What Are Your Least Favorite Things About Winter?

What Are Your Least Favorite Things About Winter?

Authored by Audrey on December 29, 2017

It’s easy to find a lot of least favorite things about winter, but finding your favorite reason to love the season may be harder. In Boise, winter, snow, slush and cold weather are facts of life here, but while each of them could be negatives, they also can be positives. When I see slush on the sidewalks, I know that the weather is a bit warmer, which can raise my spirits a bit. Whatever you hate about winter can also have a positive side.

Cold weather can make you have more energy and fewer aches and pains.

The cold weather actually can boost your energy. Think of those crisp winter mornings—when the wind isn’t blasting at you—and how great and invigorating it feels. It makes your skin tingle and gets your blood circulating. In fact, the cold temperature is the basis for cryotherapy, which is used for relieving aches and pains. It not only improves circulation, it also stimulates the production of norepinephrine that is a natural pain reliever.

Trudging through the snow and staying warm burns calories.

Just facing the cold outdoors can help you burn calories, so the more time you spend, the more calories you’ll burn, while just doing ordinary tasks. Your body needs the extra fuel to stay warm and trudging through the snow burns more that walking on grass. Keeping upright when walking on ice takes some doing and balance. That will work your core muscles and help flatten your abdomen. So, if you normally run to the store to get supplies, running there in cold snowy weather now becomes part of your exercise regimen.

It’s a great time for soup and delicious warm dishes.

You won’t want ice cream nearly as much when the temperature sinks below freezing. However, healthy soup is sure to be a favorite. Not only does it fill your house with delicious smells, the evaporating water of the simmering soup adds humidity and warmth to the air. I love the health benefits of bone broth—made from grass fed beef bones or free range chicken bones—and all the vegetables I can add. It’s far to hot in summer for it, so I look forward to the colder months when I get to enjoy the whole day making it.

  • The improved circulation from the cold weather does wonders for your complexion. It can help you stay younger looking.
  • If you’re up with the rooster, even on weekends, the darker mornings allow you to sleep in a bit by adjusting your internal clock.
  • There’s nothing prettier than the sight of gentling falling snow. If you focus on that, rather than the fact that the roads will be bad or that it’s cold, you can at least enjoy the beauty of the moment.
  • If you want a winter workout, shovel your sidewalk. It’s hard work, particularly if the snow is heavy and wet. Take time to do a good deed and shovel the walk of an elderly neighbor, too. You’ll be burning calories and feel great about what you’ve done.



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