The Best Way to Lose Weight for You and Your Body

The Best Way to Lose Weight for You and Your Body

Authored by Audrey on April 14, 2021

Are you hoping to get back to your fighting weight?

There are lots of ways to lose weight and get into shape. For most of us, that means making important changes in our daily routine—like getting regular exercise and adding more nutritious foods to our diet.

Making changes like these to one’s lifestyle can be a challenge, especially if it means breaking habits that have been a part of daily life for years—even decades. These adjustments are often easier to maintain with the encouragement and help of a professional.

What is the Best Way to Lose Weight for YOU and YOUR Body?

Shedding extra pounds, gaining muscle, and losing fat is possible for anyone—really! However, it’s crucial to choose the best way to lose weight for you, your lifestyle, and your body. After all, you are unique—a fitness or diet plan that works perfectly for your best friend might be the completely wrong one for you—and that’s okay! That’s what the professionals are here to do. It’s our job to help you find the right weight loss programs for your own individual needs.

Whether you practically live at the gym, or you’ve never worked out in your life, there is a fitness-based weight loss plan that will work for you. Unsure of where to begin? It helps to set yourself a few goals:

  • Set a weekly workout plan, and do your best to stick with it.
  • If you’re a beginner, think about what fitness routines and nutritional changes appeal to you.
  • If you’ve been at it for a while, it can be helpful to think back to your previous gym and fitness experiences. Which routines did you both enjoy and see results from? Did you have any negative experiences? These are helpful bits of information to share with your new coach or nutrition specialist and will enable them to create a program that suits your specific needs.

Weight Loss Programs for Beginners

If you’ve never actively tried to lose weight, it might seem like a daunting process. However, once you get started, you just might find that it’s easier than you thought—you might even enjoy yourself. Ultimately, there isn’t just one “best exercise to lose weight.” (And we’re glad for that—things would get pretty boring if that were the case.)

Many fitness beginners find value in working with a private coach as they embark on their journey towards weight loss. These coaches will help you to create a dynamic and effective routine. Some gyms even offer special nutrition coaches, who will work with you to make healthier, yet accessible, eating choices that you can draw upon for the rest of your life.

For Intermediate Athletes, What is the Best Exercise to Lose Weight?

In your years as an athlete, you may have heard your peers claim that their workout of choice is the best exercise to lose weight. We’re sure they have reason to say this, but we don’t like to look at things in such black and white terms.

For many intermediate athletes, some of the most appealing weight loss programs are the more social ones. Through fitness classes and group or team training, you are giving yourself the opportunity to meet people who have the same goal as you do. Aside from becoming valuable friends, these peers will be able to motivate you to work your hardest and hold you accountable when you’re ready to give up.

Results, Results, Results!

Ahhh, results.

After a few weeks of training and healthy eating with the help of your coach, enjoying the use of your gym, and taking advantage of group classes, you’re likely to begin to see positive changes in your body. Relish the compliments as they roll in—you’ve earned them, and it shows.

Are you ready to look and feel your very best? Sign up for a class with Jack City Fitness, and see just how fun and efficient weight loss can be with the right support system. With our dedicated team, customized services, and client-focused attitude, you can always feel confident that we are here to help you meet your goals!



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