Hone Your Core With an Alligator Crawl Workout

Mastering the alligator crawl push-up will bring your athletic game to the next level – and your friends at Jack City Fitness want to show you how it’s done.

Though its name sounds like a dance move from the ’70s, the alligator crawl is a form of exercise, not a disco throwback. In recent years, it’s become an increasingly popular workout amongst athletes, as it’s a fantastic way to strengthen your core and the rest of your body.

If you want to learn about the alligator crawl workout, you’re in the right place. Our team is here to explain all of the alligator crawl exercise benefits and techniques that you need to know.

What Is the Alligator Crawl Workout?

The alligator crawl is an intense full-body workout. It doesn’t require special equipment or tools; you can do it anywhere from a fitness center to your own living room. There are a few variations floating around, but give the one below a try for starters:

To perform the alligator crawl workout, lie on the ground as if you’re about to do push-ups. Slide your feet back so your soles face upwards, with your toes and tops of your feet touching the mat. Engage your abs and lift your hips skywards. Don’t let your back sag! Then, keeping your feet in position, begin walking with your hands. Your feet will drag behind you – sort of like an alligator.

What Are Some Alligator Crawl Exercise Benefits?

When you perform the alligator crawl workout, benefits are soon to follow. Mastering the alligator crawl will build your endurance and core strength, as well as plenty of muscles. Your legs, arms, and shoulders will definitely show a difference. You’ll likely find that your athletic performance will improve in general, as your increased core strength and endurance will allow you to work harder.

Where Can I Practice the Alligator Crawl Workout in Boise?

You can do the alligator crawl workout anywhere, as long as you don’t mind getting onto the floor, but we prefer it in a gym setting as part of a larger routine. Besides, an intensive workout like the alligator crawl is easier to master with the help of a dedicated fitness coach.

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