What Is Tempo Training?

What Is Tempo Training?

Authored by Marshall on October 14, 2022

Wondering what tempo training is and how you can use it to improve your workouts? This guide has everything you need to know.

Tempo exercise is an exciting method of strength training where athletes alter the speed of their workout. Whether you slow your reps down, speed them up, play with a combination of the two, or incorporate pauses into your routine, we recommend you try a tempo workout.

Tempo training can enhance your overall athletic performance and further your fitness goals in many ways. Though it can be challenging, it’s well worth its rewards. If you’re ready to learn more about this popular fitness method, read our guide below and get in touch with any questions!

How Tempo Exercise Works

When you engage in tempo training, you’ll work out at a set pace. This pace will depend on your goals, but usually it is a slower tempo than your typical rep. This can range anywhere between 30-75 seconds, depending on your goals and training routine. Many athletes also alternate their tempos during reps.

Types of Tempo Training

Tempo workout principles can be applied to all sorts of strength and weight training routines. Some runners also use it for speed and cardio training.

The key to mastering tempo training is knowing how to read tempo workout sequences. These sequences are four digits, with each number representing a different stage of the tempo sequence. So, “4040” would mean four seconds, zero seconds, four seconds, zero seconds. Each of these set tempos would then correlate with the following sequences: 

1) Eccentric

This is the phase of a workout where the athlete lengthens their muscles. This could be when they lower a weight away from themselves or move into a stretched position. 

2) Pause

This is the pause taken after the initial movement. 

3) Concentric

This stage refers to the “lift,” where the athlete pushes against physical force, and their muscles shorten.  

4) Pause/Finish

This refers to the optional pause between reps. If your tempo routine says “0,” you’ll be expected to move into your next rep from here. 

What Is the “Time Under Tension” Workout Theory?

Time under tension (or TUT) is an exercise term that refers to the period your muscles spend under strain. Many athletes use tempo training to lengthen their TUT during workouts, as it has many benefits. 

Benefits of a Tempo Workout

There are so many compelling reasons to try tempo training! It offers:

1) Better Form

Tempo training is a fantastic way for athletes of all levels to hone their workout form. By slowing down your movements, you’ll be able to focus on every millisecond of your rep. This will ensure that your movements and balance are all perfect.

If you practice tempo with a fitness coach, they’ll be able to spot any tiny mistakes in your form and help you correct them at a pace that’ll make the right form feel like second nature. 

2) Safer Workouts

Having better form doesn’t only make you a better athlete—it makes you a safer one. By engaging in tempo training, you will enjoy less chances of injury during exercise, allowing you to go harder and further without concern. 

3) Stronger Muscles

Looking to build power? Some studies have indicated that certain TUT workouts can contribute to muscle gains. 

4) Versatile, Accessible Training

While tempo training is a challenging workout, it’s not exclusive. This type of workout can be incorporated into anyone’s routine. It also doesn’t require any fancy equipment, so you can practice it at home and the gym.

How Long Does it Take for Tempo to Work?

There are so many ways to practice tempo exercise, all of which depend on your workout of choice, individual fitness goals, and personal health and physique. These factors will all contribute to when you hit certain milestones. 

Our best advice? Don’t worry about how long it takes for tempo to work. Instead, focus on this training as an investment into perfecting your form and becoming a better overall athlete. The results will come..trust us.

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