss journey: your results might not look like your friend’s, and that’s okay.

How Many Calories Does Jumping Rope Burn?

Calorie-burning is not a one-size-fits-all matter. The number of calories that an athlete burns during a jump rope sesh—or any workout—will depend on how much they weigh. Athletes who are of a somewhat “average” weight tend to burn around 10 calories every minute that they jump rope.

However, someone who weighs a bit more than average will burn more calories, since it requires more energy to move their body against gravity. Athletes who weigh less than average can expect to burn a smaller amount of calories over that minute of jumping.

How Long Should I Jump Rope to Lose Weight?

In general, weight loss occurs when an athlete has created a “calorie deficit.” A calorie deficit happens when a person uses more calories than they consume. Most people seeking to lose weight aim for a daily calorie deficit of 500-1000 calories; this sheds around a pound per week. 

If you are sticking to a nutritional plan that already creates this calorie deficit, you can jump rope for 20 minutes a day. This would burn an additional 200 calories, give or take depending on your weight. If this widens your calorie deficit, you will begin to lose weight.

We recommend that athletes work with a coach when they begin their jump rope cardio workout. A trainer will be able to work with your specific physical needs and circumstances.  

Can You Lose Weight Jumping Rope as Part of a HIIT Workout?

You sure can. HIIT, or High-Intensity Interval Training, is a tried-and-true way for athletes to reach their physical peak, lose weight, and feel incredible. This fitness method is defined by short, intense periods of exercise interspersed with rest. Many athletes prefer HIIT as their training method, as it is easily customizable, can be performed anywhere, and delivers extreme results!

Jump rope is a HIIT classic—after all, it’s certainly intense. Many athletes find that incorporating jump rope into their HIIT workout has helped them step their game up in an enjoyable way.

Does Jumping Rope Help Lose Weight No Matter What?

Not necessarily. Although jumping rope is a fantastic form of cardiovascular exercise, everyone’s body is different. Some athletes might instantly drop fat and extra pounds when they begin regularly jumping rope, but they likely are already maintaining a weight-loss-centered diet and fitness plan. 

You will likely need to make similar lifestyle changes to lose weight from jumping. We recommend that anyone hoping to lose weight by jumping rope work with a professional fitness coach. They will ensure that you are approaching your weight loss journey safely and effectively—and they’ll cheer you on every step (or jump) of the way!

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