Marshall Weber

Fitness Coach

Marshall cannot start any introduction about himself or what he stands for without first explaining that he is a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. Everything he does in life has a purpose for Him, and he enjoys every minute of being a Christian. Thanks to Him, he has accomplished many things, and met a vast amount of people along the way. Although Marshall’s journey through life started and continues here in Boise, Idaho, his faith and involvement in sport has taken him many places around the world.

Marshall considers the most important aspect of his personal training regimen the vast diversity of instruction that he received as an elite athlete. While his passion was found in hockey, Marshall received sport-specific personal training from professionals in the fields of football, soccer, basketball, baseball, speed skating, body building, and even power-lifting. When it comes to understanding the clients physical or mental condition, he has no problem letting them know he understands the challenges they are experiencing and what still lies ahead.

Marshall is seeking degrees in Exercise Science and Marketing, and a minor in Psychology. He is a Certified Personal Trainer through multiple distinctions to bring maximal results to his clients. When it comes to creating a program or performing an exercise, one must keep in mind that everyone is different regardless of what science or statistics may say. Marshall’s knowledge in a wide range of sports and instruction has helped him find correct and safe ways to help individuals of all ages achieve their goals and prevent injury.

Beyond The Gym

    • Let’s get Real. What is your largest health and fitness thorn? How do you prune this thorn?

      My largest health thorn would have to be the difficulty to consume the quantity of calories needed to maintain my athletic performance and aesthetics (looks).  Due to my metabolism, in order to maintain my hard-earned muscle, I have to consume way more calories than the average athlete.  This leads me to explain why I consume an elf’s average amount of candy!

       As for my fitness thorn, the slightly twisted age old saying of “knowing pain and knowing gains”, which took me decades to understand, and I still struggle with it to this day.  Learning that my brain is by far the most powerful muscle, and the capabilities of my body are merely limited by my capacity to work smarter not harder. To give you an example in my early years I was working out 5 times within one day (no joke), now I have progressed that exertion into two workouts a week with much higher results due to my efficiency.  If you want results, you need to learn what works best for your body, and 99% of the time, more is not the answer.

    • Results matter Most. Why are you a Personal Trainer? What motivates you to Coach people?

      It might sound silly, but for me being a personal trainer was 100% a Godsend.  Growing up in Boise, I did not know or even care what profession I was going to pursue as an adult. But due to my Olympic caliber work ethic and God-given athletic capabilities, helping others came like second nature. There was no question after my very first personal training client and subsequent Strength and conditioning team, my purpose in life was to make people stronger mentally, physically and spiritually.

      Beyond the why I am a personal trainer/Fitness Coach, it was very apparent that my personal training clients’ perceptions on results and effort was so far from the truth that I had to reprogram their purpose in life and inside the gym.  One of the biggest motivating factors to helping people with their health and fitness is the overwhelming abundance of misconceptions and excuses that get preached and ingrained from failures or outside sources. I love the challenge of helping somebody achieve a goal they were told is not possible, it’s the fuel to my fire.

      From an early age I earned my personal respect by achieving goals like putting on 25 pounds of muscle in one summer when I first started working out. When I expressed this goal, I was literally laughed at, as I was told it was not possible by a personal trainer at my local Golds Gym (now the Fairview Axiom Fitness). That inspired me to achieve the goal that summer and appreciate that the sky is the limit if you put your mind towards anything.  I still carry the Golds Gym carabiner I received that summer for signing up at that local gym, every day to start my vehicle, as a reminder of my pivotal achievement towards learning what it takes to help myself, and in turn how I can channel other people’s efforts towards success despite perceptions on reality.

    • Education is Success. How are you better than all the other personal trainers? What makes your Coaching different?

      It seems silly but the term personal trainers is so loosely used in our fitness community that we prefer to call our personal trainers, Fitness Coaches because they are more than some online course with a silly distinction.  With over 12 distinctions in exercise science and multiple new health and fitness certifications in the pipeline, I believe education is the key to success in life, not in the gym alone.  The more sources you learn from, the more you realize that there is no one size fits all prescription to getting people to gain muscle and lose weight.  

      The majority of my success from being a personal trainer and or Fitness Coach comes from my unwillingness to put peoples goals or bodies in some predetermined box. Everyone is created different, no one fingerprint is the same, and there is no single yellow brick road to the results you deserve. You have to be open to multiple avenues and never give up!  A huge aspect of my personal training and coaching style is that I’m not afraid to tell you when I’m wrong or change my approach to get you the results you deserve.  I truly value learning more than being right, and that is why my clients live and breath a healthier and happier life.

    • Are you human? Who are you outside of the Gym? What are some of your hobbies you enjoy?

      I’ve actually been asked that frequently; majority of those inquiries were during my athletic performance years I got asked that question numerous times from a positive and a negative standpoint. And to answer your question am I human, the truth is partially yes :-), if you accept God as your Lord and Savior you unleash an unhuman potential (if you’re interested, checkout Capital Church!).  

       Outside of the gym I love meeting new people so they can come to the gym.. Totally kidding! Outside of the gym I enjoy working on my Treefort with my son (Cruz) and cleaning the chicken coop with my daughter (Cleo).  Oh, when it comes to spending time with the love of my life, my wife, we are obsessed with eating food and keeping our lives centered around our faith in God.  

      When it comes to hobbies, I love climbing mountains, playing hockey, snorkeling glacier lakes, and it might seem silly but one of my hobbies is sticking up for the underdog and protecting my community from bullies and tyrants.  I’m a Marshall through and through, and it’s been apparent my entire life that being a gentleman in the community is one of my full-time occupations. Finally, I love volunteering time and energy towards my church.  If you’re reading this and feeling like you don’t have time to do the hobbies, you enjoy you may miraculously find more time by actually giving some of your time to a greater purpose! I dare you…

    • You’re my People. When is the best time to connect with you? How do you like to meet new clients/friends?

      For starters, don’t email me, I get thousands of emails a day and if you truly want to connect with me then just shoot me a text message (208-631-5888) or use the link below so we can schedule a time to chat. One of my pet peeves is when people say they’re busy, I truly believe that’s an excuse not to help people. A huge amount of my purpose in life is to help people with their health and fitness.  If you’re worried about the cost, money doesn’t matter, I care about people more than money. If you have any interest in my guidance with Health or Fitness please reach out to me and I’ll do my best to provide my services in some fashion.  Being a 4th generation Boise Idahoan, I turned down the opportunity to become a professional strength & conditioning coach to stay in the treasure valley and make this place a healthier and happier. Please don’t hesitate to reach out I look forward to hearing from you!!