A Guide to Sandbag Workouts

A Guide to Sandbag Workouts

Authored by Marshall on May 13, 2022

Sandbag exercise is a practical, full-body workout for beginners and experts alike. Not sure how it works? No worries. Your friends at Jack City Fitness will show you how to incorporate a new sandbag workout routine into your gym rotation!

How to Exercise With Sandbags: A Basic Guide

If you run in athletic circles, you’ve probably heard at least one of your buddies talk about trying a sandbag strength program. If those buddies are anything like ours, then you also probably noticed that they saw some pretty substantial results. This tracks—sandbags provide an incredibly versatile way to train for strength, and they’re a great workout tool for athletes of all fitness levels. 

Whether you’re keen to try a sandbag full-body workout or would prefer to use the equipment to target specific goals, you can find your answers at Jack City Fitness. Here at Jack City, we offer a great selection of gym equipment, including high-quality sandbags. We also staff a dedicated fleet of fitness coaches who are experts on using this equipment! 

If you’re interested in trying a sandbag workout routine with us, we’d love to have you. In the meantime, you can get started by reading our basic guide to sandbag exercise, its benefits, and how to use the equipment. 

What Is Sandbag Exercise?

Sandbag exercise refers to a workout that uses a weighted fitness sack. This sack, called a sandbag, is the main component of several effective exercise routines. They come in a large range of weights—newbies might start with a 10lb bag, while longtime sandbag-using athletes might select something much heavier, like 300lbs! (As an aside, we recommend that newcomers ask their fitness coach to help them decide on the right sandbag weight for their fitness level and physicality.) 

Sandbag exercise can vary greatly. While many athletes revere this equipment for the full-body strength workouts it can provide, sandbags can be used for much more than power training. For instance, our coaches often use the sandbag for a low-impact form of cardiovascular and/or muscular endurance training. It’s also enormously popular in HIIT workouts. 

What Are the Benefits of Sandbag Workouts?

Sandbag workouts have tons of appealing benefits! Here are some of the favorites amongst the Jack City crew:

  • It’s a Force of Nature

This is a unique piece of equipment. Unlike metallic weights like kettlebells or dumbbells, sandbags have a moving center of gravity. That means that you are engaging muscles in a different way to normal. You end up readjusting your balance more frequently—and that uses more muscles. It’s also great for your core.

  • It Provides a Full-Body Workout in Less Time 

The sandbag’s gravity-bending nature naturally promotes more muscle use. This provides a full-body workout in a much shorter time than other routines with similar results. 

  • It’s Versatile

You can use a sandbag at the gym, at home, at the park, at the beach…anywhere you want to work out. They even have handlebars, making them easier to transport and use.

Sandbag exercise

Want to Try Some Sandbag Workouts?

Ready to try some sandbag workouts yourself? Many familiar workout moves can easily incorporate a sandbag. Here are some of the ones we use the most at Jack City:

  • Lunges

The basic form of this workout is performed like a standard lunge, except that the athlete holds a sandbag against their chest. It should be held underhand and with both arms. 

There are also several variations of the sandbag lunge—your fitness coach will be able to demonstrate them for you! 

  • Deadlifts

Sandbag deadlifts are hugely popular and straightforward for lifters to learn. The exercise is performed the same way you would a standard deadlift, but uses a sandbag, held with both hands at a shoulder-width apart. 

  • Squats

This workout is performed like a standard squat but with a sandbag placed on the back of the athlete’s neck. During this variation of a squat, the athlete holds onto the handles of the sandbag.

There are dozens of other sandbag workouts to try, too. If you want to get started, we recommend beginning with a trainer or coach to ensure that you are using the proper weight and form. Once you’ve nailed the basics, the sky’s the limit! 

Let’s Do This!

Whether you’re seeking a sandbag workout for beginners or want to perfect your form and craft, Jack City Fitness is the right place to be. Call (208) 999-1111 for a FREE fitness consultation and tour of our 24/7 facilities today. Once you become a Partner, you’ll have instant access to all our amenities, from sandbags to classes to custom training. We’re here to help you see results and meet all your goals!



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