Alligator Crawl Workout: Honing Your Core Strength

No, it’s not a resurfaced disco move. The alligator crawl is a time-tested form of core exercise—and if you haven’t tried it yet, you’re about to have your mind blown (and your abs strengthened). 

You see, the alligator crawl may be known for its core-strengthening abilities, but its uses stretch way beyond that. Yes, it’s actually a full-body workout—and it’s pretty fun to do!

How To Do the Alligator Crawl 

Despite its epic name, the alligator crawl is actually a pretty lo-fi workout. It doesn’t require any fancy equipment (or reptiles), so you can perform it just as easily at the gym as you can at home. It can also be modified for various fitness levels, making it accessible to more athletes. 

To perform a basic alligator crawl workout:

1) Begin by laying frontside on the floor or a yoga mat, as if you were about to do push-ups.

2) Bring your feet back; you want the soles of your feet to face upwards, while your toes touch the mat.

3) Engage your core and lift your hips upwards. Keep your back straight here; it shouldn’t be sagging.

4) Use your hands to “walk” forward, but don’t move your legs or feet. Instead, they will drag behind you (like an alligator!).

Try an Alligator Crawl Push-Up

Want to challenge yourself to an even more epic alligator workout? Try an alligator crawl push-up! This workout is best for athletes who have already nailed a standard push-up.

1) Begin by performing a standard push-up.

2) Walk” yourself forward with your right hand, keeping your toes to the ground.

3) Perform another push-up.

4) Use your left hand to “walk” yourself up further.

5) Perform another push-up.

6) Repeat until you reach your selected rep count.

Alligator crawl workout

The Benefits of Alligator Crawl Exercise

Looking for alligator crawl exercise benefits? You got it. Here are some of the reasons our coaches and Partners swear by the alligator crawl as part of their workout routine: 

  • It Hones the Core

The alligator crawl is a core-strengthening superhero… and with a tight core comes great powers like increased stability, better athletic form, and a set of washboard abs. 

  • It’s a Full-Body Workout

Your core isn’t the only muscle worked when you try the alligator crawl. Every inch of your body benefits from an alligator workout sesh, especially your arms, legs, and shoulders. 

  • It’s Accessible

The alligator workout isn’t only for pros and experienced athletes. Even if you’ve never set foot in a gym before, you can nail an alligator crawl—and you don’t need fancy equipment or gear to try it! That being said, gym newbies should always work with a fitness coach when learning workouts. It will ensure that everything is being done safely, using proper form, and at the right level. 

  • It Has Endless Variations

You can change this workout up on the fly. Need modifications to suit your physical needs? Go for it. Want to pump your alligator crawl workout up to make it more challenging? Give it a try! The straightforward nature of the alligator crawl makes it easy to incorporate into other routines. Speak to your fitness coach about which variations sound best for your unique needs—they’ll be able to help you perfect the form.

  • It’s Fun!

We love a workout that thinks outside the box…and the alligator crawl definitely does that! Your inner child will certainly love “playing gator” on the floor—and you might find that it makes your adult self smile as well.

Crawl Your Way to Fitness at Jack City

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We can’t wait to see you later, alligator!