Gym Etiquette: The Do’s and Dont’s In The Weight Room

Gym Etiquette: The Do’s and Dont’s In The Weight Room

Authored by Marshall on January 24, 2023

New to the world of fitness? You may be curious about gym rules. We’re not talking about the official rules which ban potentially hazardous activities like smoking or consuming alcohol on the premises. It’s the unwritten gym rules that we’ll be taking a look at. You won’t be asked to leave if you don’t follow these rules. However, if you ignore gym etiquette, you may frustrate and inconvenience the people working out around you.

What Is Gym Etiquette?

The general purpose of gym etiquette is to respect your fellow athletes. However, some of these rules might seem more obvious than others! That’s why we’ve broken them down here for you to review.

10 “Unspoken” Gym Rules, Explained

Unwritten gym rules are important elements of a positive communal fitness experience. Consider these tips on gym etiquette before your next workout. 

1) Be Respectful of All Athletes

Not all athletes are alike. They certainly will not all be young, muscular future Olympians. Folks with all types of fitness levels and body types choose to work out, and at every age. Laughing or staring at gym newcomers or somebody who doesn’t fit your image of an athlete doesn’t make you a better one. It’s unkind and goes against everything we believe at Jack City Fitness. 

2) Mind Your Space

Some workouts require a bit of extra space to make the proper movements. If you get too close to someone while they train, you could end up interrupting their workout and potentially hurting yourself in the process. 

3) Don’t Assume Everyone Wants Your Advice

Remember, your gym has professional fitness coaches. Let them do their job! Unless someone has specifically asked you for advice or is actively doing something unsafe, it’s better to keep your thoughts to yourself. After all, would you be okay with some random guy critiquing your form when you have a fitness coach?

4) Rerack and Return Weights

This is vital weight room etiquette. Your fellow gym-goers are your peers, not your parents. If you leave weights on the bar or scattered around, other athletes have to clean up your mess before they can work out. That’s not cool. Be considerate, and take the time to rerack and return weights for the next person. 

5) Don’t Leave a Mess

This is especially important in terms of gym machine etiquette. Leave machines the way you found them, and don’t forget to give them a good spray and wipe before you move on to your next routine.

6) Think About Noise

Gyms aren’t libraries. They don’t require silence. In fact, we love to hear athletes happily discussing meal prep or lifting styles, laughing together after a challenging class, or making plans to meet up for a bike ride. However, it’s best to keep conversation volume at a respectful level, so folks who are focusing hard on their workouts are not distracted. Also, if you want to listen to music, wear headphones. You’re not the gym DJ.

7) Go for the Larger Weights

If you’re going to lift 100 pounds, try not to use a lot of lighter weights that add up to 100. That means other people can’t use those. Instead, go for two 50-pound weights. It’s a small change that makes a big difference to others. 

8) Don’t Interrupt Someone in the Middle of a Workout

Make friends, sure. But wait until someone is finished with their routine to speak with them. Tapping someone on the shoulder mid-workout is inappropriate and could even be dangerous. 

9) Be Mindful of Time Spent

Timing your workout is important. It isn’t fair for you to spend 85 minutes on the only Woodway treadmill at your gym, preventing others from using it. Be mindful of workout lengths!

10) Don’t Block the Weight Rack

Once you’ve selected your weights, move! Don’t keep other athletes from accessing weights and beginning their own workouts. 

Why Be Mindful of Unwritten Gym Rules?

Minding unwritten gym rules helps create a better overall experience at your gym. Plus, respecting gym etiquette is the only answer if you want new workout buddies and gym friends. 

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