Plyometrics: What It Is And How It Works

Plyometrics: What It Is And How It Works

Authored by Marshall on February 23, 2023

Never heard of plyometrics? You might be missing out on a super-effective form of aerobics favored by elite-level athletes! 

Plyometrics, sometimes called “jump training,” is an intensive workout typically used by experienced athletes. It’s revered for its flexible nature and ability to help build strength and power in the entire body.

As it is a fairly intensive and high-impact workout, we typically recommend plyometrics to experienced athletes in good physical shape. However, if you are a relatively new gym-goer who would like to try plyometrics, we can help you develop an appropriate routine for your experience level and personal health. We recommend chatting with your healthcare provider about jumping into an intensive workout plan, especially if you have any preexisting health conditions or injuries. Once you get a professional’s go-ahead, call Jack City Fitness. We’ll be able to provide personalized advice about how to proceed, along with a great space to do so! 

Whether you’re a curious newcomer or an accomplished athlete ready to start a new challenge, our plyometrics overview is a great place to start. We’ll cover the basics of plyometrics, its benefits, and a few examples of workouts and exercises. 

What is Plyometrics?

The term “plyometrics” refers to a workout style and can include various popular exercises. As previously mentioned, physically fit athletes typically perform this type of workout, using quick but explosive movements to hone their strength and power levels. Athletes who play high-impact sports like basketball or tennis often gravitate toward plyometrics training. This is because of its similar movements and intense nature.

For HIIT enthusiasts, the short-but-intense element of plyometrics may seem familiar—and there certainly are similarities between the two. Both plyometrics and HIIT are performed quickly and intensely, and neither typically requires gym equipment. However, these two fitness styles achieve distinct physical goals and tend to involve different workout routines. Plyometrics focuses much more on explosive power, while HIIT is better for things like speed and endurance. 

How Does Plyometrics Work?

Plyometrics incorporates “explosive” movement. This term refers to short but intense motions like jumping, throwing, or sprinting. Many popular workouts help athletes hone their explosive movement skills, like kettlebell swings, box jumps, squats, and of course, plyometrics. 

Plyometrics training is performed in more than one way. It is a style of workout rather than a specific routine. However, it usually involves one unifying move: a jump. Because of this, it’s a fairly customizable workout that can suit different tastes and needs. Many popular workouts, from push-ups to squats, can be “plyometricized.” This is typically done by incorporating an explosive jump movement into the exercise routine. This helps athletes build muscular strength and increase their ability to perform these quick, explosive movements in other settings, like on the basketball court. 

The Benefits of Plyometrics 

There’s a reason that top athletes gravitate toward plyometrics training. It delivers many rewards. Some of the most important benefits of plyometrics include the following:

  • Stronger Muscles

Athletes who correctly perform plyometrics will develop more powerful muscles. This will not only help them improve in their sport but also make daily movements easier. 

  • Flexible Practice

Lots of high-level workouts require a fair amount of equipment and weights. While there are options for plyometrics workouts that use tools like boxes or kettlebells, these items are optional for this style of training. Many athletes prefer plyometrics due to how flexible the workouts can be. Most of them can even be performed on the go! We know athletes who practice plyometrics in hotel rooms, at the park, and even in the break room at work!

  • Improved Athletic Performance

Many elite-level athletes swear by plyometrics because it helps them deliver their absolute best performance. With plyometrics training, athletes can improve the necessary explosive moves for being a star player, like jumping high, sprinting fast, and throwing far.

  • Efficient Movements

Plyometrics exercises give your muscles a good stretch, resulting in better and more efficient movement. This can make athletic endeavors easier to perform and also helps with the more physical elements of daily life, like running after your toddler or mopping the floor.

Plyometrics exercises

Examples of Plyometrics Exercises

As we mentioned earlier, lots of your favorite exercises can be turned into plyometric workouts! We’ve listed a few of our favorite variations below, but that’s only the beginning!

Box Jumps

Box jumps are a classic form of plyometric exercise! While super effective (and impressive), they require a lot of explosive power and are for experienced athletes. These workouts are performed by jumping directly onto a box from a squat position and then jumping back down. These boxes are typically 1-3 feet high.

Plyometric Squats

Squat enthusiasts may find that this is the plyometric workout for them! This form of training requires athletes to begin in a squat position, explosively jump upwards with raised arms, and return to a squat pose upon landing. It may sound simple, but it requires a lot of explosive power and proper form to perform correctly!

Plyometric Push-Ups

Love push-ups? We recommend trying the plyometric variety—it takes some practice but is well worth it! With this variation of the classic workout, athletes clap their hands together after reaching the “top” position and then lower themselves back to a starting plank. 


Do you regularly crush burpees at the gym? We have news for you: you’re already a plyometric star! This workout, which involves jumping up from a squat, ticks all the boxes for a plyometric workout.

When you get in touch with a Jack City Fitness coach, we’ll be able to share even more plyometric exercises with you and help you develop a customized workout plan to try them. A fitness coach will also be able to help ensure you are using the correct form and performing these workouts safely and efficiently. 

Try a Plyometrics Workout Today!

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