Marshall Weber

– Fitness Coach

Marshall cannot start any introduction about himself or what he stands for without first explaining that he is a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. Everything he does in life has a purpose for Him, and he enjoys every minute of being a Christian. Thanks to Him, he has accomplished many things, and met a vast amount of people along the way. Although Marshall’s journey through life started and continues here in Boise, Idaho, his faith and involvement in sport has taken him many places around the world.

Marshall considers the most important aspect of his personal training regimen the vast diversity of instruction that he received as an elite athlete. While his passion was found in hockey, Marshall received sport-specific personal training from professionals in the fields of football, soccer, basketball, baseball, speed skating, body building, and even power-lifting. When it comes to understanding the clients physical or mental condition, he has no problem letting them know he understands the challenges they are experiencing and what still lies ahead.

Marshall is seeking degrees in Exercise Science and Marketing, and a minor in Psychology. He is a Certified Personal Trainer through multiple distinctions to bring maximal results to his clients. When it comes to creating a program or performing an exercise, one must keep in mind that everyone is different regardless of what science or statistics may say. Marshall’s knowledge in a wide range of sports and instruction has helped him find correct and safe ways to help individuals of all ages achieve their goals and prevent injury.



National Strength & Conditioning Association – CPT
National Academy of Sports Medicine – CPT
Tactical Strength & Conditioning Facilitator
Reflexive Performance Reset Level 1 & 2
StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor Level 1 & 2
CrossFit Instructor Level 1 & 2
Functional Patterns Human Foundations Level 1
Functional Range Conditioning – Mobility Specialist
Functional Anatomy – KinStretch Level 1
USA Weightlifting Level 1
Pain Free Performance Specialist


  • Youth Exercise Specialist
  • Sports Performance Specialist
  • Faith Based Fitness