Boost Your Motivation By Making Fitness Fun

Boost Your Motivation By Making Fitness Fun

Authored by Audrey on June 14, 2018

Seriously, you shouldn’t dread going to the gym and your program should be varied enough you don’t find yourself checking the clock every time you workout. That’s what making fitness fun is all about. It means you have a program that you do for more than just getting into shape, you do it because you like it. Let’s face it, when you look forward to doing something, you’re far more apt to participate. Adding variety to your workout is important. That’s just one reason personal trainers ensure variety in their workout. The other reason is to prevent plateauing.

Add a social element to your workout.

There’s a lot to say for group training, especially if you have other friends in the group. Not only does it make working out more fun, it also tends to hold people more accountable for their workout. Let’s face it, if you know people in the group, they’ll wonder why you didn’t come. Group workouts can turn a tough personal challenge into fun or provide the motivation to continue on to success.

Try exercising outside instead of always in the gym.

You may not spend every day in the gym. In fact, you probably shouldn’t. That doesn’t mean you can get healthy exercise elsewhere. Working out beyond the walls of the gym can include doing a workout in the backyard, close to nature, taking a hike or swimming at the beach. There’s so many ways to enjoy the out of doors and some extra benefits, too. You’ll be able to soak up some vitamin D from the sun rays—always do it wisely and use sunscreen smartly to help build your tan to protect the skin. You can also take off your shoes and get the benefit of grounding, which some say brings a peaceful loving feeling.

Find activities that are physically demanding and that you love. Then do them.

Physically demanding doesn’t have to mean hard or excessive. It can be a walk in the park, but definitely doesn’t mean chatting online with others—unless you’re trying to build finger muscles. Dancing, playing games with the kids (I especially love) and swimming are activities that help you build your muscles, boost your endurance and add flexibility. They’re fun, so you don’t feel like you’re exercising, but you’ll find you sleep far better that night. That’s proof you got a good workout.

  • When you associate your workout with fun, you’ll eliminate procrastination. Go to the playground and have fun like you did when you were in grade school.
  • Finding healthy food that tastes good, also makes you look forward to eating healthier. Remember, celery sticks and rice cakes aren’t the only lower calorie foods. There’s some delicious recipes that can add zest to your meal planning.
  • If you have children or pets, exercising with them can boost the bond, provide health benefits for them and be a great asset to your workout program. Walking the dog, B-ball with the kids and having the cats chase a feather on a string gets everyone moving.
  • Visit some of the parks and scenic sights in our area. Taking a bike ride or walk in the Greenbelt in Boise, Idaho is as good for the soul as it is for the body. The Kathryn Albertson Park and the Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial are also places to go to walk and contemplate your blessings.



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