6 Fitness Goals to Support an Active Lifestyle in Idaho

Looking to set some smart fitness goals for yourself this year? Learn about some short-term and long-term fitness goals that can benefit anyone, no matter how active. Find great fitness goals ideas from your friends at Jack City today!

Fitness goals are a crucial part of athletic success—but they can seem intimidating at first. If you’re wondering how to set fitness goals that work, your friends at Jack City have answers. Our guide to setting fitness goals will help you find athletic success in both the short- and long-term.

What Are Fitness Goals?

Want to be an elite athlete? That’s a fitness goal—but there’s more to it than that. Fitness goals are objectives set by athletes to achieve success. These objectives come in a wide range; some fitness goals are longer-term than others. In fact, we believe that many long-term goals are best achieved by setting short-term ones. 

That’s why we included several short-term fitness goals examples in our ideal list of fitness goals. Creating and sticking to a routine, drinking more water, and taking more walks are all realistic fitness goals you can achieve in the short term. Once you’ve achieved your short-term fitness goals, you will be in a better position to tackle longer-term ones, like perfect form, improved flexibility, or any type of overall body transformation.

What Types of Fitness Goals Should I Be Setting?

If you haven’t figured out your own specific fitness goals yet, that’s okay! Even if you’re unsure of what exact skill you want to master,  you can still amp up your overall performance by setting goals. 

Below, we’ve compiled a list of some fitness goals examples that will help any athlete grow, regardless of chosen sport or skill. Were any of these already on your radar?

1) Improve Your Flexibility

The more flexible you are, the better equipped you’ll be to deliver peak athletic performance—and it’s an easy goal to set! If you want to improve your flexibility, you can take the steps to do so by stretching every day. By doing this, you’ll enjoy improved posture, feel less overall pain, and have less risk of workout and movement-related injuries. 

2) Take More Walks

We encourage all of our partners to set a goal of walking more often. Sure, we know that’s not always an option—life is busy! However, making an effort to do your errands or commute on foot can make a big difference to your overall health and fitness. If you can try to walk for 30 minutes a day, that’s great—you’ll enjoy improved heart and lung health, stronger bones, and better balance.

3) Perfect Your Form

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is an elite athlete. Rather than rushing through workouts, take your time to master each exercise you do. Although this is more time-consuming at the front end, it will save you time and physical energy down the line. 

4) Develop a Healthy Nutrition Plan

At Jack City, we believe that eating healthy means something different for everyone, depending on their lifestyle, body type, and sport or workout of choice. In general, a healthy or nutritious diet is one that fuels your body well, making exercise and fitness more appealing and less challenging. 

We encourage our partners to do their research or work with a nutritional counselor when developing a meal plan. That way, you’ll be able to find a nutritional plan that works for your body and can set realistic goals to go with it.

5) Drink More Water

Hydration is key to a healthy lifestyle, whether you’re looking to achieve better sleep quality, improved athletic endurance, or higher energy levels. We can’t function without water, yet so many of us wait until we’re parched to drink any. We recommend that all athletes set goals to incorporate more water into their daily intake!

6) Establish a Routine

This is one of our top fitness goals for beginners. Solid eating, sleeping, and workout routines will make it easier for you to maintain and work towards your goals. It’s a crucial element for athletic success! We recommend making lists, setting alarms, and keeping calendars; they’ll help hold you accountable. 

Fitness Goals for Women vs. Fitness Goals for Men

Generally, fitness goals transcend gender and are more about overall athletic skill and performance. However, this isn’t always the case, as many of our partners come to us with pregnancy or postpartum fitness goals.

If you’ve given birth, you’re likely well aware that pregnancy can make an impact on your alignment. Making plans to improve your posture after pregnancy is a great fitness goal—and one that a coach will certainly be able to help you meet. Other new moms choose to set goals centering around feeling comfortable in their bodies following the changes that accompany pregnancy. 

We’re Here to Help You Meet Your Health and Fitness Goals!

Setting fitness goals is easy with the Jack City fam! At the #1 spot for fitness and sports in Idaho, we set and meet goals every day, and we’re excited to welcome you to our team.

At our 24-hour gym, we offer elite training services, hands-on classes, and even the option to create a custom workout plan. Whether you want to bring your Boise sports team in for a group training session, work solo in our 24-hour facility, or smash goals with a coach, we’re here to make it happen. 

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