Gym Tips for Beginners: How to Start Going to the Gym

Gym Tips for Beginners: How to Start Going to the Gym

Authored by Marshall on October 16, 2023

There are so many reasons for having a fitness routine! Consistently working out not only helps improve physical and mental health but also provides structure and a sense of accomplishment. A gym membership can be highly beneficial. However, joining a gym can be intimidating for folks who don’t have much experience working out and aren’t sure how to get started at the gym.


If you want to develop a fitness routine but don’t know how to start going to the gym, you’re not alone. It’s completely natural to feel overwhelmed by such a new experience, and the workout world is a culture in itself! However, once you take the first big step—actually going to the gym for the first time—you will soon become comfortable with the ins and outs of workout culture. That’s why this blog is all about how to get started in the gym. 


At Jack City Fitness, we know that athletes come in all ages, shapes, and sizes. Whatever your experience has been with exercise in the past, today is a new day—and it’s time to learn how to start going to the gym! 

Going to the Gym for the First Time: Setting the Stage

Before going to the gym for the first time, take the time to approach the following steps with care. They will help you to create an optimal gym experience.

  • Find Your Fit

First things first: It’s time to choose a gym! This is an important decision, but it doesn’t need to be a stressful one. 

You can find honest reviews for your local gyms online. Most gyms will also offer options to tour their facility so prospective athletes can see if they like the vibe. (At Jack City, we even offer a fitness consultation for free!) 

  • Create Fitness Goals

Before you begin working out, it’s helpful to consider why you are starting your gym journey. Are you hoping to build strength in a certain area? Train for a specific activity? 

Once you’ve determined what some of your goals are, it will be easier to develop a routine that begets the results you desire. This will make your entire fitness experience more straightforward and provide a tangible way to track your progress.

  • Make Connections

It’s up to you how you want to proceed with your foray into fitness, but most newcomers choose to work with a coach. A fitness coach will be a fantastic support system as you navigate your early gym experience. They can help you develop a customized routine that works for your needs and will provide expert advice on form and execution so you can exercise safely and efficiently.

Before you work out for the first time, you might want to look at your gym’s roster of coaches and consider who might be a good match for your needs. You may even be able to book a session in advance of your first visit.

  • Get Your Supplies

Shoping time! While you don’t need to drop tons of cash on supplies, we definitely recommend investing in some workout-friendly clothing and shoes. A durable water bottle and a gym bag will also come in handy!

If your chosen workout requires specific equipment (like bands or special padding), you may want to shop around for these items as well. Many gyms carry small workout equipment, but some athletes choose to bring their own.

How to Get Started in the Gym: Your First Visit

Consider these tips for getting started at the gym on your first day there.

  • Discover Your Pace

During your first few workouts, you might need to “start small.” That’s completely okay. In fact, that’s good! Pay attention to your body and what it needs as you begin your workout journey. Stay at a pace that feels doable. You can always turn up the heat another day.

  • Listen and Learn

If you are working with a fitness coach, be mindful of their advice and instructions. Ask questions for clarification if needed, and try to be patient with any corrections or feedback they may offer. While it can be frustrating to not instantly master a certain move or routine, any corrections they offer are for your safety and success, so don’t take them as criticisms.

  • Don’t Forget to Stretch!

One of the biggest blunders that people make when getting started at the gym is forgoing stretching. Warming up and cooling down are not optional activities! Without a warmup or cool-down period, you are putting yourself at a higher risk for injury. 

If you are not sure which warmups and cool-downs would work for your needs, ask your fitness coach!

  • Nourish Your Body

Don’t spend much time thinking about hydration or protein? Now is the time to start. Proper hydration is a key component to staying safe and efficient at the gym. In fact, some athletes go beyond regular water and consume drinks with electrolytes during workouts. Food is also important to consider for your first workout. Many athletes consume high-protein items after they exercise—this helps muscles recover quicker! 

One of our biggest gym tips for beginners is to work with a nutritional counselor in your early days. They’ll help you create a delicious meal plan that will keep you energized and strong during workouts. 

What to Do at the Gym for Beginners: Developing a Workout Plan

Whether going solo or working with a fitness coach, it’s important to develop a dedicated workout routine!

  • Track Your Progress

Whether you use a pen and paper or a specialized app, we highly recommend tracking your fitness progress. You’ll be able to analyze your journey, which will help you and your coach determine the right path to continue working toward your goals. You might find it’s time to set a few new ones, too!

  • Try New Things

Your workout plan should be flexible and progress naturally with you.

Let’s say that over your first month at the gym, you nailed push-ups. It may be time to add a new variation of the push-up to your workout plan. Once you’ve mastered the variation, a different, more challenging one will be added to the plan. This will keep your routine interesting and continuously challenging, even as you grow. 

Overcoming Common Challenges for Gym Newbies

Now that you know how to get started at the gym, let’s discuss the other side of things. Any new experience comes with its own set of challenges and setbacks. Fitness is no exception. Many new athletes become frustrated by a steep learning curve and the physical challenges associated with exercise, such as soreness, fatigue, or even injury. 

These challenges can make motivation to continue difficult. Therefore, finding a supportive gym environment is essential. Feeling comfortable at the gym and having encouraging coaches makes it easier to continue with a fitness journey, even during challenging times. We also recommend regularly checking your progress log to remind you how far you’ve come. You can do this!

Advancing Your Gym Journey

As you become more familiar with gym culture, you’ll quickly learn that fitness is a journey with no final destination. While it is important to set and work toward goals, completing them does not signify the end of your time working out. Instead, it ushers in a new era of goal-setting and hard work. This pattern can continue for as long as you like. You can continue to grow as an athlete your whole life.

Getting started at the gym is always easier when you’re surrounded by supportive people. The same principle applies when it comes to sticking with a new routine. Luckily, the fitness world is a friendly one, and you’ll likely find that your fellow gym-goers are welcoming and happy to show you the ropes. Plus, most gyms (like ours) come with a fantastic fleet of professional fitness coaches who love sharing their skills with newcomers! 

Come Move With Us!

Are you planning on going to the gym for the first time? We love to see it. At Jack City Fitness, we have all of the amenities that athletes need to succeed, whether they’re getting started at the gym or have been working out for years. Newbies can choose from a wide range of beginner-friendly classes, learn new skills with a personal fitness coach, and visit our facilities 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We even offer custom options for special circumstances, like remote training sessions and small group workouts. 

Your time has come! If you’re ready to get started at Jack City, call (208) 999-1111 for your FREE InBody fitness consultation and site tour. Once you sign up to become a Partner, you’ll have immediate access to all our amenities. 

We’re so excited to welcome you and support you on this exciting journey! 



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